Watch: UMS mini doc delves into the Denver music scene, venues on S. Broadway

UMS 2014 Day Three Seth M

he Denver Post and Reverb video crew took to the streets of South Broadway during UMS 2014 to ask local music fans who the next big Denver band is and how they would describe the local sound.

The best shows during UMS 2014: Real Estate, StaG, Residual Kid and more

UMS 2014 Day Two Seth M

Reverb and Denver Post staffers have compiled their lists of favorite shows at UMS 2014. A few that you’ll see on here more than once are Real Estate, StaG, Residual Kid, Whiskey Shivers and the Blue Rider.

Vignettes from UMS 2014 day three: The mighty Hi-Dive line, anger on stage, gallery shows and more

UMS 2014 Day 3 Juli W

Vignettes from UMS 2014 day three including our thoughts on the mighty Hi-Dive line, anger on stage, gallery shows and more.

UMS 2014 day three: What you saw, heard, and shared (best tweets)

DENVER, CO - JULY 26: Kinky Fingers perform at the Irvington Street Day Party, an unofficial party, during the Underground Music Showcase on July 26, 2014 in Denver, Colorado. (Photo by Seth McConnell/The Denver Post)

Day three of UMS 2014 brought house parties, writing on toilets and oh so many strange fashion choices.

UMS 2014 Day Two: What you saw, heard, and shared (best tweets)

UMS 2014 Day Two: What you saw, heard, and shared (best tweets)

Day two of UMS 2014 brought the rain, Instant Empire koozies, selfies with Astronautalis and more social media fun. But most importantly the music … and cheap beer.

UMS 2014 Day One: What you saw, heard, and shared (best tweets)

What's up Austin? UMS 2014, that's what. (Photo by Jordan Gonzalez, The Denver Post)

It’s the high holy days of music in Denver, Colorado. Yes, #UMS2014 is upon us, in all its aurally-drenched, sweaty, South Broadway packed-club glory. Here’s a recap of night one, as seen through your eyes.

UMS 2014 guide: 15 local and national acts to hear at the indie showcase

UMS 2012 Friday

To help you navigate UMS 2014, we’ve provided suggestions of 15 local acts and 15 national acts to catch this week.

Real Estate’s Martin Courtney on Woodsman, Tennis and the Denver music scene

Real Estate headlines The Underground Music Showcase on July 26.

On a November morning in 2009, Real Estate’s Martin Courtney woke up in a new city, in an unknown house and felt perfectly at ease.

Planet Bluegrass Ranch: The plucky mission to rebuild flood-ravaged grounds

Planet Bluegrass Ranch

Craig Ferguson stands at the entrance of the main pavilion on Planet Bluegrass Ranch gesturing above eye level to show the height of the river that tore through the Lyons festival grounds 10 months ago.

Syntax Physic Opera looking to make a statement in Denver bar scene

DENVER, CO - JULY 7: Preview of the new South Broadway restaurant/coffee shop/venue Syntax Physic Opera July 7, 2014. This ambitious multi-purpose performance and gathering space from the folks behind the Meadowlark serve as a place for bands, comedy, plays and cinema. Jonathan Bitz and his wife Joy head up the place. (Photo by John Leyba/The Denver Post)

For Jonathan Bitz, co-owner of the fancifully-named South Broadway venue Syntax Physic Opera, it’s not about selling hollow ideas in service of a trend.