Why So Serious?

Why So Serious, Margaret Smith?

Margaret Smith has played some of her biggest roles behind the scenes over the years, whether as a six-time Emmy Award winner for writing and producing "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" or as the author of "What Was I Thinking?

Why So Serious, Drew Carey?

Whether or not you watched "The Drew Carey Show" during its 1995-2004 run, you were probably unable to escape it. The sitcom, based in Carey's real-life hometown of Cleveland, launched several careers (Craig Ferguson, Ryan Stiles and Carey's own, among others) and became a pop culture staple.

Why So Serious, Tommy Chong?

Stoner-comedy hero Tommy Chong plays a version of himself on stage, whether it's in sketches with his longtime buddy Cheech Marin as part of the Grammy-winning duo Cheech and Chong, or as a stand-up comedian with his wife and touring opener/partner Shelby.

Why So Serious, Todd Glass?

In some ways, Todd Glass is the most representative comedian in America. The Philadelphia native has seen his industry rise and fall over the decades, starting his career during the 1980s stand-up boom (and subsequent bust) before carving a spot on the national touring circuit during the ’90s.

Why So Serious, Amy Schumer?

Instead of getting into comedy at grimy open-mics in college, comedian Amy Schumer started in stand-up after moving to New York to launch an acting career -- though certainly the two stage professions would seem to complement each other.

Why So Serious, Josh Blue?

In many ways, Josh Blue is an old-school showman. The 33-year-old Denver comedian, best known for winning Season 4 of NBC's "Last Comic Standing," cares more about getting people to laugh than opening their minds — which is often a side effect of his act.

Why So Serious, Nikki Glaser?

Nikki Glaser is committed to comedy. After transferring from CU-Boulder to the University of Kansas, she lied to her professors to get excused from class (for four weeks!) to tape a part for NBC's "Last Comic Standing." She moved to Los Angeles right after college and quickly began climbing the comedy ladder, appearing at prestigious festivals such as Just for Laughs in Montreal and on late-night talk shows like "The Tonight Show." These days the 27-year-old is living in New York and co-hosting the "You Had to Be There" podcast with comedian Sara Schaefer, and the show just got some high-profile love from The New York Times Magazine.

Why So Serious, Larry the Cable Guy?

Love him or hate him, Larry the Cable guy has built a lucrative career around his character, a straight-talkin' country boy who spits jokes like chewing tobacco saliva and revels in the stereotype of a huntin', fishin', ass-kickin' redneck.

Why So Serious, Fine Gentleman’s Club?

After a year of running at the Rockaway Tavern and other downtown Denver dives, the Fine Gentleman’s Club comedy troupe has upgraded its free, weekly "Too Much Fun" stand-up showcase to the Deer Pile space, an intimate, artful room above the vegetarian/hipster hangout City O’ City, at 1280 Sherman St.

Why So Serious, Hannibal Buress?

Hannibal Buress has long been worshiped by comedy nerds and stand-up insiders, but only in the last few years has the Chicago native-turned-New Yorker started breaking through to the unwashed masses (I'm looking at you, Filthy McBlogreader.

Why So Serious, Loni Love?

The late-night branding juggernaut that is "Chelsea Lately" continues to stamp stand-ups with Chelsea Handler's coveted seal of approval, and Loni Love is among the latest enjoying the endorsement.

Why So Serious, Andy Kindler?

Andy Kindler, in all his kvetching, breathlessly free-associative, pinball-minded glory, is a comic in the classic mold. One could easily picture him playing a range of storied stand-up environments, from early vaudeville stages to smoky '60s nightclubs.

Why So Serious, Demetri Martin?

Demetri Martin's thin frame, quiet demeanor and thoughtful jokes don't exactly cast him as a burly, cold-weather type. But he's embracing frosty locales as part of his "Cold Places" tour, which kicked off in Canada earlier this month and which takes him through the northern U.S.

Why So Serious, Adam Carolla?

Is Adam Carolla a sexist pig? Is he insensitive? Is he a blue collar champ or just a cynical talk show host? And if he's originally from L.A., why does he have that strangely laconic, Midwestern accent?

Why So Serious, Moshe Kasher?

Here's the thing about Moshe Kasher: He transcends time and culture, taste and religion. He is, in the words of the almighty Moses, the only comedian we've ever needed -- and the only one we'll ever want.

Why So Serious, Chris Fairbanks?

Chris Fairbanks cares not for your problems, your distractions, your pink eye-ridden housecats and mice. He came here to shred your brain into perfectly rectangular strips of mind comedy, and you're going to let him.