Live Reviews

The Motet show off new songs at the Ogden Theater (night one)

Friday night, local funk favorites The Motet kicked off the first of their two-night sold out Hometown Hustle run at Denver’s Ogden Theater. Known by many as cover specialists—for a decade they have played tribute shows of funk legends across the Front Range on Halloween—Friday’s show instead focused on progressive original material.

Parquet Courts at the Marquis Theater, Nov. 13

Some people at the Marquis Theater on Friday night seemed confused about what kind of band Parquet Courts really is. “Play faster, play harder,” they yelled to the stage at the band they thought was supposed to provide them with an hour of mosh pit soundtrack.

Broncho practically doubles as “Girls Gone Wild” episode at the Larimer Lounge

Maybe they were driven wild by the fuzzy guitars and insanely catchy pop music, or maybe they were just drunk and up too late, but one thing’s for sure: Tuesday night at the Larimer Lounge could have been the set for a new episode of "Girls Gone Wild." Inebriated antics aside (think lots of pushing, shoving, drink spilling and stage crashing), Tuesday night offered up a solid offering of infectious, fun garage pop.