Live Reviews

Shakey Graves spills his sorrows at the Ogden Theatre

Shakey Graves (Alejandro Rose-Garcia) took the stage solo last night at the Ogden sporting a trucker cap, a sweet Texas smirk before announcing he was going to “kick this off with a nice reasonable song.” He went right into his 2012 song “The Donor Blues.” The song was a soft intro and set up the night for unrelenting shifts in energy and tempo.

No Joy steals DIIV’s show at the Gothic Theatre

The Gothic Theatre hosted a reverb-heavy night with Brooklyn’s DIIV and a much less-than-capacity audience last Friday night. DIIV never really seemed to reach a zenith of interest as their hour-long set progressed, championing the beachy, dream-pop style that's been buzzing around indie music recently.

Girlpool’s chamber punk charms Lost Lake Lounge

L.A. duo Girlpool took over a packed room at Lost Lake Lounge Sunday night, enveloping a rapt audience with their quiet-but-intense chamber punk. Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker drew their audience into the sparse, poignant music on which they’ve built a solid DIY following and simultaneously exemplified the entire gist of the deeper indie/underground movement.

Don Henley shows off “Cass County” at Bellco Theatre

An evening with rock/country legend Don Henley is a night traveling through the last six decades of music lead by a multi-platinum tour guide. The solo hits flowed out of the former and sometimes current Eagles front man, as Henley delved into songs rooted in reflections on the mistakes he’s made.