Album Reviews

Album review: Pusha T, “My Name is My Name”

Album review: Pusha T, "My Name is My Name"

Pusha T’s “My Name is My Name” expands on the Clipse minimalism while showcasing the rapper’s masterful flow and nearly living up to “The Wire” references.

Album review: Four Tet, “Beautiful Rewind”

Album review: Four Tet, "Beautiful Rewind"

“Beautiful Rewind” has Four Tet crafting the intricate sound collages he cut his teeth on, this time hammered with steely anxiety.

Album review: Dr. Dog, “B-Room”

Album review: Dr. Dog, "B-Room"

“B-Room” gives fans 12 songs they’ll gladly belt out at the next Dr. Dog show—dependably not all that different from the last.

Album review: Justin Timberlake, “The 20/20 Experience — 2 of 2″

Album review: Justin Timberlake, "The 20/20 Experience -- 2 of 2."

Justin Timberlake’s “20/20 Experience — 2 of 2″ is much more than an afterthought or a collection of leftovers.

Album review: Drake, “Nothing Was The Same”

Album review: Drake, "Nothing was the Same"

Coming off an ambitious and excellent sophomore album, Drake looks back on the path that led to his foothold at the top on “Nothing was the Same.”

Album review: MGMT, “MGMT”

Album review: MGMT, "MGMT"

MGMT’s third LP is an overstuffed electro-psych kaleidoscope, as fascinating as it is overwhelming.

Album review: The Weeknd, “Kiss Land”

Album review: The Weeknd, "Kiss Land"

Full of first-personal confessionals from a guy you wouldn’t want near your daughter, “Kiss Land” is the Weeknd’s most intimate—and alienating—album yet.

Album review: Arctic Monkeys, “AM”

Album review: Arctic Monkeys, "AM"

It only took about seven years for the hype around Arctic Monkeys to wane, and now that it has, the band seems to have calmed down and started having fun.

Album review: Delorean, “Apar”

Album review: Delorean, "Apar"

Delorean returns with more euro-club indie-rock on their sophomore release, “Apar.”

Album review: Volcano Choir, “Repave”

Album review: Volcano Choir, "Repave"

Volcano Choir’s “Repave” is a return to a form that Justin Vernon’s fans have been looking for since his sophomore solo album, “Bon Iver.”