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Watch: Big Sean is the first hip-hop artist to rap at the White House

Hot Shots: Spring Break Party with Big Sean @ City Hall. Photos by Quoleena Sbrocca

Over the Easter weekend, Big Sean made hip-hop history as the first MC to rap at the White House.

Can 50 Cent return to the top with the new “Hustler” video?

50 Cent @  the Fillmore Auditorium

50 Cent is attempting to return to his golden years of the early 2000s with his new video “Hustler.”

Watch: Danny Brown revisits his childhood in the new “25 Bucks” video

Danny Brown, Prof, Brother Ali @ Cervantes, 2/2/13

Danny Brown turns serious and revisits his childhood in the new “25 Bucks” video featuring Purity Ring’s Megan James.

Listen: New Nicki Minaj song, “Chi-Raq” with Lil Herb

Nicki Minaj @ Wells Fargo

Nicki Minaj has shared “Chi-Raq,” a swagger-laden down-tempo new track with Chicago’s rising hip-hop star Lil Herb.

Listen: Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys, “It’s On Again”

Grammys 2014

Listen to Kendrick Lamar and Alicia Keys’ underwhelming “It’s On Again” from the “Amazing Spiderman 2″ soundtrack.

Watch: Schoolboy Q fights with an audience member in Denver

SXSW 2014 - Day 3

Schoolboy Q had a rough night in Denver on Thursday. Early into his sold out show at the Ogden Theatre, someone threw an object at the rapper and hit him in the chest.

Would you pay millions for a secret Wu-Tang Clan album?

Bonnaroo Music Festival 2013 - Day 2

For millions of dollars one Wu-Tang Clan fan can purchase the hip-hop crew’s secret album.

The Black Lips guitarist bashes Drake, Lorde and Macklemore

Black Lips @ Bluebird Theater

The Black Lips’ Cole Alexander calls Lorde “naive,” Drake “fake” and comments on Macklemore’s “white guilt” in an A.V. Club interview.

Watch: Childish Gambino joins Chance The Rapper for a 9-minute freestyle

Childish Gambino

On Wednesday, Childish Gambino joined acid rap champion Chance The Rapper on stage in Chicago for a lengthy rap freestyle cipher.

Watch: Rick Ross opens up about being a corrections officer

Lil' Wayne, Rick Ross @ Comfort Dental Amphitheatre

After years of being plagued by the rumor and dodging the question, Rick Ross opened up about his time as a corrections officer.