Watch: Gov. John Hickenlooper plays banjo with Old Crow Medicine Show at Red Rocks - Reverb

Watch: Gov. John Hickenlooper plays banjo with Old Crow Medicine Show at Red Rocks

Gov. John Hickenlooper joined string band Old Crow Medicine Show on stage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Wednesday night to play banjo and sing the track “CC Rider.” On the song’s second verse, Hickenlooper even takes the microphone himself to sing, “You were standin’ in the kitchen in that morning gown.”

An avid music fan, Hickenlooper typically makes appearances in the audience at Red Rocks shows. Just last weekend he was spotted during The Avett Brothers three night run. In 2013, Hickenlooper took the stage at The Underground Music Showcase to introduce local favorite Born in The Flood.

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Seth McConnell is a member of YourHub at The Denver Post and a regular contributor to Reverb.

  • disqus_1knh595geX

    Ya gotta admit: he’s a good sport!

  • Dick Longwood

    Well, I am sure he will have lots of time for this sort of thing in the near future.

    • Dave

      You nailed it, Dick! Bob Beauprez has this one IN THE BAG!

  • SkyCapn

    Watch Gobner YuckYuck get his schtick up on stage and play himself a Hick town hoedown!

    This guy is an embarrassment unless you’re 20 and think brewpubs and weed are the future of the economy.

    • Richard Galvin

      Might as well say “I am nasty person”.

    • Dave

      You tell em, Capn! This state is goin’ down the tubes. Wish it was the good old days of high unemployment, low economic activity and suburban flight. All these hippie socialists are messing things up for us mature folk.

      • Pablo Cruise

        Amen Jesus SkyCapn – We surely need some good ol’ family values in Colorado and Bob Beauprez and the Tea Party are gonna make sure we never have to have to see any of this hippie foolishness again. AAAAA-men -

  • mxer

    What a cool governor. Maybe he can tour with them full time after the elections.

    • Guest

      Maybe Bob Beauprez can tour with them. Does he know how to play? Both ways Bob is going to become a two time loser in November

      • mxer

        Quite possibly the lamest come back in existence.

    • Dave

      HAHA I see what you did there. I SEE IT!

  • SkyCapn

    Why don’t you two tough guys come find me? Then you can talk your tough schitt to my face. Come on, tough guys, keyboard SEALS, come get a little. As far as my loved ones getting cancer, that doesn’t mean a whole lot coming from someone who regularly attends conjugal visits with their own step father.

  • Scott_2

    We were wondering where he’s been lately.

  • Ctaj

    That was fun, but don’t quit your day job, Hick.