Lady Gaga hospitalized with altitude sickness after Denver show - Reverb

Lady Gaga hospitalized with altitude sickness after Denver show

Part way through singing “Dope” at the Pepsi Center on Wednesday, Lady Gaga stopped and coughed, mentioned the altitude, made a joke about weed and continued on with her show. Throughout the night she seemed off, sluggish, and now we know why. After the show Lady Gaga tweeted a picture of herself in an oxygen mask, saying “Altitude Sickness is no Joke!”

Her show kicked off at about 9:30 on Wednesday and lasted about two hours. Besides the cough and her attitude on stage, Gaga didn’t tell the crowd how she was feeling.

Lady Gaga is scheduled to play in Seattle on Friday.

Read our full review of the Denver show here.

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  • johann

    her oxygen mask is on upside down

    • User Nick P

      Maybe the mask was right side up, and Gaga was upside down.

  • anon

    it was on purpose to make picture seem more graphic so the tube was displayed. All theatre and drama with her..

  • Slim

    Altitude sickness is used as a cover for a hangover for decades.. She’s not fooling anyone..

  • Paulx1

    Good Grief. Can anyone say “Hi Maintenance” Hospitalized for being a little sluggish? Dont forget to drink water while you’re here.

  • GenePH

    Dope. More likely she ate a cookie.

  • ChrisInDenver

    I went to the show with my wife because we got free tickets in a box (who can turn those down?) Observations:

    -Horrendous opening act of a DJ with a mixer playing techno-dance club beat music (no singing, lyrics, etc). Went on for a HOUR. Not even the kids were dancing by the time it was done. Just when you thought it was over (and fans would cheer)…boom…boom…boom…. again and again.
    -Gaga is more about the show than the music, but music still pretty good
    -Great entertainment, she changes outfits very couple songs, confetti, etc. etc.
    -Her constant screaming of F bombs feels really forced like she’s trying too hard, but her followers seem to love it.
    -Made everyone wait far too long.
    -We left early.

    I’m clearly not the demographic, but Lady Gaga is talented, and a fun show to watch….especially if you can free tickets in box. That has free beer. And food. ;-)

  • nothingtolose

    Did she actually say she was hospitalized? I think the media has just made that assumption based on a hash tag. A medical professional would never apply a mask upside down. Many performers keep oxygen backstage for every show. Madonna and Lady Gaga both do.