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Red Rocks is not flooded — the picture going viral is misleading

The viral photo currently dominating Facebook and Twitter of a flooded, underwater Red Rocks Amphitheatre is inaccurate, according to a city spokesperson.


“It’s a little wet up there,” said Dan Rowland, a spokesperson for the city of Denver’s Arts & Venues, which operates the mountain amphitheater. “Nothing’s underwater. I just talked with our guys up there, and (promoter) AEG is fine with it too.

“We’re moving forward with tonight’s Lumineers concert.”

The photo, which was retweeted by a number of local television station reporters, shows a Red Rocks besieged with flooded water filling 20-30 rows but not the stage. It’s a detailed shot, too, complete with banners from radio station KTCL-93.3/FM, the sponsor of tonight’s Lumineers show.

“It’s business as usual,” said Rowland.

The misleading photo of Red Rocks appears to come from a blurry webcam at the venue.

Red Rocks tweeted a little after noon on Sunday that the venue is not underwater and the Lumineers show is still going on as planned.

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Ricardo Baca is the founder and executive editor of Reverb, the co-founder of The UMS and an award-winning critic and editor at The Denver Post.

  • Denver Goddess

    Anyone who has been there knows this is impossible.

  • Ben H

    This is what you get for getting your news from Twitter. Twitter is not a replacement for real journalism.

    • Keith Adamson

      Newsflash! Just because it’s Twitter doesn’t mean it’s inaccurate!

  • Tonya Miller

    Unless a ton of dirt and limbs washed down to the stage or entrances it would never flood. A bunch of that stuff could make a dam and hold some water. Who would could believe it could rain like it has been doing.

  • madmama

    The photo is an illusion. However, no one should be out driving in this mess. If they really cared about Colorado, they would cancer the show for Sunday.

  • NoMoreRedRocksForMyFamily

    Nothing makes me madder than corporate greed in the middle of #coflood. How much is the production company, Red Rocks, or the promoter donating to CO? @thelumineers @redrocksonline @thelumineers @AXSTVConcerts

    • A Stagehand’s Wife

      The public paid for tickets to see the Lumineers. The City of Denver (who owns Red Rocks) tries, 95% of the time to not cancel a concert or performance based on weather, certainly not weather conditions existing in another area. I know for a fact that Lumineers will make mention of the tragedy. The reason performances do not get canceled at Red Rocks, in most cases, is that the performer usually has a show scheduled in another city, usually the next night…and when they could return for a rescheduled show, the weather may be inclimate. Ticket holders would not appreciate having to wait until next year to see the concert, etc. There are contracts that the performers and the city have signed many months ago, agreeing to the $ that everyone will get paid. For you to call anyone greedy… seems immature and uneducated in the industry. Our family was affected by this tragedy; however, we are not begrudging someone else’s way of making a living…I.e., the stagehands, roadies, security for the city, concession stand workers. All of these people are blue collar employees who rely on every hour they can work.

      Hopefully you will take everything and everyone into account next time.

      • MraClem

        Thank you!

  • reality

    7news posted this