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The English Beat blasts Aggie Theatre after tiff with band assistant manager

The English Beat's Facebook status blasting the Aggie Theatre.

The English Beat’s Facebook status blasting the Aggie Theatre.

Birmingham ska-pop act, the English Beat, has taken to Facebook to blast the Aggie Theatre after staff allegedly got in a tussle with the band’s assistant manager on Friday.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan reports that Candy Kelii, 29, was roughed up by Aggie Theatre staff when she couldn’t show a wristband that proved she was of drinking age.

“She was chased and dragged out of there by her hair and clothes by four security men for not having a wristband that no one in the band had been given or told about,” the band wrote on Facebook. “Then partially stripped and forced to lie down on a freezing wet sidewalk until she was arrested.”

Aggie Theatre owner Scoo Leary told the Coloradoan that, “Kelli was removed from the venue because she repeatedly refused to get a wristband, and then ran away from security staff when confronted.”

In March of 2013, the Aggie Theatre started submitting all underage concertgoers to a breathalyzer and pat down following a liquor license violation.

The English Beat ends its note on Facebook by writing that the behavior is “disgraceful and we are disgusted.”

See photos of the English Beat performing at the Ogden Theatre in 2010 below.

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  • Laura F

    Right, I am sure she would “refuse a wristband” I call bullshit!!!

  • 2014

    It sounds like both sides are being less than truthful.

    • GregoryR

      The band’s version of events has not chaged where as the venue/bookers has. No then who do you think isn’t being truthful?

  • Rudie

    wristbands were NOT even given to any of the band members and crew, and they had been there all day for sound check, etc. so what wristband are they talking about?

  • JES

    The concerns, as made clear by the actions/inactions of the management at the Aggie, are not to remedy nor fix the problem. They act as if we are the offenders and violators and theirs is the right to bounce on us for such. With this should come the clarity that despite your most noble and open intentions to fix this, they only understand their language of hate and destruction for the public’s trust. As such it is necessary to deal with them in terms they understand: sue them! If others are found… CLASS ACTION SUIT!

  • JES

    Scoo Leary and Soda Jerk (promoters running the event) both have changed their story several times throughout this. Scoo first claims he was out of town in Mexico, then that he was there. He also said he called the police for the incident, but the police deny any such call being made. It is so very sad to know that this happened, for if one of the sweetest persons on earth I know can get “bounced” like this, anyone, including you, your sister, daughter or mother could have been publicly violated and humiliated without just cause. scoundrels like this deserve to be sued right out of business permanently.

    • Anonymous

      Soda Jerk was NOT the promoter on the event

      • Stephanie

        Yes they were!

        • x

          you are wrong. prove it

          • GregoryR

            Soda Jerk/Peter Ore booked the gig. This has been admitted to by the company on their FB page.

  • JES

    Bands and patrons need boycott the Aggie until adequate management is found.