Why So Serious?

Why So Serious, Dennis Miller?

Dennis Miller is perfectly cozy in his tent at the moment, thank you very much.

Dennis Miller may have broken hard for the right-wing in recent years, but he still knows what he is: a monkey with a microphone.

Why So Serious, Sebastian Maniscalco?

There's more to Italian-American comedian Sebastian Maniscalco than his exaggerated mannerisms, which have gained him a lot of fans over the past few years. Photo by Steve Anderson

Sebastian Maniscalco wants to know what’s wrong with people. Seriously: do you know know? Because people are stupid.

Why So Serious, Brian Regan?

With a fiercely loyal audience and constant touring, comedian Brian Regan has become a fixture in Colorado theaters. Photo by Brian Friedman.

Brian Regan may as well have a cabin in the high country and Broncos season tickets, given how frequently the comedian performs in Colorado.

Why So Serious, Ali Wong?

You may want to think twice before sitting next to L.A. comedian Ali Wong on a plane. We're just sayin'.

You may want to think twice before sitting next to L.A. comedian Ali Wong on a plane. We’re just sayin’.

Why So Serious, Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler?

Kristen Schaal and her comedy partner Kurt Braunohler will play the Grapes of Rad show at the Gothic Theatre on Wednesday, July 11. Photo by Anya Garrett.

Before “Flight of the Conchords” and “The Daily Show,” comedy darling — and Longmont, Colo. native — Kristen Schaal was working with her brilliant comedic partner Kurt Braunohler. And she still is.

Why So Serious, Margaret Smith?

Emmy-award winning comic and writer Margaret Smith has been praised by some of TV's biggest names, including Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres.

Emmy-winning comedian and writer Margaret Smith is traveling across the country to play Casselman’s on Tuesday, June 26, and if you play your cards right, you may even get to see her. And by “play your cards right” we mean “if you have $15-$20.”

Why So Serious, Pete Holmes?

Who's up for a Steve Martin-Pete Holmes-Louis C.K. sandwich?

Comedian, writer, podcaster and cartoonist Pete Holmes talks about day drinking, sitcoms, hair smells — and why filming with one hand and driving with the other isn’t always the best idea.

Why So Serious, Drew Carey?

Why So Serious, Drew Carey?

“The Price Is Right” host and former sitcom star Drew Carey talks to Reverb about his return to stand-up, cruel pranks and more in advance of his Comedy Works South sets Friday, June 15 through Saturday, June 16.

Why So Serious, Tommy Chong?

Tommy Chong loves Carrot Top. Like, really, really loves him. And he's not ashamed of it. Photo courtesy of Neil Visel.

Stoner-comedy hero Tommy Chong, who’s blazing back into Denver’s Comedy Works this weekend, talks munchies, his first forays into stand-up, Louis C.K., Carrot Top and… golf?

Why So Serious, Todd Glass?

Why So Serious, Todd Glass?

Career comic Todd Glass has carved a comfortable niche for himself over the years, even as he’s skirting the big time by opening for Louis C.K., Daniel Tosh and others.