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Best Colorado shows this week: Chromeo, Ray LaMontagne and more

Chromeo, Ray LaMontagne and more make our list of best Colorado shows this week. We’ll be seeing you there, and if you don’t make it out, follow the music musings on our Twitter @RVRB and our selfies on Instagram @heyreverb.

4) Railroad Earth — Aug. 2, Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Colorado loves Railroad Earth. It’s that combination of bluegrass, alt-country and Americana that makes the state such a great venue for its many music festivals focused on the genre. A regular in the state — it’s wide open soundscapes and back porch instrumentation the perfect sound for the plains or mountains — Railroad Earth will return for two shows this week. The band plays on Aug. 1 at Boulder Theatre followed by a big Red Rocks show on Aug. 2.

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  • Richard Galvin

    Congrats! Railroad Earth sold out Red Rocks. A band that can’t get their album in the top 200 (“Last of the Outlaws” is their best work yet) and can’t get booked for late night TV, but they can sell 9,000 tickets and put on a show that that is musically as strong as any I’ve seen. From flat picking to progressive rock and jazz with horns to a fiddle number closing the 2nd set was ride ranging Americana music and it never faltered.

  • Daniel Musicman

    I’m excited to see The Revivalists and The Wind and The Wave in Boulder 8/8!

  • Daniel Musicman

    Can’t wait to see T. Mills open for Rixton 8/15 at the Gothic!