Live Reviews

Shakey Graves spills his sorrows at the Ogden Theatre

Shakey Graves (Alejandro Rose-Garcia) took the stage solo last night at the Ogden sporting a trucker cap, a sweet Texas smirk before announcing he was going to “kick this off with a nice reasonable song.” He went right into his 2012 song “The Donor Blues.” The song was a soft intro and set up the night for unrelenting shifts in energy and tempo.

No Joy steals DIIV’s show at the Gothic Theatre

The Gothic Theatre hosted a reverb-heavy night with Brooklyn’s DIIV and a much less-than-capacity audience last Friday night. DIIV never really seemed to reach a zenith of interest as their hour-long set progressed, championing the beachy, dream-pop style that's been buzzing around indie music recently.

Girlpool’s chamber punk charms Lost Lake Lounge

L.A. duo Girlpool took over a packed room at Lost Lake Lounge Sunday night, enveloping a rapt audience with their quiet-but-intense chamber punk. Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker drew their audience into the sparse, poignant music on which they’ve built a solid DIY following and simultaneously exemplified the entire gist of the deeper indie/underground movement.

Don Henley shows off “Cass County” at Bellco Theatre

An evening with rock/country legend Don Henley is a night traveling through the last six decades of music lead by a multi-platinum tour guide. The solo hits flowed out of the former and sometimes current Eagles front man, as Henley delved into songs rooted in reflections on the mistakes he’s made.

FFS’s witty collaboration wins the Ogden Theatre

FFS, the merger of two art-pop bands that are generations and continents apart, came to Denver Sunday night, drawing a packed, mixed-age crowd. FFS combines Scotland’s Franz Ferdinand, whose initial success came over 10 years ago, with LA’s wry/awry brother act Sparks, whose popularity began with the rise of glam rock in the 70's.