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If we booked Film on the Rocks…

Photo courtesy of Film on the Rocks.

Photo courtesy of Film on the Rocks.

By Ashley Dean, Laura Keeney, Matt Miller, John Wenzel and Francie Swidler

For 14 going on 15 years, Film on the Rocks has had the honor and privilege of matching some of our top Colorado bands with our favorite cult classic moves for summer nights at the amphitheater.

This year, FOTR bookers have smartly matched “Fight Club” with Flashbulb Fires and Face Man (note the closing scene of the movie), “Labyrinth” with Grizfolk and Total Ghost along with many others.

But why should they get to have all the fun? We got some of the Reverb staff to collaborate on our own dream Film on the Rocks lineup.

Here it is, and please share your own Film on the Rocks lineup in the comments:

“Skyfall” — Codename: Carter and Air Dubai

“The Royal Tenenbaums” — Tennis and Candy Claws

“Lord of the Rings” — Tauntaun and Il Cattivo

“Rock and Roll High School” — Spells and The Gamits (reunion show)

“Heathers” – Dirty Femmes and The Nuns of Brixton

“Dazed and Confused” – Glass Hits and Fingers of the Sun

“Endless Summer” — Thee Dang Dangs and The Kinky Fingers

“The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” — The Yawpers and A. Tom Collins

“Best in Show” (bring your dog) — New Ben Franklins and Dudebabes

“Say Anything” — MTHDS and Rose Hill Drive

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  • http://incredimarc.com incredimarc

    Full disclosure upfront: I’m in a certain spy-rock band that is deeply honored to be honored with this honor (thanks guys!).

    SECONDLY, more suggestions!

    I’d add Mountain and the Hound to LOTR.
    DIRTY HARRY: Accordion Crimes and Kitty Crimes
    THE KARATE KID: Kid Karate and Shady Elders
    Marathon of ANACONDA, KILL BILL vols 1&2 and SNAKES ON A PLANE: Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

  • Michelle Baldwin

    Nice!! And really, sadly, way better than the actual FOTR 2014 lineup. It seems a little uninspired – lots of repeats, no big standouts. At least not for me.

  • RRloverCO

    I have been going every week..for years. Whenever I had family or friends visiting from out of state, I would encourage them to plan their trips to be able to attend FOR because I viewed it as an irreplaceable experience. With that said- I wish there were better movies played. I feel that movies (like LOR) are a spectacle that take full advantage of being played in an outdoor theatre like Red Rocks. Viewers want to see movies that are visually astonishing or great on a big screen. Some of the movies in the new and past line ups are just not worthy of being played at a venue like Red Rocks. BUT I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy this venue in this way… it can make a person to fall in love with CO and Red Rocks all over again.