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Edward Sharpe fires singer Jade Castrinos

Jade Castrinos, vocalist for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, was fired shortly before band’s current North American tour.

On her Instagram profile, Castrinos wrote: “for seven years i [sic] sang and wrote music with edward sharpe. they voted me off of tour a week before they left, via email. lol.”

According to a Facebook post that has since been deleted, frontman Alex Ebert said, “Only we must now explain that simply and sadly, we did not feel right doing this tour with Jade. That fact breaks my heart in ways I don’t want to describe,” according to Jambase.

Many fans have taken to the band’s Facebook page to air grievances about the missing female vocals, some suggesting that the dynamic of the band has changed. Ebert’s post said the band hopes to one day reunite with Castrinos, but no further details were given on why they parted ways.

The Magnetic Zeros’ debut album was “Up from Below,” released in 2009. The hit song “Home” from the album featured Ebert and Castrinos singing together as a duet.

The band, sans Castrinos, will perform as headliners at The Ride Festival in Telluride in July.

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  • ExtraordinaryMe

    So sad. While the circumstances of her leaving (or being forced out) is respectfully being unsaid at the moment, I wish her well and hope she can rejoin in the future. I also find the outpouring of support for her via ES&MZ’s Facebook page to be amazing as well–she was truly viewed as not just a sidekick singer to Alex Ebert, but as an integral part of the band. Not always easy when the lead singer is as charismatic (and, as rumors go, egocentric) as Ebert. The band won’t ever be the same without her. Happy to have seen them twice (including once at Red Rocks!) in their happier days & wishing her and the band all the best.

  • doublehotdog

    Either she had an attitude she couldn’t lose or she has a substance abuse problem. Glad to see the band will continue on. Amazing live performance from this band! A+

    • Laki S.

      Is that what you deduced from this little bit of information?? That’s amazing. I wish I could pull random theories out my ass like you.

    • CoreyShaughnessy

      Or she was tossed aside because Alex has a new girl. The band was originally formed while Alex and Jade were a couple.

      • doublehotdog

        right, because he got a new girl. smh

        • CoreyShaughnessy

          ok lol smdh

      • Ray

        They broke up 6 years ago, so that is definitely not the case. He’s been happily with another woman for years, so theres no way that could be the problem

  • matt

    Just saw them at Shaky Knees and they are terrible without her. It’s very dishonest to tour without the whole band.

    • cathy

      I agree, what ever happen the band won’t be the same I honestly don’t even have that much interest in them anymore.

    • DonkeyBoner

      They were terrible before. No worries.

  • cathy

    for those of you that don’t know alex has been dating someone else for about 2 years and has a baby with her. they were able to both work after two years and remained “best friends” but I don’t see how you can kick your best friend out of the band just because, they are terrible without jade

  • Kate

    Was looking forward to telluride ride festival to see them. Not much intrest to see them without jade. Alex may be the front man but she is the soul of the band from the listeners perspective.