Why So Serious?

Why So Serious, Rory Scovel?

Rory Scovel varies his set from night to night with brilliant improv. Because he can, and because he's awesome.

L.A. comic Rory Scovel is returning triumphant to Denver to headline Comedy Works after a mixed bag of past appearances in the Mile High City

Why So Serious, Chris Miller?

Why So Serious, Chris Miller?

Denver comedian Chris Miller brings at the Voodoo Comedy Playhouse

Why So Serious, Lewis Black?

Lewis black defies you to have a lower blood pressure than him. Seriously. (Photo by Clay McBride)

Indignant human tea kettle Lewis Black has very healthy blood pressure, thanks you very much.

Why So Serious, Chelsea Peretti?

Few up-and-coming comics would walk away from a writing gig at "Parks and Rec," but Chelsea Peretti has other plans. (Photo by Evan Sung)

L.A. comedian and writer Chelsea Peretti is choosing stand-up over her other Hollywood gigs — at least for the moment.

Why So Serious, Fortune Feimster?

Fortune Feimster knows comedy gold when she hears it -- especially if it's coming from the mouths of her family members. Photo provided by Comedy Works.

“Chelsea Handler” writer-actor Fortune Feimster is celebrating two years on the show and headlining Comedy Works South for the second time this year, Nov. 30-Dec. 1.

Why So Serious, Aisha Tyler?

"The Talk" co-host Aisha Tyler is also an author, podcaster, director, actor and -- most importantly -- stand-up comedian.

Aisha Tyler had a great 2012, but “The Talk” co-host is poised for an even bigger one in 2013. We talk to her before her Comedy Works shows.

Why So Serious, Doug Stanhope?

Comedian Doug Stanhope plans to do mushrooms to kick off the apocalypse on Dec. 21, but he's not optimistic about the results.

Raunchy, unyielding comedian Doug Stanhope catches up with Reverb about his place in the comedy world.

Why So Serious, Nate Bargatze and Louis Katz?

Why So Serious, Nate Bargatze and Louis Katz?

Comedians Louis Katz and Nate Bargatze are double-teaming Denver this week. Prepare for thyself for the smackdown.

Why So Serious, Jon Lovitz?

Do you like exclamation points in your text communications?! So does Jon Lovitz!!

Stand-up comic and “Saturday Night Live” veteran Jon Lovtiz fills us in on his recent travels and his comedy club/podcast theater.

Why So Serious, B.J. Novak?

Why So Serious, B.J. Novak?

B.J. Novak, a.k.a. Ryan the Temp from “The Office,” is an actor, writer, producer, director and… oh yeah, a stand-up comedian. We caught up with while he was visiting Aurora for an “Office”-worthy corporate gig.