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Listen: The 10 best J. Cole songs

In 2007, J. Cole was just another fresh-faced recording artist with tons of potential. Having released “The Come Up” to little traction, J. Cole persisted, and by the end of 2009, the MC from North Carolina was signed to Roc Nation. His debut album on the label was one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. Though it took some time for “Cole World: The Sideline Story” to be released, he kept fans satiated with mixtapes “The Warm Up” and “Friday Night Lights,” along with a plethora of featured verses.

The public seemed enamored with Cole’s versatility and charisma in his rhymes so much so that his sophomore album “Born Sinner,” was critically acclaimed, it seemed, before it even hit stores in 2013. For the single “Crooked Smile,” he worked with girl-group legends TLC and we saw a more introspective and grown up side of Cole. On Tuesday, J. Cole and his frequent collaborator Wale are joining forces for the “What Dreams May Come” tour at the 1stBank Center and Reverb has compiled a list of Cole’s best songs to get you geared up and ready to go.

10) “All I Want is You” — Miguel

J. Cole did Miguel a huge favor with his verse on this one, adding a little hip-hop grit to the love song. Cole is magnificent in rhythm as his flow weaves in and out of the R&B production. Miguel returned the love on “Power Trip,” the first single from “Born Sinner.”

9) “Winter Schemes” featuring Wale

Wale and J. Cole are of the same class of young progressive rappers, so it’s no surprise they are touring together. Cole shines on this track spitting lyrics about how winning comes routine to him.

8) “Party” – Beyonce

This song originally featured Andre 3000 but Cole stepped in for the video version with a pleasant verse reminiscent of summer time.

7) “In the Morning” featuring Drake

Keeping with the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” trend, J. Cole’s verses are blush-worthy and most definitely intriguing. This song appeared on “Cole World: the Sideline Story,” giving the MC a big boost alongside Drake.

6) “Dollar and a Dream III”

Cole is best when rapping about the perils he experienced both growing up and trying to work into the music industry. He is confident and defiant in his rhymes on this track from “Cole World: The Sideline Story.” It’s one of his best performances from that record.

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  • rr

    if you think these are J. Coles 10 best songs then you have obviously never heard J. Cole’s true body of work

    • Sinner

      this article is a joke, they didn’t even mention any songs from the classics:

      Warm Up & Friday Night Lights

      even the unofficial released songs that have hit the YouTube for free:
      return of simba, show me something, see it to believe it, Good Game, I Really Mean It, I’m On It, It Won’t Be Long, Killers, Knock On Wood, Problems, No Holding Me Back, The Plan, Song For The Ville, Top of The World, Unabomber, Who’s World is This, We On
      This genius can make a classic album out of all these unreleased songs.

  • real talk

    lost ones???

  • Dylan

    This might be the dumbest article ever. Nothing from FNL and the warm up OR any of the Truly Yours series. How is Lights Please not on the list? Again, possibly the least encompassing article I’ve ever read

    • dk

      definitely the dumbest shit ever by the dumbest writer!!

  • juan

    lmao most retarded acrticle ever are you serious now Party ?? smh this reported is thinking prolly best beats by order

  • Chris Joel

    Lol this list is a$$.

  • Iso

    this was a waste of tiime

  • MIKE

    This is the absolute worst list of J Coles best songs these might of been what the media see’s as “Hits” or “Potential hits” these are not anywhere near his best bodies of work if Cole was shown this list these would probably be his least favorite songs