Album Reviews

Beyonce’s “Lemonade” a bold avant-pop sucker punch

Beyonce doesn't simply release albums anymore; she unleashes events. And so it was this weekend, amid deep mourning for a lost icon, music's queen dropped "Lemonade," an arresting display of what technically qualifies as videos and singles, but is better described as a deeply personal work of art that doubles as a bold social and political statement.

Mind Spiders’ “Prosthesis” is short, dark and sweet

For Worth, Texas' Mark Ryan formed Mind Spiders after his punk-rock band the Marked Men went on hiatus in 2009. On Mind Spiders’ early recordings, Ryan played the majority of instruments, but the band’s lineup has since been a revolving door of sorts, with Ryan being the sole songwriter and constant member.

Future evolves further on lean-drenched “Evol”

Here’s the thing about Future: you either see the growth in his rhymes, albums, beat selection and concepts, or you don’t. On “Purple Reign” we heard his continued struggles with the love and allure of dirty money and fast women over beats from frequent collaborators Metro Boomin, Zaytoven and others.