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Album Review: AlunaGeorge, “Body Music”

AlunaGeorge, "Body Music."

AlunaGeorge, “Body Music.”

The Brit electro-pop duo AlunaGeorge has released some incredibly catchy tracks in the months leading up to its debut album. “You Know You Like It,” “Attracting Flies” and “Your Drums, Your Love” all had the free and easy feel of good club pop accented by a twinge of ’90s R&B. It’s a slick combo.

On the duo’s first full length, “Body Music,” producer George Reid and singer Aluna Francis execute it time and time again, nailing their respective parts on each track with crisp production and pitch-perfect vocals. The issue is that they really put their best foot forward with their singles, which outshine the lion’s share of the album. There are some moments here that merit mention outside of the singles—counting as three of the album’s first four tracks — like “Diver” and their cover of the essential Montell Jordan jam, “This Is How We Do It,” but even then, the former is merely best of the others and the latter is more of an update than an improvement.

The other issue is that through 14 tracks, it can get repetitive. You get the sense the album would fare better chopped up and scattered throughout a long summer playlist than digested by itself in one go.  The hits early on in the album definitely merit a listen, but beyond them, much of “Body Music” comes off as variations on the same pop/R&B theme. AlunaGeorge has nailed its sound, but would do well to stray from the formula a little.

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