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PHOTOS: Passenger Ogden Theatre show

Passenger @ Ogden Theatre

With the success of “Whispers” this summer, Passenger returned to Denver on Wednesday to a sold out crowd at the Ogden Theatre.

Christina Perri at the Ogden Theatre, 4-4-14 (photos)

Christina Perri @ The Ogden Theatre 4/4/2014

Three days after the release of her second album, “Head or Heart,” Christina Perri stopped by Denver’s Ogden Theatre.

The Boxer Rebellion at the Bluebird Theater, 6-12-13 (photos)

The Boxer Rebellion @ Bluebird Theater 6/12/2013

Denver beat the heat with the Boxer Rebellion’s cool show at the Bluebird Theater Wednesday night. The U.K. indie-rock band is touring in support of its most recent release, “Promises.”

Lola Black, the Dreaming at the Bluebird Theater, 5-23-13 (photos)

Lola Black / The Dreaming @ Bluebird Theater 5/23/2013

Lola Black and the Dreaming played to Denver’s hard rock faithful at the Bluebird Theater on Thursday night.

Ghost B.C. at the Ogden Theatre, 4-18-13 (photos)

Ghost B.C. @ Ogden Theatre 4/18/2013

Ghost B.C. made its sacrifice at the Ogden Theatre’s altar of unholy metal on Thursday. The Swedish band’s Secular Haze tour brought out Denver’s devotees to hear singer Papa Emeritus II’s demonic falsetto.

KMFDM at Summit Music Hall, 03-27-13 (photos)

KMFDM @ Summit Music Hall 3/27/2013

German industrial band KMFDM performed at Summit Music Hall on Wednesday. Formed in 1984 and reformed in 2002 after a breakup, the band has 18 studio albums.

Photos of GRiZ at the Ogden Theatre, 03/01/13

GRiZ @ Ogden Thetre 3/1/2013

Thunderously slaloming between laptop, organic saxophone and blinding LED peaks, GRiZ raced the beats to the overdriven crowd. See our photos of GRiZ at the Ogden Theatre here.

Photos of Feed Me with Teeth at the Ogden Theatre, 02/12/13

Feed Me with Teeth

Photos of Feed Me with Teeth at the Ogden Theatre on Feb. 12, 2013 in Denver, Colo.

Bloc Party at the Ogden Theatre, 01/22/13 (photos)

Bloc Party @ Ogden Theatre 1/22/2013

Photos of Bloc Party playing at the Ogden Theatre on Jan. 22, 2013 in Denver. Bloc Party is touring in support of its newest album, “Four.”

Red Fang at the Bluebird Theater, 11/19/12 (photos)

Red Fang @ Bluebird Theater 11/19/2012

The Portland, Ore. metal band, Red Fang, assaulted the Bluebird Theater Monday night. The group was formed in 2009 and has since released two records, the most recent being 2011’s “Murder The Mountains.”