Justin Bieber tweets he's "officially retiring" - Reverb

Justin Bieber tweets he’s “officially retiring”

A week after jokingly quitting music on L.A. radio station Power 106 FM, Justin Bieber has tweeted to his nearly 48,000,000 followers that he’s “officially retiring.”

“My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring,” he tweeted on Christmas Eve.

He followed the retirement announcement up with a few slightly nonsensical tweets about his eternal belieber “lifestyle.”

Maybe he’s just joking around again in order to ruin Christmas for his millions of teen fans. Or maybe he’s giving the best Christmas present of all to his many haters. See his tweets below and decide for yourself.

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  • fulredy


    • –♥ He’s So HOT♥

      Suck a dick….

  • –♥ He’s So HOT♥

    If he retires, i’m really going to be hurt. I genuinely love and care about Justin Bieber, seeing him go away will be hard. Hopefully the tease is joking but i don’t know.

  • NCDoug

    Good, I hope Miley and ALL the Kardashian’s join him so they can all fade into oblivion

  • Randy Karasik

    If only it were true

  • db23

    drinking/drugging and tweeting not a good combination, proven here.