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Katy Perry to play at Lakewood High School

Lakewood High School won the Good Morning America contest to have singer Katy Perry perform at the school.

To enter the contest, more than 2,000 students from 80 different school clubs filmed a lip dub to Perry’s hit single “Roar.” A lip dub combines lip syncing and audio dubbing. Their video has been viewed more than 564,000 times on Vimeo and 246,000 times on YouTube.

The concert by Katy Perry will be held at the school on Oct. 25 and will be broadcast on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

The school filmed the video late last month, and Katy Perry tweeted in response, “Oh my GAWD. Now this is what I call school SPIRIT.”

Watch the Katy Perry lip dub video from Lakewood High school below:

Perry announced the winner on “Good Morning America” Friday morning.

“For me Lakewood really embodied a whole school spirit. You saw so many different people coming together to do one shot,” Perry said. “It was so interesting and so well done.”

Watch Katy Perry announcing Lakewood High School as the winner of the concert below:

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  • GenePH

    All those kids got to an assembly in Lakewood High School this early in the morning? Friday, 18 Oct. before 8:00 am? Congratulations.

    • jen

      They had to be there at 5:30 am! (it was optional!)

      My son is a student there.

      • GenePH

        I wonder if the school had any inside line on who would win? That is quite an effort!

        • Ian

          I think all of the finalist schools had a lot of students waiting for the announcement.

          • Dan

            Man, it would have been brutal to go to school at 5:30am and lose. I mean, on top of that whole being in high school thing.

        • GenePH

          If that western most school in Sparks, Nevada got the kids there at 4:30 am – they must be some unhappy campers.

      • shawndy

        The week before, they had to be at school at 4am for Good Morning America to film. It was also optional, but when dropping them off, it was almost as busy as at regular time for school. The kids definitely worked hard on this and came together. They definitely deserve it!

  • glenn corbitt

    Good Job Lakewood! I hope his helps bring up the spirits from the recent floods! Enjoy!

  • Michael Fabricius

    Looks like a fun high school, good collaborative effort!

  • Senior Citizen

    Great job, Lakewood. Amazing job coordinating so many students. Watching the principal shake his booty with the boys on the swim team was genius. Just a hoot!