Album Reviews

Dweezil Zappa channels Frank on new album

By: The Associated Press Dweezil Zappa's new album is top-heavy with the influence of father Frank and bottom-loaded with harmony-drenched pop songs. Dweezil has been performing Frank's music for years, but on "Via Zammata," the Sicilian street his family emigrated from, the paternal effect only goes so far.

Chvrches, “Every Open Eye” review

On "Never Ending Circles," the opening track of Chvrches' much-anticipated sophomore record, Lauren Mayberry makes a toast: "Here's to taking what you came for." That's just what she and her band are doing on "Every Open Eye." Chvrches' 2013 debut was exhilarating, and "Every Open Eye" manages to heighten the energy and emotion.

Synkro does his best Burial on “Changes” (review)

Like so many young musicians, electronic producer Synkro (Joe McBride to his fellow Brits) is nothing if not the sum of his influences. He’s said as much in the press, pointing out tributaries as far upstream and apart as Burial, Tangerine Dream and Boards of Canada in the way of inspiration for his gloomy strain of electro-ambience.