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Lady Gaga: How we all became bored with pop’s most interesting monster

Lady Gaga makes an appearance during ZEDD's, not pictured, performance at the iTunes Festival Showcase during the SXSW Music Festival Friday March 14, 2014, in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP)

Lady Gaga makes an appearance during ZEDD’s, not pictured, performance at the iTunes Festival Showcase during the SXSW Music Festival Friday March 14, 2014, in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Jack Plunkett/Invision/AP)

Take a lesson from Lady Gaga: A meat dress will go rancid faster than any Prada or Louis Vuitton.

In 2010, after releasing her platinum-selling and Grammy-winning “Fame Monster,” Lady Gaga was being hailed as “The Last Pop Star,” “The World’s Biggest Pop Star” and “Our Lady of Pop.” Those days, she would fearlessly cover herself in blood at sold-out arena shows or wear a meat dress to the MTV Video Music Awards. She was daring and fresh.

But, four years later, she’s doing the same thing, and finding it hard to sell out her big “Artpop Ball.”

On Aug. 6, Lady Gaga will return to Denver for the first time in four years. The Denver Post called her 2010 show at the Pepsi Center “the most unique mass spectacle of the year.” Since then, she’s released two albums, and you’d assume that ravenous little monsters would be biting at the chance to see pop’s new queen again. But they’re not.

As of July 30, tickets were available for Lady Gaga’s show at all price ranges. Fellow pop divas Katy Perry and Pink both sold out Denver months in advance. Nationally, Gaga’s current tour hasn’t broken the top-10 list of StubHub’s most popular events. It’s a sales decline that perfectly illustrates Lady Gaga’s fading glory — not a quick, one-hit-wonder fizzle, but a slower, more painful tumble from fresh and daring, to same Gaga, old tricks.

What happened to the smart, funny singer whose strangeness was a sudden injection of originality into popular culture, a chameleon of musical influences and styles? With a flourish of futuristic pop she would conjure David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Britney Spears. The music would tackle drug and celebrity culture, feminism and modern art. She was daring, ridiculous and unstoppable.

But today, Lady Gaga is struggling to be Lady Gaga. Everyone from Rolling Stone to Pitchfork has called her 2013 album “Artpop” an “Artflop” — not necessarily for bad sales, but for failing to add to the collective conversation of pop. Musically, she’s become an uninspired hybrid of pop and synthy R&B with a mix of EDM culture. Tracks like “Jewels n’ Drugs,” “MANiCURE” and “Donatella” from “Artpop” are shockingly bland and soulless — especially compared to pop gems like “Poker Face,” filled with big hooks and clever wordplay. As a whole, the album lacks the Gaga-specific obsession with idiosyncratic excess in the constraining realm of pop music.

Her image and style has become predictably outrageous. Lady Gaga can’t outdo her own grandiosity with more grandiosity. Once the most exciting pop musician for a decade, Gaga is sliding into redundancy.

Call it the Gaga Paradox: Do the unexpected for so long it suddenly becomes expected. So what’s she to do, something predictable? To a degree, yes.

Like Bowie, Madonna, Spears and Perry, it’s time for Lady Gaga to reinvent Lady Gaga for the fickle and quickly bored Top 40 listeners. She should challenge what pop consumers expect of her.

Take Perry, for example, whose music career has mirrored Gaga’s since they both became famous within a few years of each other. After adopting the whipped-cream bra and lollipop image on 2010’s “Teenage Dream,” Perry traded it in for a more modest, powerful, and in some cases, dark identity on 2013’s “Prism.” Perry’s upcoming stop at the Pepsi Center on Sept. 30 is already sold out. That’s not to say Lady Gaga needs to do exactly as Perry does to stay relevant — but change, even a subtle one, can refresh a pop artist.

If Lady Gaga came on stage in Denver with hair made of spaghetti, riding a unicorn and wearing Dora the Explorer footie pajamas, would you bat an eye? Probably not: That’s Lady Gaga for you.

But consider for a second if Gaga revealed a new persona akin to Bowie’s transition from psych-folk to the glam rock of Ziggy Stardust: Twitter, Facebook and Instagram would all go nuts. (See Joanne Ostrow’s piece about the Showtime documentary “David Bowie: 5 Years” on 6C.)

And she might already be heading in that direction. Last week news broke that Gaga is recording a jazz album with Tony Bennett called “Cheek to Cheek” to be released this fall. Bennett and Gaga? Jazz? That’s something we didn’t see coming.

Like her meat dress, even the most imaginative ideas can go bad fast. And even if she’s fallen into monotony now, perhaps only Gaga is crazy enough to reinvent Gaga.

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  • Dick Longwood

    Madonna and Cher both did this schtick years ago, so it is already worn. Combine that with no appreciable talent, and she will have a pretty short shelf life.

    • #LittleMonster

      You’re right that Madonna and Cher did it however Gaga does it better.

      As for no talent, you might want to actually listen to her music. I could understand if it is not your genre but she would not be singing with other huge artists (Tony Bennett to name one) if she could not sing.

      Short shelf life you say? She has been singing and performing since 2005. I don’t consider that short. Also, if we just look at her accolades the proof is in the numbers:
      American Music Awards 1, ASCAP Awards 6, BET Awards 1, Billboard Music Award 7, Billboard Year-End Chart Awards 16,
      BMI Awards 12, BRIT Awards 3 ECHO Awards 3, Emmy Awards 1,
      GLAAD Media Awards 2, Grammy Awards 5, Guinness World Records 10,
      Japan Gold Disc Awards 9, MTV Europe Music Awards 8,
      MTV Japan Music Awards 5, MTV Video Music Awards 13,
      MuchMusic Video Awards 3, NME Awards 6, NRJ Music Awards 2,
      Teen Choice Awards 3, People’s Choice Awards 3,
      World Music Awards 5, Total Awards won 238

      Her current tour most shows are sold out. In my opinion this wont be her last tour or album. There will be more of both in the future.

      • JoanCrawford1

        However, Gaga does not do it better. You know why? Gaga is not smart. Madonna is extremely bright and made great decisions throughout the majority of her career. Even some of Madonna’s decisions were not popular or favored well by the public, she stayed true to who she was and pressed forward. Looking back on some of Madonna’s antics, it changed woman and how people think. Madonna had a cultural impact on people and how people think. She is an original. There is noting original about Gaga. She has taken from every other artist before her ( Bowie, Jackson, Madonna, and so on). She is a huge drug addict which is the worst decision you can make being a singer and in the public eye. Lady gaga has had a short shelf life, having tanked out after 5 years in the public year and still headed south rapidly – she will never recover to what she once was – too much damage done. A list of awards — what does that really mean to anyone? Whintey Houston has the most awards than any other female artist and she is dead. All in all awards men nothing…longevity and being relevant is what matters. Neither of which Gaga possesses.

        • nothingtolose

          Madonna begat the trash of the world. Britney, Miley, etc. that’s what she inspires. Madonna is unoriginal. All artists are to an extent. To claim otherwise is to deny the obvious. Dating from Greek literature to The Rolling Stones, it’s all layers of previous work or outright copies. Even Bowie.

          • MediaSELLS

            I disagree – Only because Madonna was/is a VERY adept Dancer. That’s what she moved to NYC for and she has always been very candid about her not being a talented singer or songwriter but she has an extremely good eye for art, trends (well, used to… now she’s piggybacking on trends, to be fair. Whoever the ‘It’ person is, she’ll collaborate.) – Very few dancers have been able to build empires off their own work as solo artists. That’s pretty impressive and deserves it’s mention in pop culture history.

          • Retrodude

            And Gaga is somehow classy? RIGHT.

          • Did you not know ?

            Puking and wearing fake dreads is the EPITOME of classy.

          • Retrodude

            But of course! Let’s not forget running around naked for no reason whatsoever. At least when Madge did it back in the day, she had a reason for doing it. These pop tarts today just get naked for the attention.

          • Retrodude

            Then Gaga is trash, because Madonna is one of her biggest idols and inspirations.

          • crash3667

            1. Not madonnas fault that future pop girls thought they had to follow her and misunderstood her message to simply be that shock value and taking your clothes off sells. It certainly speaks to madonnas impact though that all the future pop girls tried to follow in her footsteps.

            2. You do realize Madonna begat lady Gaga right?

          • Guest

            Says someone with no clue whatsoever

        • Ashley Taylor

          Lets be honest. All things aside. Bad Romance is absolutely epic compared to Vogue. You can’t deny.

          • Dream Chaser

            Are you on meth or some shit – to compare classic Vogue to that trash?!

          • arnaud

            Are you joking ? VOGUE is timeless pop gem. Bad Romance is a disgrace to pop music.

          • Kiri Morgana

            Both are great. But Bad romance is much more empowering deep and relatable. Calling it a disgrace to pop music is just a nasty thing to say when it has empowered millions and millions of young to old women and men who can relate to it.

          • Retrodude

            How the hell is “Bad Romance” empowering? “Vogue” was FAR more empowering, as it told gays and straights that it didn’t matter what you were, that you were fierce and fabulous. God you guys are as delusional as your Mommy.

          • Retrodude

            I CAN deny, because it’s simply not true. Vogue is timeless, iconic.

          • lol

            You must be joking. It’s generic muck.

          • lol

            It’s what hooligans would sing at some chav game.

            Go you ! Let’s be honesz, you must have an extremely akward idea of “absolutely epic”

          • Ashley to young lol

            Sucka please….bad romance is good ,but Vouge it’s amazing!!

        • Wellthatwaslong

          I’ll reply only for the sake of it, although I highly doubt it’ll have any impact on you as you seem as an extremely close-minded person who will not dare see anybody else’s opinion but your own. Firstly, I do agree that Madonna had a huge cultural impact. I respect Madonna and do consider myself a huge fan. She, however, is a much better businessperson than Lady Gaga in my opinion. And I will argue, to counter that statement, that Lady Gaga might be more musically inclined than Madonna (she certainly has a broader vocal range and plays a wide range of instruments; she is also a highly skilled pianist). I am not saying one is better than the other, because it is impossible to say that. They are both very talented, albeit in different areas perhaps. My issue with your comment is mostly centered around an argument I hear all the time in these silly Madonna vs. Lady Gaga discussions -the “unoriginal” argument. Art does not come from nowhere, it must have an inspiration source. Lady Gaga certainly gets her inspiration from Madonna, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and countless other artists which she probably grew up listening to and identified with the art they produced. That is not being unoriginal; combining influences from so many sources (something you pointed out, not just me) is the very definition of originality. You see this all the time in literature and visual arts. Great novelists borrow elements from other writers in order to create their own craft. If not, satiric writers now should be accused of being unoriginal, since they draw an element first played in Don Quixote; or maybe we should accuse Sandro Botticelli of plagiarism, since his image of Venus in “The Birth of Venus” is strikingly similar to Praxiteles’ sculpture of Aphrodite. See how silly this sounds now? By your argument, Madonna is not original herself either, as she draws many elements from classic Hollywood divas like Bette Davis, Marlene dietrich, and of course, Marilyn Monroe. By your argument, the video for “Vogue,” of course one of the best of all time, would be unoriginal, since it consists of exact copies of poses, clothes, and styles that belonged to the aforementioned divas. I would call it inspiration, though. And I think I prefer to call it inspiration and say she is original than to try to make up misinformed arguments to bring down a woman who, by virtue of her talent and vision, has managed to make a huge name for herself in the music industry.

          • ICYNDICEY

            Broader vocal range? Lady GaGa screams. Madonna did Evita and sounded better than Patti Lupone. I am so over people saying Madonna can’t sing. You don’t stay in the music biz for 35 years if you can’t sing. She sings better than Mick Jagger that’s for sure!

          • MediaSELLS

            Madonna definitely didn’t do it better than Patti LuPone but she did it differently and that’s a good thing too. Madonna can’t sing very well but she works at it and sometimes can pull it off – I think she has a naturally good voice and she pays attention to technique more as the years go by but her strength is as a dancer and art director of sorts – and that’s worth it’s own weight in gold too. Her voice isn’t consistently beautiful but she has her moments – Take A Bow, the I’m Breathless album, Ray of Light – They’re great!

          • pr64

            oh really?? jagger is 71 and can STILL rock and roll!! I do agree that Madonna was brilliant as evita. whether she was better than patti lupone remains to be seen

          • J

            ” You don’t stay in the music biz for 35 years if you can’t sing. She sings better than Mick Jagger that’s for sure!”

            And Mick Jagger has been in the biz for over 50 years. And better than Patti Lupone? Um…ok.

          • thekunstisme

            honey. britney spears has been in the business for ages and still cannot sing. she even confesses to lip syncing in her vegas residency. i expect a 40 year old homosexual like yourself to understand logic. madonna technically CAN sing, but she’s nowhere near the average of the better half of singers. gaga is. gaga just isn’t a conniving wicked b*tch that knows how to sell pop music. she does whatever she wants and writes her own trashy music which she believes in. elton john, michael jackson, KISS all can’t be wrong about your shiityy madonna

          • Retrodude

            Prince, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Donna Summer, Nile Rogers, Cyndi Lauper, Cher, Tina Turner, Courtney Love, Robyn, Pharrell, Timbaland, Sting, and countless others PRAISE and RESPECT Madonna, baby. Elton John is a has-been, who’s been reduced to recording “Candle IN the Wind” over and over and singing lame Disney tunes, and hasn’t had a hit since the 90’s. John cannot sell out stadiums either. A sad, hateful, bitter old queen who attacks Madge whenever he needs some publicity. Michael Jackson actually respected Madonna, and was slightly threatened by her massive success- but still ran around with her in the 90’s, and attended the ’91 Oscars with her as well. As for KISS- WHO CARES?

          • lol

            You sound so outdated.

          • Retrodude

            You keep bringing up homosexuals. You seem to have an issue with homosexuals. And you say about Gaga “She does whatever she wants and writes her own trashy music which she believes in”= THAT COMMENT can certainly apply to Madge as well- who’s debut album contains more songs written by HERSELF than Gaga’s debut. Have you ever actually read Gaga’s album notes? She does NOT write her own music, idiot. Lady Gaga is a factory creation, designed to be shocking. Madonna was organic- and has been doing “whatever she wants” for well over 30 years now. God, you Gaga fans are dismally dumb.

          • ha ha ha

            Says the guy who listens to all old stuff and has a twitter full of the most mundane blandest shiit e v e e e r

            lol What are people like you actually ON ?

            I’m also female and NOT gay. And look much better than you.

            On an aside.

            You could actually pass as 40 in your avatar ?

          • Retrodude
          • ha ha ha

            I probably look younger than you.

            Are Lady Gaga fans all about pre-aging ?

            Old music, looking middleaged at 28 etc ?

          • Retrodude

            When Gaga turns 40, will they abandon her for being a dinosaur? Apparently Madonna is the ONLY one who must be shot for being old, but Tony Bennett and Cher and KISS and anybody else who works with Gaga is fine and dandy!

          • Retrodude

            Madonna was in a post-punk band, plays guitar and drums, and writes much of her own song lyrics and melodies. Gaga’s voice is highly overrated, as is her piano playing. I get that all artists are inspired by others- but it seems Gaga is just re-hashing Madonna’s entire career at this point. I mean, “Alejandro” video? C’mon= even MTV said it was 100% MADONNA, and we’d seen it all before.

          • thekunstisme

            A real king of pop called Michael Jackson called Madonna an evil witch. Another pop legend called your idol a fairground stripper. KISS says they’d pick Gaga over Madonna any day. Remember this, no true idol born of compassion and love, would treat another human being like trash the way Madonna does. When Katy Perry so-called ripped off Sarah Brailles “Brave”, Sarah never called Katy reductive or made a big deal out of it. That’s what you call a commendable character. You will hardly find Gaga saying mean things about anyone because she’s a secure, loving, talented legend. She never needed to be inferior. She still sings Born This Way at her tour, minus the production which was similar to Express Yourself and which both were shitty anyway. You are giving you and your entire fan base a bad sad name. I am so glad to be a teen and have more sense than you.

          • Guest

            Your fave has not made one good song that would rival a Classic.

            Your fave also disses others on her Twitter, in interviews etc, so what are you talking about “You will hardly find Gaga saying mean things about anyone because she’s a secure, loving” ? What a joke

            “talented legend”

            Legends bring the new, not just regurgitate.

            You don’t have any sense, you don’t even talk sense.

          • Retrodude

            And how does Madonna treat others? She is a huge philanthropist- I guess building schools in Malawi and doing years of AIDS fundraising and awareness is trashy? I guess insisting on gay rights back in the conservative 80’s back when NOBODY ELSE WAS DOING IT- NOT EVEN PISSY ELTON JOHN- is shitty?

            Madonna NEVER called Gaga herself reductive, nor did she make a big deal out of it. Madonna was specifically asked about the song a full year after the controversy- it was Gaga who made the big deal out of it. Madge only addressed the controversy in her show with a wink by seamlessly mashing the two songs together. Monsters have already given Gaga fans a bad name- even Sharon Osbourne called you guys out for being the most hateful. What planet do you live on?

          • Everyone

            Can’t wait for all these sad Madonna fans to die off.

          • ?

            What if you go first ?

          • Kiri Morgana

            please don’t say stuff like that. I like gaga’s work alot and i’m not a fan of madonna but it really creates a ‘divide’ that shouldn’t exist and then fans start making stuff up about their idols “supposed(!)” nemesis.

          • Retrodude

            Oh really? Wow. And to think, your Mommy is supposed to be AGAINST this kind of hate talk. Wishing death on people? FUCK YOU, you miserable little prick. God, I can’t wait til Lady Gaga is auditioning for “American Idol” while Madonna is still selling out stadiums on her next world tour and you shits will finally realize that she’s OVER.

          • Kiri Morgana

            1. Madonna doesn’t play any instruments (knowing four chords on the guitar isn’t being a guitarist?). 2. Madonna used to co-write the lyrics to most of her songs, now she doesn’t bother with that much but she is active in participating her views on what the dj does now. She is not a musician and never has been (maybe someday :)) 3. Gaga is a master pianist who can even do a bit of toe twinkling, very impressive 4. The alejandro video and some of the born this way stuff had similar aspects to madonna’s late 80’s stuff but not really that much, loads of artists do similar things but it’s just that gaga is more noticeable because it’s not done generically. 5. Gaga has an amazing powerful voice with a unique rough undertone and she is vocally versatile 6. Gaga writes all her own songs and the music to them and the transposing which should be appreciated because that’s not something you often see in the music industry 7. Madonna (who I don’t have any problem with) has copied many people before her and works of art that predecessed her or her team’s ‘ideas’ and she has been sued a few times for it. 8. (Again, I don’t personally have a problem with it) Madonna’s whole identity career is copied straight from Marilyn Monroe, Cher and Bettie Page.

            So, before you so blatantly critisise and degrade someone by comparing them, go through some history first please.

          • Retrodude

            Wrong, dear. Madonna was in a post-punk band before she was famous. She has written or co-written almost all of her songs, and in fact, her first album contains more songs written by herself than Gaga’s first album.
            Gaga is NOT a master pianist- she can plunk some keys, but that’s about it. And Gaga has re-hashed Madonna’s entire career at this point. Reductive.
            Gaga does NOT write her own songs and music- have you ever read her album notes? Madge has kept a written journal full of lyrics, melodies, etc. since the 1970’s- she is famous for being 150% involved in all aspects of her music in the studio. AND EVEN IF Gaga is more of a “musician”, it doesn’t mean her music is BETTER. It’s simply not. Gaga only has maybe TWO songs that might be remembered as pop classics- “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance”. The rest of her songs simply won’t be remembered 50 years from now. Gaga is slipping, slipping fast. When you have to resort to vomit onstage, you are running out of ideas.
            And only a moron says that Madge copies Marilyn or Cher. Madonna PARODIED Marilyn’s male-dominated, blond bombshell image, and posed as her a few times. So has Gaga. As for Cher- there is NO similarities between the two whatsoever, besides the constant re-invention, which Gaga also does. Get a clue already.

          • Kiri Morgana

            I’ve done my research, I’ve watched madonna in the studio. No she’s not a musician. And no madonna used to co-write most of her songs (the lyrics no the music). And gaga has written all of her songs and the melodies, harmonies etc and transposing as I said. Both gaga and madonna obviously let the dj’s do their work on their albums as well, go’s without saying which is what is written in the album notes. Gaga is a master pianist, clearly you haven’t bothered to learn anything about her but you’re quite happy to pretend, she’s been playing the piano since she was 4. I’m not an idiot for saying she renditioned marilyn monroe, cher and Bettie Page because that’s exactly what her creative team were doing, which is fine. Bettie page invented the bullet bra, she was born in 1923 and became a pin-up model and designer, she died in 2008. Yes, madonna purposefully rendition marilyn monroe for most of her highlighted career but as I said I don’t have a problem with that, I like it. My point is, please don’t make such harsh judgements about someone who has worked really hard and please don’t make stuff up about your idol just to try to make the other person look bad, and don’t try to patronize me I know a lot about madonna and her music career and the people she worked with and also a lot about her production team, including christopher her brother because my mum used to like madonna. And yes their has been similarities that madonna has had to Cher, again please do your research before you tell someone to “get a clue already”.

            Gaga has written hundreds and hundreds of songs and many of them are great, I believe she will be a remembered icon as well.

            Here are some gaga performances:

            I’m sure you’re a really lovely person off the internet :)

          • Retrodude

            Apparently you haven’t done enough research. Madonna is just as much of a musician as Gaga. ONCE AGAIN- Madonna WAS IN A POST-PUNK BAND before she got famous. She has written or co-written countless songs over the years. Just last year, Madonna was nominated for the Les Paul Horizon award for her GUITAR PLAYING. If that’s not a MUSICIAN, then I am the Queen of England.

            Madonna never had a CREATIVE TEAM, dear. You are hopelessly ignorant on her. Madonna was no studio creation ala Gaga, who had a Haus of Madge doing things FOR HER. She did it HERSELF. As for Cher- what are these similarities? Besides costume changes, THERE IS NOT ONE OUNCE OF SIMILARITY BETWEEN THE TWO. As for Madonna’s entire career copying Marilyn and Bettie Page- um, NO. Marilyn and Bettie were not pop stars, nor did Madonna ever say she invented the cone bra. She simply made it ICONIC.

            As for Gaga’s, um, songwriting- it sucks. How hard is it to write “Gaga, ooh lala” or “I’m drunk in a club and can’t find my phone”? Most of her songs are utter garbage, minus a few good, solid tunes here and there. Lady Gaga is the most horribly overhyped and overrated “artist” in history. Not ONE groundbreaking thing about her- and her piano playing is far from masterful. Tori Amos she is NOT.

            AND PLEASE TELL US THIS- how in the hell have you “seen” Madonna in the studio? For one, Madonna is famous for being totally in control in the studio, and second, she has never allowed access to her recording process.

          • MK

            One person is making sensible argument here, and its YOU,… Thanks for that.

          • *

            ” And I will argue, to counter that statement, that Lady Gaga might be
            more musically inclined than Madonna (she certainly has a broader vocal
            range and plays a wide range of instruments; she is also a highly
            skilled pianist) ”

            Her instrument playing is basic at best and Madonna’s range of songs is by FAR superior to anything “Lady Gaga” has done.

            ” That is not being unoriginal; combining influences from so many sources
            (something you pointed out, not just me) is the very definition of

            Except there is nothing original about her work.

          • Retrodude

            We all get that artists borrow from previous ones. But Lady Gaga has been championed from the beginning as SO original and talented- yet she’s just re-hashing Madonna’s entire career at this point. We’ve seen it ALL before. That’s our point. Sexy videos? CHECK. Purple leotards and gold bustiers? CHECK. Shocking sexual/religious imagery? CHECK. Catholic controversy? CHECK. Gay rights? CHECK. See, when Madonna addressed these issues back in the conservative 80’s, when NOBODY else was doing so- it WAS truly shocking and brave. Today, it’s just jumping on the bandwagon and following trends. Yawn.

          • Crikey

            And then her stupid fans say she is doing everything no one has done before.

            It’s just so WEIRD. These people are WEIRD.


          • Retrodude

            It’s all I’ve heard since 2009! “Gaga changed the game!” “Gaga revolutionized pop music!” “She brought theatricality back to pop music!” Um, WHAT! No dears- that would be Madge.

          • .

            That would be TONS of people. She’s done nothing new. her fans must be the most stupi, uncultured folk there are.

            WHO know everything about culture.


          • .

            I mean, HOW on earth does it happen that people are SO BLOODY UNCULTURED and TALK as if they are all wordly and knowledgable when it comes to things they clearly do not understand ? It’s just, …

        • Retrodude

          So true. Lady Gaga is but a small part of Madonna’s massive cultural impact.

        • J

          I don’t think you’re qualified to determine who and isn’t smart.

          • High IQ

            And you are ?

        • Kiri Morgana

          I appreciate your passion but you clearly aren’t that familiar with gaga, saying she’s not smart etc, straight A’s in school and being a master pianist say otherwise. I appreciate Madonna’s work she did to be famous but please don’t hate on other performers out of jealousy or whatever it is, it’s just nasty and immature. Sorry.

      • JoanCrawford1

        FYI her tours are not sold out. Cher has made more money this year on her tour than Gaga and Cher is 68…

        • nothingtolose

          Let me know when Cher sells out a stadium.

          • Retrodude

            She has many times.

          • nothingtolose

            Outdoor 50,000 plus seats? Don’t think so

          • Retrodude

            You never said an outside stadium seating over 50,000 people. But Cher has played to countless sold-out shows over the years.

          • 21stcenturydude

            Cher and Madonna are both irrelevant to the 21st Century and more importantly Gaga’s career. Sorry.

          • Retrodude

            Madonna, irrelevant? Sorry, but she’s more relevant now than ever. Virtually every pop star out there today is following Madge’s blueprint- especially Gaga. When you are “irrelevant”, then nobody cares about you anymore. Which means your albums don’t debut at #1 anymore- (every M album since RAY OF LIGHT has debuted at #1, dear.) You don’t become the biggest selling singles act of the 2000’s when you are “irrelevant”. You don’t sell over 30 million albums in the 2000’s, and score more top ten hits than Elvis and the Beatles when you are “irrelevant”. And you CERTAINLY don’t have the top grossing tour of the year- like Madge did in 2012. Over 3 MILLION people around the world saw MDNA, and over 114 million tuned in to see her on the Super Bowl, more than the actual game itself. When you are “irrelevant”, you don’t become one of facebook’s 10 Most Talked About public figures of 2013. Madonna is EVERYTHING to Gaga’s career, as Gaga is simply re-hashing every single thing Madge did years ago. Delusional to the end.

          • Parking Lot

            Maybe she should do some Groupon BOGOF deals

        • Ashley Taylor

          But, at the end of the day, who is Cher? Its 2014, nobody knows who she is anymore. Her alleged sold out shows are most likely full of old coots that don’t know what instagram is.

          • ICYNDICEY

            And Cher would look at you and say…Waiter, bring me another fork!

          • Retrodude

            Cher is a fucking LIVING LEGEND, dear. Something Lady Gaga will never be. So in 20 years, nobody will remember Gaga either then?

          • *

            Everyone and their poodle knows what instagram is.

        • Ty Trevino

          What does her age have to do with anything?

      • arnaud

        Gaga does NOT do it better.

      • MediaSELLS

        Her current tour is definitely not selling out. You can see as much in the recent videos being posted by fans, all the the empty seats…at first I thought it was just a sound check. As for the awards, yeah anybody who occupies the top of the charts will receive those rewards – it’s completely systematic. They’re not exactly going to offer them to unknowns and there’s only so many women in the music business. As for talent – She can sing…but more often she opts to just shout her lyrics at people and downplays her abilities. It makes no sense why she’s abandoned nuance. She definitely can not play the piano though (that much I can professionally attest to) unless approaching it with her brick-mittens is suddenly the standard, she’s no Tori Amos that’s for sure. Take away her publicity team and budget and she’s just like every other singer out there honestly. My takeaway is she does have talent but she doesn’t cultivate it – Tony Bennett will sing a duet with ANYBODY who calls him, he’s become so irrelevant that this partnership is clearly made of angles. It also doesn’t help that they’re singing torch songs and musical theater – it’s certainly not Jazz by any stretch. Had Lady Gaga teamed up with Herbie Hancock or covering Dorothy Donegan… perhaps we’d be having a more interesting conversation. But she banks on her demographics’ lack of art history so heavily and easily – that way, everything she does seems new and original when it’s been done countless times before. You want unique & talented? We already have Bjork. You want quintessential pop? There’s Katy Perry. A better dancer? Madonna. A better singer? Beyonce… – Lady Gaga is just a clothes horse at the end of the day hoping that it’s enough to distract from her lack of content.

        • thekunstisme

          she cannot play the piano you say? ha ha ha. youtube search “gaga ragtime” your credibility is shattered.

          • Retrodude

            BASIC piano.

          • WTF Dude


            Are you for real ?

        • thekunstisme

          and tony bennet has more than 20 grammys more than madonna.

          • Retrodude

            Your point?

          • No Kunst –>

            The guys who sang “Who Let The Dogs Out” also won that prestigious award.

            You’re really in the know, aren’t you.

          • Retrodude

            How shallow. Many legends have never won a single Grammy- Diana Ross, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, and The Doors never one a Grammy.

          • No Kunst –>

            Why is your twitter full of junk ?

          • SPEECHFREEDOM1976

            he is 20 x older than Madonna

      • Retrodude

        The girl has a million achievements to rave about but here are some of the biggest:

        According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Madonna is the most successful female recording artist of all time.

        According to Warner Bros. Records, Madonna has sold over 250 million records (75 million singles and 175 million albums), more than any other female recording artist.

        Madonna has 12 No. 1 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles Chart, the same number as Diana Ross and The Supremes and behind only Mariah Carey’s 16 among female artists.

        Madonna has 6 No. 2 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles Chart, the most for a female artist, tying her with Elvis Presley for the record.

        Madonna has the most Top 5 singles by a female artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (27).
        Madonna has the most Top 10 singles by a female artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (35).
        Madonna has the most Top 20 singles by a female artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (42).
        Madonna has the most Top 30 singles by a female artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (44).
        Madonna has the most Top 40 singles by a female artist on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart (47).

        Madonna has the most certified (RIAA) singles by a female artist with 24 Gold, Platinum, or Multi-Platinum singles.

        Madonna has sold an estimated 26 million singles in the US, the most by a female artist.

        Madonna has 5 No. 1 albums on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart, the same amount as Janet Jackson and behind only Barbara Streisand’s 8 among female artists.

        Madonna has 5 No. 2 albums on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart, behind only The Beatles’ 6 and Frank Sinatra’s 7.

        Madonna has 15 Top 10 albums on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart, behind only Barbara Streisand’s 26 among female artists.

        Every album Madonna has released has gone Top 10 in the US except for her two remix albums, You Can Dance and Remixed & Revisited.

        In the US, Madonna, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Shania Twain, and the Dixie Chicks are the only female artists with multiple Diamond (shipped over 10 million copies) albums.

        Madonna has sold a certified (RIAA) 66 million albums in the US, behind only Barbara Streisand’s 72 million among female artists.

        Madonna is the most successful dance artist in music history; she has 45 #1 singles on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Club Play Singles Chart, more than twice the number of her nearest rival Janet Jackson. Madonna also has 25 #1 singles on Billboard’s Hot Dance Single Sales Chart, more than three times the number of her nearest rivals Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, and Notorious B.I.G.

        Madonna has 10 No. 1 singles on the UK singles chart, more than any other female artist.
        Madonna has 12 No. 2 singles on the UK singles chart, more than any other artist ever.
        Madonna has 42 Top 5 singles on the UK singles chart, more than any other artist ever.
        Madonna has 55 Top 10 singles on the UK singles chart, more than any other female artist.
        Madonna has 60 Top 20 singles on the UK singles chart, more than any other female artist.
        Madonna has 60 Top 40 singles on the UK singles chart, more than any other female artist.
        Madonna has spent a total of 21 weeks at #1 on the UK singles chart, more than any other female artist.

        From “Like A Virgin” in 1984 to “Secret” in 1994, Madonna had an all-time record 34 consecutive Top 10 hits on the UK singles chart.

        Every single Madonna has released in the UK has gone Top 20, and all but five of them have gone Top 10.

        Madonna has sold over 14.6 million singles in the UK, more than any other female artist.
        Madonna has 8 No. 1 albums on the UK albums chart, more than any other female artist.
        Madonna has 4 No. 2 albums on the UK albums chart, more than any other female artist.
        Madonna has 15 Top 5 albums on the UK albums chart, more than any other female artist.
        Madonna has 16 Top 10 albums on the UK albums chart, more than any other female artist.

        From the Evita Soundtrack in 1996 to Music in 2000 Madonna had 3 consecutive #1 albums on the UK albums chart, an all time record for a female artist.

        Every album Madonna has released has gone Top 10 in the UK and her self-titled debut is the only one to miss the Top 5. (Her 2003 EP Remixed & Revisited was not allowed to appear on the UK album chart as it was too short to qualify as an album.)

        In the UK, Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection is the highest selling album ever by a female artist at 12x Platinum for shipments of over 3.6 million copies. Overall it is the 7th highest selling album ever in the UK.

        In the UK, Madonna and Kylie Minogue are the only artists ever to have a No. 1 album and No. 1 single in three different decades.

        Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection is the highest selling greatest hits album ever by a female artist with estimated worldwide sales of over 23 million copies.

        Madonna has had more music videos played more often on MTV than any other artist.

        Madonna was voted by MTV viewers as the greatest music video icon ever on the network’s 25 Greatest Video Stars.

        Madonna was named the sexiest recording artist ever on VH1’s 100 Sexiest Artists.

        In 1986, Madonna received the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Video Music Awards honoring her for outstanding achievements in the realm of music video.

        Madonna is the most successful act in the history of MTV’s Video Music Awards with an all time record 67 VMA nominations and 19 VMA wins.
        In 2004 Madonna became one of the five founding members of the UK Music Hall of Fame, joining Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Bob Marley, and U2 as automatic inductees.

        Maverick Records is the most successful “vanity label” in music history. While under Madonna’s control it generated well over $1 billion for Warner Bros. Records, more money than any other recording artist’s record label.

        Madonna is the richest female singer in the world with an estimated net worth of over $850 million.

        Madonna has commercially released 53 singles in the U.S. While her first two releases, 1982’s “Everybody” and 1983’s “Burning Up,” failed to break onto The Billboard Hot 100, every commercially released single through 2004’s “American Life” charted. Her lowest peaking entry is “Nothing Really Matters” which stalled at No. 93, while her most successful chart title is “Take A Bow,” which spent seven weeks at No. 1. Only five of her commercially released singles failed to reach The Billboard Hot 100: “Everybody” and “Burning Up,” along with two singles from 2003: “Hollywood” and “Nothing Fails” and “Love Profusion” (2004).

        2002’s “Die Another Day” was her 35th single to hit the top ten on The Billboard Hot 100. Only Elvis Presley has more top ten entries, with 38.
        2003’s “Me Against The Music” (with Britney Spears) was her 46th top 40 hit on The Billboard Hot 100. She has the most top 40 hits of any female artist, and is tied with Stevie Wonder for fourth place among all artists with the most top 40 singles on The Billboard Hot 100.

        In 2000, “Music” became her 12th No. 1 on The Billboard Hot 100. That total ties her with The Supremes tally of chart-toppers. Only Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, The Beatles, and Elvis Presley have more.

        Madonna has placed a single in the top 40 of The Billboard Hot 100 every year since 1983 (save for 1988, when she had no releases whatsoever).

        According to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Madonna has 24 gold singles (500,000 units shipped) to her credit, the most for any female artist. She now ties The Beatles for second place behind Elvis Presley among artists with the most gold singles.

        From Borderline in 1984 – Cherish in 1989 Madonna achieved 17 consecutive top 10 singles.

        From Lucky Star in 1984 – Cherish in 1989 Madonna achieved 16 top 5 singles.
        Madonna has never since had such a streak as impressive as this. Although from Keep It Together in 1990 – Deeper And Deeper in 1993 Madonna achieved 8 consecutive top 10 singles.

        From Holiday in 1983 -Take A Bow in 1995 Madonna achieved 32 consecutive top 40 singles.

        Madonna’s second longest top 40 streak: Madonna also achieved 7 consecutive top 40 singles from Beautiful Stranger in 1999 – American Life in 2003.

        From Borderline in 1984 -Cherish in 1989 Madonna achieved 17 consecutive top 10 singles.

        From Lucky Star in 1984 – Cherish in 1989 Madonna achieved 16 top 5 singles.
        Madonna has never since had such a streak as impressive as this. Although from Keep It Together in 1990- Deeper And Deeper in 1993 Madonna achieved 8 consecutive top 10 singles.

        From Holiday in 1983 -Take A Bow in 1995 Madonna achieved 32 consecutive top 40 singles.

        Madonna’s second longest top 40 streak: Madonna also achieved 7 consecutive top 40 singles from Beautiful Stranger in 1999 – American Life in 2003.

        Madonna ended the 2000’s as the BIGGEST SELLING SINGLES ARTIST OF THE DECADE. She also sold over 40 million albums in the 2000’s, and scored 5 Top Ten Billboard hits in that decade as well.

        Madonna was the highest earning musician of 2013, easily beating Lady Gaga.

        Madonna’s Super Bowl show became the most watched tv event at the time, drawing in an astonishing 114 million viewers, more than the actual game itself. Her performance became the most tweeted about musical event of all time on Twitter.

        Madonna has TWO tours in the top ten highest grossing tours of all time, her Sticky and Sweet tour, and MDNA, which beat Lady Gaga in 2012 by becoming the highest grossing tour of 2012.

        Madonna is now considered the GOLD STANDARD of touring, and is the single most successful female SOLO touring act of all time.


        • *

          “In the UK, Madonna’s The Immaculate Collection is the highest selling
          album ever by a female artist at 12x Platinum for shipments of over 3.6
          million copies.”

          That’s no longer true The highest selling album by a female in the UK is now “21” by Adele (16x platinum).

          • *

            Well, just throw one of Madonna’s other albums to the mix.

          • Retrodude

            Yes, that is correct.

        • thekunstisme

          of course she sold that well. she came from an archaic time. don’t you get it, music sales have generally dropped.


          who even knows what a commodore 64 computer is today? PC sales have dipped and mobile phone sales have gone up. you cannot compare madonna’s sales to gaga. the internet age only took off rapidly in the 2000’s. Madonna herself can’t sell as well as Gaga in this period. LOL.

          • whut?

            You should know all about old though, seeing that you are all about old ?

            And Madonna’s last album is selling more than “Art”(lol) “Pop”(regurgitate)

            Um hello ?

      • Retrodude

        Do you dim fucks live in a cave? NO, her new shows are NOT all sold-out. Her BTW Ball didn’t sell out either- the NOrth and South American legs of that tour were a dismal failure, only selling around 9,000 tickets PER VENUE. She played a PARKING LOT in South America, and used Madonna’s MDNA stage! She’s now in the company of Ciara and Paula Abdul, dear. She had a good run, but nobody seems to care anymore. Poor thing…

        • thekunstisme

          i love how your so called 60 year old legend is being compared to a 20 year old relatively newcomer. ha ha ha ha. see when it comes to gaga and comparisons…say with her contemporaries, we all know there’s no comparison. the collective literature over the past 5 years has called gaga the queen of pop (forbes, rolling stones, billboard etc.)

          madonna is now the granny of pop. even michael jackson (the real king of pop) hated her. amazing how a bloody fairground stripper can even pass of as a legend when you give her 60 years and a bunch of 40 year old homosexuals.

          • Retrodude

            It’s Lady Gaga who’s constantly compared to Madonna, dear. Madonna is already an established icon and legend. The Madonna comparisons started the minute Gaga put on the purple leotards Madge wore in her Confessions era.

            Many newbies are called the “new” Queen of Pop, baby. But NONE of them surpass Madonna. Here’s what Rolling Stone magazine had to say about the whole “Queen of Pop” nonsense.


            Last week we did some serious number crunching and created the Rolling Stone Queen Of Pop Index – a ranking of the current top 16 female pop recording artists. To be as up-to-date as possible, we only examined data from the last two years – which excluded all artists that hadn’t work in that time period. Needless to say, this pissed off some fan communities. Madonna fans were particularly enraged, even though her last album was released in early 2008 and she’s been off the road since the summer of 2009.
            With all the fan feedback, we decided to poll our readers so they could name their own queen of pop. Here are the results:

            1. Madonna
            To say that Madonna won this poll in a landslide would be like saying that she was a kind of popular pop singer in the 1980s. It wouldn’t even begin to explain the scope of the situation. She received five times as many votes as Lady Gaga, who landed in second place by a very comfortable margin. The only persistent criticism that Gaga has dealt with in recent years is that she’s too much like Madonna. It’s a hard shadow to escape. Madonna is a musical icon without peer. Her run of hits over the past 30 years is simply astounding, and when she hits the road, tickets sell like it’s a Led Zeppelin reunion tour.
            Sure, her last few albums didn’t match up to the classics. Nobody cares. She’s Madonna. Lady Gaga has accomplished more in recent years than any artist of her era, but she’s still got a long climb until she reaches Madonna level. It’s very likely that no other artist will ever reach it though. Her manager Guy Oseary recently tweeted that she’s started recording her 12th studio album, so clearly she has no intention of slowing down anytime soon.

          • Retrodude


            Madonna still ranks ‘Queen of Pop’ in Billboard’s mid-year poll

            If there are any doubts that Madonna is still the Queen of Pop,Billboard Magazine just put those to rest yesterday. The singer who is currently on her record-breaking MDNA Tour, was declared the winner of the First-Half MVP prize, beating out upstart boy band One Direction.

            Madonna’s Super Bowl performance, which was the most watchedperformance by a musical artist in the history of broadcasting, was voted the biggest performance of the year. She narrowly beat out Adele, who is causing controversy for glamorizing an unwedpregnancy.

            Lionel Richie won the Best Comeback category and Bruce Springsteen won the Best Tour category. If anything, this poll proves that in 2012, audiences turned to veteran stars for entertainment. But Madonna leads the pack for old and new stars.

          • Retrodude

            Let’s DO compare Madonna to Gaga, though- even though Madonna is from a different era.

            ALBUM SALES- From 2000 on, Madonna sold over 14 million copies of her 2000 album MUSIC. AMERICAN LIFE in 2003 has surpassed the 5 million mark. CONFESSIONS ON A DANCE FLOOR from 2005 has sold over 12 million copies worldwide. HARD CANDY from 2008 has sold over 5 million copies. MDNA has sold over 2 million copies.
            Lady Gaga’s THE FAME has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. THE FAME MONSTER has sold over 5 million copies. BORN THIS WAY has sold over 6 million copies worldwide, and ARTPOP has sold just over 2 million copies.

            In just album sales ALONE, Madonna, a veteran artist who’s been in the business FOR OVER 30 YEARS, easily holds her own with Lady Gaga today. And this is just album sales. In singles, Madonna was the biggest selling singles artist of the 2000’s, and her 2005 smash “Hung Up” made the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS for topping the charts in over 45 countries worldwide.

            As for TELEVISION RATINGS- every time Madonna appears on ANY show, you can count on at least an extra million viewers, and that’s just what happened in 2012 and 2013. Her appearances on Graham Norton in 2012 gave him his highest rated show ever, with over ONE MILLION extra people tuning in to see Madge. Gaga’s appearance on the same show did no such thing. Madonna also drew in an extra million viewers for her appearances on Anderson Cooper, Rock Center, and Ellen, and her Super Bowl show drew in over 114 million people, setting a record at the time- for the most tweeted about musical event in the history of twitter, and for more people tuning in to see M than the actual game itself. Those tv appearances easily shattered Gaga’s tv appearances.

            TOURS- Madonna is the GOLD STANDARD of tours, the single most successful solo touring act of all time. Her last two tours, from 2008 and 2012, are in the Top Ten biggest tours of all time, and her last, the MDNA tour, easily became the top grossing tour of the year, beating Lady Gaga in the process. Gaga came in at #5 or 6 or something. Once again, MORE people tune in to see Madonna, who even has higher tickets. That means MORE people would rather see Madonna and pay MORE money to do so. So that “bloody fairground stripper” is doing damn well with herself, and who gives a rip about Elton John, who hasn’t had a real hit since his last 3 “Candle In the Wind” ripoffs.

          • ha ha

            Imagine being 19 and listening to stuff the generic 50 year olds of the 80’s loved.

            That’s you. lol

          • Retrodude

            It would be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

          • generic ART
      • *

        Madonna and Cher have done it better

      • Kelly4067

        This is probably Lady GaGa. I hear she goes around posing as fans to defend herself. That’s how self-absorbed she is. She’s hardly played on the radio & her concerts are getting bad reviews in EVERY venue. I’d say she’s done, or rather the public is DONE with her!!

    • Derek

      Say what you want about her antics, her appearance, her performances but it really annoys me when people say she doesn’t have talent. Lady Gaga is very talented and has an amazing voice and is a very accomplished pianist. Take a listen to many of her acoustic versions of her songs and any of her Jazz work. If you don’t hear/see talent in those performances, you must be tone-deaf.

      • Retrodude

        She is the most overrated artist in history. She does absolutely NOTHING for me. Bring on the next Madonna wannabe. Next!

        • Derek

          Of course, because she does nothing for YOU she MUST be terrible, right? Opinions about music, along with everything, are subjective. Move along.

          • Retrodude

            Not at all. That is MY personal opinion. However, many have jumped ship on Gaga over the past few years. I had friends and family members who were hardcore monsters that now seem rather embarrassed about the being such a huge fan. Virtually every review I’ve read on ARTPOP and ARTRAVE said Gaga is not what she was a few years ago. And it’s not opinion that both her album and ticket sales have diminished since the days of “The Fame”.

  • trizzle

    I don’t know why everyone is acting so surprised by this Tony Bennett collab. It technically already happened once in 2011:

    • nothingtolose

      clearly no appreciable talent there. Just kidding.

    • JoanCrawford1

      Yup and no one cared now, why would anyone care now…the album will flop and then Gaga will try to become relevant again by giving birth to a horse.

      • Ty Trevino

        If you hate Gaga so much why have you commented on every post here about her? Get a life..

    • arnaud
  • nothingtolose

    This article is stupid. Billboard Boxscore listed the first 14 US shows as sell-outs and people have set up Tumblr accounts to prove this show isn’t the failure that some in the media have erroneously reported In fact, most “articles” such as these simply repeat what other articles say. I know journalism doesn’t really pay much anymore but really, do proper research. If tickets are available in all price ranges for Denver, HOW MANY IN TOTAL ARE STILL AVAILABLE COMPARED TO THOSE ALREADY SOLD? Take a look at the Ticketmaster interactive map for Vegas for this weekend. Tickets in all price ranges are available but the majority of the venue is sold with the bulk of the remaining tickets selling this week.

    Sure she’s taking longer to sell tickets but ultimately these shows fill up by showtime. Judging by the user reviews on Ticketmaster, people LOVE the show. And that’s off the back of a so-called “flop” album. Miley Cyrus is selling worse and she’s supposed to be riding her peak. Even Billboard has reported Katy Perry shows that haven’t sold out completely. And let’s not forget that while Gaga may not be the “it girl” she once was, she’s still a force to be reckoned with on a live stage. Clearly Live Nation thinks so as they recently signed her to a new deal.

    • JoanCrawford1

      Yea my friend got a free ticket to one of her shows by standing outside..they were giving them away to fill up the arena….so if that is a “Sold out” tour than Gaga is the real loser here.

      • nothingtolose

        This can’t be true because you couldn’t possibly have any friends. Wait a minute, poisonous gays do tend to have the odd friend or two. So you’re friends with a gaga fan. Wow. Show us the ticket stub

      • Plat

        Oh please. They don’t just give away tickets to fill up a stadium. What a load of horse shit.

    • Retrodude

      Gee, I have read COUNTLESS negative reviews of this tour. Hmm.

      • nothingtolose

        I’d say they’ve been mixed as the artraveaudience tumblr posts plenty of good ones. What have been consistently positive are the ticket buyer reviews on ticketmaster. Madonna has a three out of five there – mostly due to her last tour getting slammed for lateness and the setlist. Gaga has almost five stars.

        • Retrodude

          Madonna’s latest tour was the top grossing tour of 2012, beating Lady Gaga, dear. It also was a top selling DVD and blu-ray, and is one of the top ten tours OF ALL TIME. The MDNA tour was also highly praised for its artistic brilliance.

  • Mr.

    SHE HAS NO TALENT. That is why the people with talent left her, because she thought it was all about her. And when they sued her, they won, and they documents were sealed. That is a fact. Akon said he “cashed out” when it was hot, that was years ago. So when all her “no” people left her and she was left to do it on her own, she flopped. Awards? What’s that you say? VMA’s COMPLETELY overlooked her this year, because what she offered was all her, no talent, no beauty, just a hook nose and a face built for radio. All you have to do is go to ticket master and click a date, any date, and you will see lots and lots and lots of tickets left. Billboard said “sold out” cause that is what they are paid to do. Seek the truth, you will find it. She called it herself, Gaga is over. Great truth telling article by the way.

    • jaberwoky

      When you start your one-eyed diatribe hatred with SHE HAS NO TALENT you portray yourself for the complete ignorant jerk that you are.

      • JoanCrawford1

        Oh God not you again…go back to your cave loser.

        • dietrich

          Ah Joan, we can always count on you for a bowel full of vitriol whenever any site runs a Gaga article. You’re more obsessed with Gaga than any Little Monster I know.

          • ICYNDICEY

            Well you must be obsessed with Joan if you know this,

          • Dex

            It has nothing to do with obsession. It has everything to do with coming to an article about a pop star who isn’t Madonna and seeing Crawford spewing her word vomit as usual.

        • ICYNDICEY


    • nothingtolose

      The photos don’t lie. Those arenas have been full.

      • JoanCrawford1

        truth hurts!

        • nothingtolose

          Blind too.

        • dietrich

          You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the a$$

    • JoanCrawford1

      THANK YOU! love this



  • jaberwoky

    Canadian, European and World shows been selling way better than her US dates: European and Aussie dates sold out and extra dates added (London x 3, Glasgow x 2). Is it because Americans prefer junk food to the real deal, i.e. pap like Katy Parry/ Miley Cyprus etc?

    • nothingtolose

      Gaga HAS been selling out. Most recently two nights at Staples and Vegas. Miley Cyrus has played to far more empty seats on her tour. Gaga is only 28. Her latest album contained some of her best songs (and worst). She’ll be back full force musically. She’s got Live Nation and Interscope behind her. And anyway, the lists are boring. Her hearfelt and soaring artRAVE debut of Dope in Phoenix the other night is the reason she’s not going anywhere. Gaga will always exist. As Tony Bennett says, she’ll be around forever.

      • JoanCrawford1

        Keep telling yourself that. Gaga ail be a fun memory in a few years.

    • JoanCrawford1

      Proof? This is so not true. Her popularity has dropped every more so overseas.

      • nothingtolose

        Next up, stadiums in Japan! I’m sure most bands wish they were dropping so fast.

      • Truth

        Nope, she sold out in minutes for many of her Europe dates. ;)

  • nothingtolose

    There’s no need to hate. But let’s be clear about something. The world of pop and entertainment wouldn’t be the same if Lady Gaga had never existed. That’s why they hate her and also why they love her.

    • JoanCrawford1

      The pop world would be a better place without Gaga.

      • jaberwoky

        shit article by 3rd rate hack

      • nothingtolose

        She changed the landscape. Admit it or not. Her mark is indelible.

        • arnaud

          She actually set the standart very high in term of Fraud, cheating and fan manipulmation. That is why she is the worst thing that happens to pop music.

        • Retrodude

          She changed NOTHING in pop. Sorry, but she didn’t. There is not ONE original thing Lady Gaga has done in music or art- it’s all been done before. She didn’t invent EDM, she didn’t make it popular. She wasn’t the first to wear a meat dress or come out of an egg. She wasn’t the first to be shocking and edgy, or the first to support gay rights. What exactly IS her mark? This I cannot wait to hear…..

          • nothingtolose

            Art is mostly unoriginal. That’s why they’re called “artistic influences”. When I say she changed the landscape I mean that she came along at a particularly dull time in music and shook pop culture with her outrageousness. Sure people have been outrageous before but it was the moment in which she did it. That’s why her career exploded. As Kylie said, “Gaga came along and it was like someone dropped a bomb. We all had to step up our game”. Think about Beyoncé before and after Gaga. Their collaboration in Telephone pushed her style into a new sphere. I think everyone’s open mouthed wonder at the MTV awards performance of Paparazzi perfectly demonstrates how she changed the game at that moment in time. She brought back the “music video as event” at a time when people like Madonna were making very boring videos.

          • Retrodude

            Um, No. She didn’t “change the game”- the game had already been changed before, by the likes of Bowie, Grace Jones, Madge, Marilyn Manson, etc. It happens every few years- nothing new. You say “people like Madonna were making very boring videos”- Madge couldn’t be BORING if she tried. And all Gaga did was re-hash Madonna’s entire video catalog from the late 80’s to early 90’s. Ooh, so edgy…..

          • nothingtolose

            Really? I don’t recall Madonna videos being remotely similar to Paparazzi, Bad Romance, You and I, Marry The Night, GUY, Judas, Applause, Poker Face etc. Alejandro has elements. I’ll give you that one. Madonna not boring? Have you watched Give it 2 Me lately? Love profusion? Jump? Sorry? American Life the flag version? 4 Minutes? Miles Away? F**kg boring. Especially as she can make something with a sky is the limit budget. None of those videos even had a clever concept.

          • Guest

            All those videos of your fave are awful. Overblown kitsch with bad acting.

          • Guest

            Her work is very middle of the road and unartistic, so she didn’t change any game and no one had to step up their game because they did it better than her.

          • nothingtolose

            And in reply I’d say Madonna didn’t do anything original either. Bowie had been stealing ideas and changing personas long before Madonna came along. Madonna has had deserved success, but she too has a vast footprint of unoriginality. But that’s ok. That’s why people study art history. “There’s nothing new under the sun”.

          • lol

            And someone like you would know who thinks lady gaga “changed the landscape”.

        • lol

          Uh, what are you on ?

          She changed nothing. You people must live in some mountain village to say something so stupid.

          What the fuck, dude

      • Truth hurts

        Katy perry and Miley Cyrus wouldn’t exist without gaga also I was never a big gaga fan but when I saw her in concert with a friends ARTRAVE I fell in love with her personality and talent she is a singer an actress she can sing pop and jazz and play piano and the guitar and has been a huge influence to the music industry look at what celebrities wear on the red carpet without gaga no one would have the courage to do that oh and when I went to her concert people never gave away tickets a man came up to me and begged me to sell him his ticket cause they sold out and he wanted to go soo um yes FLOP sureeeeee even if she does fade she will always be remembered as the woman who changed music and fashion


          LMAAAAAAAAAO ok. Katy and gaga came out at the same time

        • ICYNDICEY

          Excuse me! Katy Perry was famous before this hack, jackoff!

        • ANONYMOUS


        • Retrodude

          LMAO! Um, Katy Perry, Miley, and Lady Gaga wouldn’t exist WITHOUT MADONNA, who paved the way, dear. And in a much more conservative time period, when it was actually shocking and edgy. Today, it’s the norm.

          Madonna sings pop, jazz, folk, showtunes, EDM, rock, disco, and is a MUCH bigger influence on music and fashion. Gaga is part of Madonna’s massive influence. And you are an idiot with no knowledge of pop culture whatsoever.

          • X

            “LMAO! Um, Katy Perry, Miley, and Lady Gaga wouldn’t exist WITHOUT MADONNA, who paved the way, dear.”

            And Madonna wouldn’t exist without Streisand, Donna Summer, Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Nancy Sinatra, Diana Ross, Cher, etc. And even if Madonna didn’t have a career, someone else would have inspired those artists (Janet, Whitney, Mariah..), although I would prefer a world where Miley and Katy didn’t exist.

          • Guest

            It’s really awkward how they seem to have NO frame of references

            And they don’t even bat an eyelid

        • WHAT THE HECK

          ” and has been a huge influence to the music industry look at what
          celebrities wear on the red carpet without gaga no one would have the
          courage to do that ”

          people have been doing that for DECADES

          where do you people come from it’s STRANGE your total uncluedupness

          ” she will always be remembered as the woman who changed music and fashion ”

          mindboggling how people can be so uncultured
          absolutely mindboggling

      • Andrea K Haid

        Everyone knows that the haters who comment nonstop are actually the biggest fans. (Lookin’ at you JoanCrawford1)

        • lol

          Monster logic

      • Ashley Taylor

        Apparently, you don’t like Lady Gaga. Why did you feel the need to comment 12 times? xD Get out of here

        • ICYNDICEY

          Aww are you mad that your idol is going bye bye? Loser!

      • nothingtolose

        And gaga articles would be a better place without you. Go find something you love and write endless comments on that instead.

    • Retrodude

      You’re an idiot. The world of pop and entertainment wouldn’t be the same without MADONNA, dear. Lady Gaga is nothing more than a product of Madonna’s massive cultural impact.

    • lol

      Were you born under a rock ?
      That’s just crazy

    • lol

      You people come across as if you think everything old is new, and you really believe that

      It’s like you must be so far away from culture, it’s almost comedic

  • JoanCrawford1

    Great article. Gaga is just one big yawn to everyone now.

    • nothingtolose

      And that yawn is taking you to gaga articles DAILY since Billboard had to shut down their comments sections thanks to people like you.

      • lol

        Why would they shut the commentsection down for people having different opinions and tastes ? That is idiotic

    • Death to Madonna Fans! Allah A


  • nothingtolose
    • JoanCrawford1

      It’s so clear. Poor little monsters are trying to hang onto anything at this point.. LOL poor things.

      • Baroness Xerox

        Yall can touch and eat my wet p u $ $ y ok? #BaronessXeroxLovesYa *.*

      • Angelique V

        Still at it I see Joan? Some things never change. Well i’m no little monster here. And you dont have to be to know when someone can sing and someone cant. I can hold a tune and LOVE music.. 80’s music is where it’s at. But I could never be a famous singer like some artists. None of these new pop stars are great like old school stuff. Can you sing? I doubt it. But artists like Madonna, Briney, AND gaga are awesome. Miley can go stick her tongue up someones bum hole for all i care she has no talent. But to assume we are all little monsters on here is just STOOPID. Are you the door monitor? Do you check everyone that leaves comments? Because it’s TOTALLY clear what you are Joan and please don’t make me say it in front of everyone. Get over your obsession for someone you say you cant stand go get a life and scram. And please don’t make me remind you of what happened the last time you tried to out talk me. I got the last word in and you crawled in your effing little cubby hole with the sewer rats…

        • gtfo

          ” I got the last word in and you crawled in your effing little cubby hole with the sewer rats… ”

          lol. I bet JoanCrawford1 laughed


    She is so FAKE and the world has finally awakened and realized this, that’s why she isn’t selling out shows or doing as well. Finally people are seeing through the bullshit. LONG LIVE THE ONE AND ONLY QUEEN, MADONNA.


      Thank You Thank You!


    If anyone will ever get close to Madonna’s throne (and I doubt this will EVER happen realistically) it’s Katy Perry, not Gaga.


      Thank You!

    • Guest

      Can’t come close because their work is largely uncomparable.

  • Reece Leonard

    This is the second article that has used this nonsense reference to StubHub, a site based on re-selling tickets that in no way is indicative of how well a tour is selling commercially. Her tour is selling at 100% capacity and has made more money Katy Perry’s tour with a smaller amount of venues. Not only that, but the entire European leg of her tour sold out in five minutes. This entire article is based on misinformation and is entirely false.

  • Sam

    People saying gaga has no talent Cmon! she is a great singer, But she is not Madonna or Britney, Both are not perfect Pop Acts but they push the definition of Performer to the next level so many times in so different ways, Gaga did once and now she knows she can’t do this again so she trying in Jazz is a great idea

  • Trevor Parker

    LMAO at literally all of you. Like do you really think Gaga, or any other celebrities shed a single tear over articles such as this. Rather.. Gaga is sitting in her million dollar home, on her million dollar sofa, drinking million dollar wine.. while her FIVE grammys sit snug on her million dollar shelf (next to numerous other awards).
    Yes her recent album wasn’t top notch… but has there ever been an artist who hasn’t had a slump. I mean come on.. ONE semi-bad album and the worlds telling her to hang up her hat? That she is no longer relevant? She must still be of some relevancy considering numerous articles JUST LIKE this one are posted about her everyday.. and in turn, numerous people who degrade her relevancy are commenting on them. Gaga WILL come back with yet another hit album, as most artists do. Until then.. she will have to confide her MILLIONS of fans for support.. rather than the entire world like she once could.

    • Angelique V

      You said it PERFECTLY…

    • pr64

      every artist is entitled to one bummer. artpoop is hers. but her career is hardly over.

      • Amusing

        That album is better than the others, although I’m not a fan


      Yeah? People said the same thing about Cyndi Lauper. Where is she now?

      • X

        Doing well and looking fabulous. Even won a Tony award last year.

    • Retrodude

      Millions of fans? They sure aren’t buying ARTPOP or concert tickets…..

      • nothingtolose

        They are buying tickets. The US tour can’t be described as anything else than successful. She’s filled or almost filled every venue she’s played. Ticket sales have slowed compared to the last tour but she’s managing to sell out by show time. The second show in Vegas really only started selling quickly in the week or two leading up to the show. As did Phoenix. And as for album sales…who besides Adele is selling millions anymore? Album sales have been in freefall for years how and now streaming is killing paid digital downloads. That’s not to mention illegal downloads. ARTPOP didn’t resonate with a wide audience but more than a million people still ponied up cash for it and in my opinion half the album is among her best work.

        • Guest

          Youtube videos show a different picture

          Not that I actually really care about that, as I wouldn’t care if my fave played infront of 1 or 1 000 000, aslong as I’d get to see them

          But keep it a bit more real

    • Guest

      The guys who sang “Who Let The Dogs Out” got a Grammy.

      Also have you thought about it not being everyones dream, making generic “art” and selling it to a basic crowd ?

      Sorry, but up the ante a little, people obviously have different ideals

  • Angelique V

    Blah blah blah. I mean really come on guys give me a break. Regardless if you like Gaga or not you cant deny that she can sing. And why shouldn’t she have an awesome beautiful voice huh? She first had a interest in music at the age of 3. It’s part of the reason why she got picked on in school! Not only CAN SHE SING she plays different instruments, she loves her fans and has a BTW foundation that talks about what it’s like to be bullied. If you don’t like her as a person thats your business. The people who believe in her and legends like Tony Bennett know talent when they hear it. Her carer is no where near over. And as for Artpop and everyone calling it a FLOP one not so good cd does not make an artist a failure. Try opening up your heart and think about how it would feel if someone talked bad about someone that you love. GAGME as some of you haters call her doesn’t give a flying fig about any of this nonsense….Maybe she reads these maybe she doesn’t. But you haven’t lived in her shoes. So don’t be so quick to criticize her or write her off and call her a has been. And by the way… this article is garbage…

    • Guest

      Her instrument playing is basic and people have different tastes when it comes to voices.

  • Thomas

    This article is completely biased and unintelligent. You obviously did not do your homework on Lady Gaga. I won’t attack all the opinions that are more than slightly off. However, referring to Gaga and Tony’s collaboration as “something we didn’t see coming” is beyond wrong. Put more effort into your work, Matt.

  • sw33temotion

    Artpop was the album for the era of “The Death of the Popstar”
    Four eras:
    The fame: blonde bangs, big glasses, shiny stuff, lipgloss
    The fame monster: lace, black, elegant
    Reborn (born this way): horn deformities, futuristic
    Venus (ARTPOP): big venus hair, seashells, versace, 60’s

    days before Applause was released, she released a video saying “dont buy lady gagas next album”, “ever since born this way, shes been a flop”, “lady gaga is no longer relevant”, etc…. basically everything that people are commenting here. She called it. Look up that video on youtube. “Applause promo lady gaga” should find it for you.

    Lady Gaga is a “performance artist” meaning her celebrity is a performance. From wearing a meat dress to holding a teacup through an entire interview to even possibly a broken hip, its all a part of a grand show. This is the era where the critics are supposed to rip her apart and she falls into pop underground. Do what u want is about the critics of course. Applause calls them out in the second line too. (To crash the critic saying is it right or is it wrong) The GUY video even portrays her as a phoenix who dies and is reborn. She knows that she gonna have haters and shes cool with it. She even makes herself look desperate. She is playing the character of the desperate celebrity. Even on SNL she played herself as an old lady trying to convince a young man that she was once famous. I think she is smart and cool personally. Rethinking the pop star and the celebrity and the performance art. Its really neat to watch. One of the most interesting pop artists we have. More like a storyteller. I wish more people understood this about her.

    But hey, you all obviously dont know what the hell you are talking about when you say she has no talent. Im a music major and I understand music theory and musical performance. She is one of the better vocalists and performers we.have today. Just saying. If you dont have the knowledge then youre just hating. Thabk you.

    • lol

      You obviously have no art knowledge

  • Ray

    I don’t understand why you sad ho’s are sitting at home typing away negative comments about Lady Gaga. At the end of the day whether you care for her or not, she’s still making an impact and people will remember her as a legend, while you’re slaving away at your 9-5 pm wishing you were doing something else with your lives.


      This coming from someone who lives vicariously through others and defends their failure and vanity. Nice! You’re a loser!

    • Angelique V

      She sure is making an impact on people. These are just negative hating trolls that have no life and they can ALL BE PUT IN THE BULLYING CATEGORY. Go away guys…Like or hate her for whatever reason what has she ever done to you? I’d like to see you same shit talkers have someone talk about people that you care for…

      • Get it ?

        Grazing through other artists work is 1 think that is a no no

    • Weeey Heeeey !

      Many don’t see her as a legend

      And no “slaving away at your 9-5 pm” as a freelancer

      Maybe I should write sh*tty tunes for the suburban village folk ?

  • vincent farace

    If Madonna is super star Lady Gaga is SUPER-SUPER SHINE STAR, a much money you get paid to typing this stupid comments?, you can not compare standard pop music
    with LADY GAGA SUPERIOR MUSIC. No one is smart a less is honest first and look like you not, also you do not understand music. English is not my first language

    • Jeremiah Newman

      Madonna is a super-mega star. Flopga will NEVER EVER, no matter how hard she tries, come hell or high water be anywhere near Madonna’s level at the helm of music. Actually, no one really could ever touch Madonna. Madonna has done so much for the music world, she’s undeniably done it all and by far way better than any artist out there today. If flopga was as smart as you claim, why is she a big flop today?

      • Ty Trevino

        That first sentence is SO wrong.
        ARTPOP sold DOUBLE than the sales of MDNA worldwide in less than 4 months. You’re excused.

        • Jeremiah Newman

          You’re right, it should have said, Madonna is God of music! At least you agree everything else is true. MDNA has nothing to do with artflop which Katy, Miley and Beyonce’s albums all shitss on and big time too.. MDNA #1 tour 2012, BTW cancelled for lame ticket sales. Sit your asss down! You’re dismissed! Go on…

        • Retrodude

          Wrong dear. Art poop hasn’t surpassed MDNA sales.

        • ICYNDICEY

          Who cares! Madonna’s body of work stands on its own. Lady GaGa could NEVER touch this woman. EVER!

        • Retrodude

          No, baby, it didn’t. MDNA has sold more, in fact, Madonna has albums that has sold more than Gaga’s entire discography ALONE. “TRUE BLUE” anyone?

        • Um, No

          WHAT ? Official outlets say “Artpop” (nothing art about it) sold around 1.75 million and Mdna over 2 million !

          Let’s keep things straight !


        Lady GaGa is The Welfare Madonna. If you buy Artflop you get a free book of food stamps.

        • Angelique V

          come up with a new name guys because the artflop is becoming to be redundant like a smelly worn out shoe. And shes no flop can any of you sing? Can you hold a good decent tune? Lets be the jury on that one….

          • ?

            Can she ?


      And you are super shoe shine loser

      • Angelique V

        blaaaaaaaaaaah lol

    • ?

      Superior ? That generic crap ?

  • Guest

    Gaga is stale as fcuk and everyone knows it. Even her. That’s why she deep-discounts tickets and cds, you don’t have to discount the premium sh!t, you discount the sh!t that stay on shelves collecting dust. Real talk.

  • Jeremiah Newman

    It’s TRUE! Flopga is done. People have turned her off, tired of her same old shticks. Bland and boring! It was kind of cool at first, but now it’s just laughable and she’s the punchline of her own very hilarious joke. Too bad… She needs to reinvent, shut up, lose the gimmicks and just sing. That’s what the people want. She talks too much where she instantly becomes the punch line to whatever she spews. Just shut up and sing and she’ll be fine!

  • pr64

    her shtick has become old but her voice is still brilliant. said it before and i’ll say it again, artpoop is a disaster but I think there’s great music from her yet to come. waiting for cheek to cheek to come out. she could really be a class act if she would stop all the crap and just SING!! that hasn’t hurt adele any, has it??

    • Angelique V

      Another great comment pr64. This isn’t the first time i’ve seen you make statements on gaga. I like it because you tell it just how it is. And as i said on comment 46 every artist is entitled to a flop. She has her reasons for doing artpop. Even if it isnt as kick ass as BTW and The Fame. Those were just magnifico! Shes not done yet though. I still say she will come back with something so awesome it puts all the haters to shame.

      • pr64

        thanks for the compliment. I’m old enough to have seen singers and bands come and go, (chased the beatles all over manhattan when they first played the ed Sullivan show!) and I don’t think gaga is a flash in the pan. the talent is there. her shenanigans, however, have gotten old. she would have real staying power if, maybe, she grew up a little. she’s a great singer, writer, and musician. but, let’s face it, Stefani isn’t 16 anymore. time to join the adult world like she has off stage. if people don’t like her music, THEN DON’T LISTEN!! she is far from finished

        • Guest

          ” she’s a great singer, writer, and musician. ”

          Her lyrics are awful and she is a very basic musician, are you sure you’ve seen the bands you’ve claimed to have seen ? *pulling your leg*

          How can one say she is a great writer or musician ? She’s basic as heck

          • pr64

            everyone is entitled to an opinion. what one person loathes, another likes. I happen to think she’s very talented, but no is telling you that you have to like her. people say that the beatles’ crowning achievement is sgt pepper. to this day I STILL don’t like it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great work. I happen to think that gaga still has a great deal to give. if you don’t like her music, don’t listen. there are hundreds of singers out there.

  • Jamie

    Wow, whoever this Joan Crawford is, is really obsessed with Gaga!

    • Angelique V

      thats nothing new Jamie she’s been on the prowl for gaga for almost a year now maybe even longer. Makes you wonder if she has a freaken life or what ignites her obsession. But still on the hating scene I see. Some things never change…

      • thekunstisme

        the beauty lies in the fact that gaga’s fans are MOSTLY late teens to mid twenties adults. and madonna fans are 40 year old homosexuals. i think the joke is on you mature sad adults lurking on blogsites. I’m just 19. i have absolutely nothing to do right now. go get a nose job.

        • lol

          I’m not homosexual and the funny thing is that you are a teen listening to OLD music. Your Twitter is also total junk and you have no taste. Who is sad ?

        • lol

          And why would people who grew up with pop, the internet, pop artists etc not be on here ?

          You seem very pre-aged, also when it comes to your taste



    • nothingtolose

      Madonna’s new album has a Miley duet. The stench of desperation carries over for three consecutive albums now.

      • Um

        No one knows if it has a duet with Miley. And Hard Candy had some good tunes.

  • Elladonna De Pont

    The fact the hate comments are saying “she has no talent” and is “flopping” blah blah blah is very laughable! Because Gaga filled 98%-100% of 21,000+ arenas while Katy Perry cant even sell out past 89% of a 9,000 – 10,000+ Arena, yes Gaga may not be as popular here in the US anymore, but you can bet that she will be making bank once she goes to Europe and Asia, Gaga is playing 5 Stadiums, Katy Perry? NONE!

  • Reese

    I wish they wouldn’t use the phase “we all” like everyone feels the same about this artist as they do. I love lady gaga and her music, and I hope to hear more of her music. I know everyone has an opinion but it is very ignorant to assume everyone feels the exact same way.

    • Guest

      Yeah. I’ve never been a fan. The first time I saw her I thought she was some super dated act.

  • Riverwide

    I showed Lady Gaga’s ARTRAVE to various people I know(fans and non-fans). Every single one of them was visibly shocked at how horrendous it all looks.

  • Joe

    Why are people saying she has no talent? Really? She may not be doing well right now, but face it. SHE DOES NOT CARE. She really cares for her fans and HER music.

  • thekunstisme

    This post is ridiculous because it says “gaga’s ever-changing schtick is boring, so she should have an ever-changing schtick”.

    you make no sense, blogger. i think her declining relevance is because, from Born This Way to ARTPOP, Gaga has decided that she is not fitting into the top 40 generic pop songs mould, the way she started.

    i admit, i am a fan so i am heavily biased, but i can still tell you that her relevancy has diminished and it’s not because of her boring ever-changing aesthetic. it’s because of the lack of the masses being obsessed with her new music. any real music/live concert reviewer like you should also know that it is not merely “little monsters”/superfans that fill stadiums, they constitute the minority, always. it is the general public that that drive album sales and tickets being bought.

    i applaud gaga for taking risks. in fact, i absolutely LOATHE all her popular singles that got her famous. i ONLY love songs like from her glam-pop era, Bloody Mary, Government Hooker, Aura, ARTPOP and Venus. Songs that never became singles.

    • ?

      What risks is she taking ? 99,8% of her music (or thereabouts) has been done before

  • thekunstisme

    I want everyone who is writing comments here to note this.

    the author of this post hasn’t gotten more than 3 comments in his past 10 posts on this blog. 150 comments for gaga vs madonna just means there’s comparison. I think that’s flattering to Gaga who never proclaimed herself the queen of pop. Other people did. And it is other people who also have a problem with it. I know that when Gaga is 50 and is legend proclaimed by the world, I wouldn’t be threatened by some petty 20 year olds talking about the new thing. Madona fans need to learn some class and really grow up.

    • Guest

      What new thing though ? That’s amusing that old stuff is seen as new

    • *

      Comparison due to emulating images, expressions, movements and more, creating the comparison, so people respond.

      I don’t think that is flattering.

      To be proclaimed a legend, you also have to do legendary things, not just basically re-hash. So I’d rethink “when is 50 and is legend proclaimed by the world”.

      I don’t think someone into fake dreads, patty cake moves and being vomited on with paint has the insight into what class is about, thus shouldn’t be telling others to “need to learn some class” (Are you on drugs ?). And a fanbase calling their fave “Mommy” have no place telling others to grow up, atleast not before you grow up first.

  • Allen Saint James

    Is there away of discussing Lady Gaga without throwing shade at Madonna and vice versa? I mean Madonna is a long established artist the last of her kind, gaga on the other hand is still a relative newcomer establishing what she is to Pop. She has talent and.her first two album were awesome.catchy and thoughtful. Its time put away the crazy costumes and settle into the next phase, if she is unwilling to move forward and beyond the showy i need you to look at me all the time and feel sorry for me too act she will turn into a cult act. Come on Gaga i know you got some universal hits left in you. Perhaps instead of coddling your Mother Monster you guys should express to her what im sure she would only want to hear from you that yes you love her.but some of the critcism is warranted and that she has dropped the ball. Help her

  • Dex

    “WHICH WAS EVEN MORE IMPRESSIVE. People had to actually leave their
    house and DRIVE to the nearest music store and purchase music. That
    speaks VOLUMES right there,”

    That impressive or you’re just easily impressed? It wasn’t THAT difficult nor did it take that much energy to buy an album then, dude. I assume you’re a little too old, however, to be getting so worked up over such things.

    • ?

      Why would one be “too old” to get worked up over a generic rip off ?

      Are you too old ?

    • Retrodude

      It’s very impressive. Were you there, dear? We didn’t have a song at our fingertips for .99- we went out to purchase actual singles for like $3. Yes, we had to DRIVE to the local record store and physically purchase albums. No, it wasn’t a strenuous ordeal, but it took much more energy than just pushing a button on iTunes. But then again, you nine year olds would have no idea about things like that, would you?

      • Dex

        ” Were you there, dear?”

        Um, yes I was, otherwise I wouldn’t have made the comment, idiot. And no it didn’t take that much energy. CD and tapes weren’t only sold at record stores. You could buy a CD at the checkout line at the supermarket or drugstore, not to mention, order them from Columbia House or BMG Music Service, who delivered them right to your door Also, some of us who lived in walkable cities, where going to a record store wasn’t a big deal at all. They were my second home in high school and college, and I didn’t even have a car. I have over a 3000 cassettes, tapes, and LPs from the 80s onward, which weren’t difficult at all to amass. Maybe it was just hard for YOU.

  • Guest

    Why do you compare her to the greats ? Her music has never been interesting, nor her outfits.

    (On a more positive note, and I really am not a fan, but personally I find the songs you think are the worst to be better than Poker Face)

  • Retrodude
  • Jeremy Dove

    if you love music and the Billboard charts come check out where we discuss about music and the Billboard hot 100 and other charts =)

    • unk unk unk

      Are those trolls blackout etc there ?

  • cookied90

    While the Denver show was huge, I was really not that impressed. The 90 min wait after BabyMetal was unacceptable and highly unprofessional. The use of her friend, a female DJ, to hype the crowd was boring, and the music she was playing reminded me of a bad 90s gay club rave. Nobody does that sort of music anymore. It was unacceptable to only give BabyMetal 30 min, four songs..that’s it. If you were going ot have BM as an opener.. then wait 90 min to come on..why not give BM more time? It wasn’t like she had to have her set put up, it was already up. It wasn’t like BM had any sort of special set, it was 5 musicians and 3 little girls, Their kit came down in about 10 min. So why did Gaga make everyone wait? Pretentious twat. The ONLY reason I stayed, as I have stated before, is that the young man that went with me, it was his first concert. BabyMetal deserved a larger portion of the entire concert. Gaga has always reminded me of a really bad drag queen, and my opinion of her hasn’t changed. Yes I spent money to go to the show, but honestly, I was ready to leave after BabyMetal. I was really ready to leave after waiting 90 min to watch her strut around in stupid outfits and have confetti streaming the entire show.

  • Rayof Light

    I don’t understand why there are comparisons with Madonna, Lady Gaga has never reached the level of success of Ms. Ciccone…If you just compare the first 5 years of their careers, Madonna sold 75 million records from 1982 to 1987 and Gaga sold 24 million records from 2008-2013. Madonna was touring with “The Who’s That Girl Tour” and selling out stadiums all over the world..In Paris, Madonna’s holds the record for the largest attendance crowd ever with 130,000 concert attendance. Lady Gaga’s “Artpop Ball” is playing in arenas under 15,000 people and in a lot of places the shows were half empty. In 2012, in New York alone, Madonna played for 105,000 people in shows at Yankee Stadium and MSG, 30 years into her career. Let’s face it, Lady Gaga will never be in the same league as Madonna..