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4/20 Special: Does smoking weed make music better?

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Reverb music critic Dylan Owens reviews an album sober, then reviews the same album high. Here are the results.

Album review: Mac DeMarco, “Salad Days”

Album review: Mac DeMarco, "Salad Days"

Most of Mac DeMarco’s pensive “Salad Days” stares down life’s doldrums without any obvious hint of his usual “What, me worry?” grin.

Album review: Future Islands, “Singles”

Album review: Future Islands, "Singles"

“Singles” is the uncommon album that works in pieces over the car stereo, in concerted listens and, rarest of all, onstage in front of all your exes.

Album review: The War On Drugs, “Lost In The Dream”

Album review: The War On Drugs, "Lost In The Dream"

“Lost In The Dream” places The War On Drugs soundly in the the classic rock bin, with simmering ballads on par with the ’80s shiniest gems.

Album review: Pharrell, “G I R L”

Album review: Pharrell, "G I R L S"

Even if the masses didn’t know him until last year, Pharrell has been a tacit force in popular music for over a decade. As half of the production duo the Neptunes, he produced records for virtually every big name in hip-hop and R&B from the late nineties to today. Britney Spears, Noreaga, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dogg and Frank Ocean can each thank Pharrell for at least one of their hits. While his work as a performer hasn’t caught on until recently, past [...]

Album review: Beck, “Morning Phase”

Review: Beck, "Morning Phase."

Beck’s “Morning Phase” is a return to the bare-bones singer-songwriter efforts of “Sea Change,” both in style and greatness.

Album review: Phantogram, “Voices”

Album review: Phantogram, "Voices."

Like the duo’s best songs, Phantogram’s “Voices” puts a priority on heavy, novel rhythms above all else, and aside from a few stinkers, is better for it.

Album review: Sun Kil Moon, “Benji”

Album review: Sun Kil Moon, "Benji"

“Benji” is Sun Kil Moon’s finest work to date, a brutal album obsessed with loss and what’s left in its wake.

Album review: Broken Bells, “After The Disco”

Album review: Broken Bells, "After The Disco"

Broken Bells’ “After The Disco” is, as its name suggests, post-disco, granting equal time to classic four-on-the-floor beats and odd digital effects.

Album review: Ryanhood, “Start Somewhere”

Album review: Ryanhood, "Start Somewhere"

Tuscon, AZ duo Ryanhood try to pick up the pieces after a lengthy hiatus with “Start Somewhere.”