Why So Serious?

Why So Serious, Louie Anderson?

Comedian Louie Anderson credits his decades-long career with comedy that "means something." (Photo provided by Eve Sadof)

Louie Anderson is returning to Denver to play Comedy Works South, but before that he’ll kick off eTown’s new comedy series in Boulder.

Why So Serious, Matt Braunger?

Comedian and late-night veteran Matt Braunger, who co-founded the Portland, Ore.-based Bridgetown Comedy Festival, headlines Comedy Works South through May 25. (Provided by Avalon Management)

Portland-bred comic Matt Braunger talks Portland, unfortunate fashion choices and more before his Comedy Works South sets.

Why So Serious, Kevin McDonald?

Kids in the Hall veteran Kevin McDonald will perform and teach a two-day improv class at the Ballpark neighborhood's Voodoo Comedy Playhouse May 2-4. (Provided by Voodoo Comedy Playhouse)

“Kids in the Hall” veteran Kevin McDonald teases his shows and classes in advance of his Voodoo Comedy Playhouse visit.

Why So Serious, Anthony Jeselnik? (Boulder edition)

Anthony Jeselnik wishes the new late-night talk-show comics all the best - and says the job would be like prison to him. (Provided by Comedy Works)

Anthony Jeselnik, never one to mince words, has zero interest in helming a late-night talk show. And here’s why, dear readers.

Why So Serious, Kathleen Madigan? (2014 edition)

Kathleen Madigan is in comedy for all the right reasons. (Photo provided by Comedy Works)

Respected stand-up and Colorado favorite Kathleen Madigan talks before her latest round of area comedy dates, including at Denver’s Paramount Theatre.

Fred Armisen: “Portlandia” isn’t only for music and comedy nerds

Fred Armisen will host an advance screening of season three of Portlandia at Colorado's Gothic Theatre.

Fred Armisen talks about getting music and comedy elite to appear on “Portlandia” and how the audience is wider than you might think.

Why So Serious, Jeff Ross?

Comedian Jeff Ross, on the subject of marijuana: "It’s great for listening to jokes. It's not great for flying planes or driving bulldozers, but for what I do it's perfect." (Provided by Comedy Central)

Jeff Ross, Comedy Central’s Roastmaster General, comes to Boulder to insult and spark up in our newly-legal weed state.

Why So Serious, Kumail Nanjiani? (Meltdown edition)

Kumail Nanjiani's Meltdown showcase in L.A. is getting its own 8-episode Comedy Central run.

Kumail Nanjiani talks about his L.A.-based Meltdown stand-up showcase and Denver comedy before hitting the Bug Theatre.

Why So Serious, Rob Gleeson?

Comedian Rob Gleeson is getting ready for his biggest role yet as "House of Lies" premieres on Jan. 12. (Provided by Showtime)

Denver-bred comic Rob Gleeson is getting his biggest break yet with a recurring role on Showtime’s “House of Lies.”

Why So Serious, Doug Benson? (legal weed edition)

Doug Benson: “Stand-up is fun, smoking pot is fun. Fun plus fun equals bigger fun.”

Doug Benson talks legal weed and more during his latest visit to the Mile High City.