The Lana Del Rey song title generator will give you "Sepia Dysmorphia" - Reverb

The Lana Del Rey song title generator will give you “Sepia Dysmorphia”

“Lolita,” “Vaudevillian Poetry,” “Amethyst Darling,” “Blue Velvet,” “Brooklyn Baby.” Can you figure out which one of these are actual Lana Del Rey song titles or the ones created by the Lana Del Rey song title generator?

The generator, created by VFiles and Art 404, does well mixing the overly-romantic and hyper-sexualized style of Del Rey into sweet and moody phrase bites.

Some of our favorites so far? “Madison Avenue Magnolia,” “Onassis Runaway” and “Antoinette Tanning Salon.” Although a little too ridiculous, “Instagram Rehab” is also pretty great.

Anyway, here’s where you can play with the title generator. We’ll see you in an hour.

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  • Wolf

    John Wayne Gacy Harlot…. Wtf?!

  • DeliverMeToEvil


  • Jay X.

    I got, “Afghan Castaway”. WHAAAAAAT XD?

  • Marise Elladore

    Think I have the best one -> WACO TIKI SHACK

  • Marise Elladore

    Aztec foreplay…

  • Marise Elladore

    Manson bloodbath <- surprisingly accurate

  • Marise Elladore

    raw bikiniwax
    Bad tanning salon
    ok i’ll stop

  • Liz

    Upper West Side Bikini Wax

  • Jesus

    Taco Porno