The perks of the VIP bus to Phish’s Dick’s show, real and imagined

You've heard of the "A" Line, but what about the "J" line? Imagine being escorted from a central location (like Cervantes in Five Points) to the home of the Colorado Rapids over at the soccer field at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City in the "kush" confines of a shuttle just in time to catch Phish "Jaboo" their way through the cluster flies of "Farmhouse." Related: Phish closes epic Dick’s Sporting Goods Park run (photos, review) Sound good?

How to survive the 2016 UMS

It's Denver's SXSW. A musical gauntlet. The running of the buzz band bulls. Whether you're a fan, an artist, a roadie or (gulp) an organizer, the Underground Music Showcase ain't for the faint of heart.

You should see: Gallant, tonight

Though Gallant was born in 1992, he has the experienced vocals of someone twice his age. The single “Weight in Gold” from his debut album “Ology” was hailed by critics as new and refreshing against a soundscape of R&B dominated by The Weeknd and other cross over acts.

Offline, on message: What Radiohead is (probably) up to

What's going on with Radiohead? This question will never not be relevant. Between excruciatingly long breaks between albums, highly questionable choreography and a general penchant for obtuse symbolism, Thom Yorke's merry band of art rock misfits are never happier than when their fans are quizzically twisting their beards.

Grammys 2016: Who will win and who should win

Surprises at the Grammys are few and far between, but they do happen. Arcade Fire's "The Subrubs" won Best Album back in 2011. Justin Vernon pulled down Best New Artist in a tweed coat, which only increased the confusion and ire of the fans of Skrillex and Nikki Minaj, who he felled in his win.

Super Bowl Halftime: Coldplay lukewarm, Bey is bae

Whether by circumstance or lack of confidence, Coldplay had plenty of help during Super Bowl 50's triumphant nostalgia trip of a halftime show. The British soft rockers were billed as the evening headliner, and to be fair, they did come out of the gate strong — maybe too strong.