Live Reviews

Autolux proves essential at Larimer Lounge

It’s been six years since LA’s Autolux released new material - and just about as long since they last played a gig in Denver. During that time, the members of the three-piece have been busy - guitarist Greg Edwards rejuvenated Failure with the band’s first album in 19 years and extensive touring, while drummer Carla Azar played with Jack White’s all-girl project Peacock, among other things - but the space between records wasn’t especially long, comparatively (Autolux took six years to release their second album, 2010’s "Transit Transit", as well).

Father John Misty preaches to the millennial choir at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House

With a nihilist's sneer and the aesthetic of an H&M scarecrow, Josh Tillman's Father John Misty might be the ultimate millennial totem. Was Misty purposefully undermining the stuffy powers that be by swinging the doors of Denver's $92 million opera house open to feisty twenty-somethings looking to cross "vape in an opera house" off their quarter-life bucket list on Saturday and Sunday?