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Justin Bieber’s five biggest screw-ups so far this year (yep, only five)

Remember back in January when Justin Bieber played at the Pepsi Center for the first time this year? Back then he was just your average 18-year-old millionaire tween idol who had only smoked pot once. Well, he’ll be back six months later to the Pepsi Center again on Sunday. And what a six months it’s been since we last saw the Biebs!

We’re talking more pot smoking, run-ins with the Swedish police, spitting on neighbors, beating up photographers with “martial arts” moves, showing up late to performances, dissing Anne Frank having, his pet monkey taken by customs — the list goes on. So, maybe he’s just being, you know, a teenager. Or maybe he’s being a teenager who has too much money, too much of an ego and too much influence.

You tell us after browsing our list of the five dumbest things Justin Bieber has done since he was last in Denver.

5) Justin Bieber’s “Afternoon Delight”

We here in Colorado could care less about Justin Bieber smoking weed (if he was 21), but his legions of tween fans and their moms aren’t that lenient. Bieber was caught allegedly smoking weed shortly before his Denver show in January, then again immediately afterward. Then he tried to apologize for it on “Saturday Night Live,” where all sincere apologies are made.

Justin Bieber’s No. 4 biggest screw-up this year >>


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  • boober

    this kid is a major league asshole


    I feel sorry for him. This is what happens when you grow up in the spotlight. He’s under all this pressure. And he’s just a kid! Tell me what were you doing at 19?

    • Judah

      I’m 19, in college and working two jobs. People like to use his age as an excuse, but I don’t act like this and neither do most friends my age.

      • Anecia

        And some people are doing way worse the Justin. If you don’t try to experiment and experience life’s full potential, you are gonna regret so many things when you get older.

  • Sunny

    I’d like to address these so- called ‘mistakes’ you are so quick to judge. 1. the unspecified small amount of drugs and stun gun were NOT found in his car, but an empty bus, WHILE he was onstage. these could have belonged to anybody, and depending on what kind of drugs, aren’t illegal at least in Colorado, nor are stun guns.
    2. Anne Frank in all likelihood would have been a belieber. she was a teen aged girl.
    3. Paparazzi are piranhas, well known to purposefully stage ANY scene to get ‘ viral’ photos. they deserve much worse than a kick or two, and are probably lying, anyway.
    4. a monkey without proper paperwork. really? if you really care that much about one monkey, you should be going after companies that test on them, NOT somebody who is obviously loved by God.

  • keither

    How about currently being 40 minutes late to get onstage at pepsi center? Dudes an asshole through and through. Way to duck your little fans you dickhead

  • patchwork

    I hate JB just as much as the next person.

    The Anne Frank comment was pretty funny though. In a supremely dickish way.

  • Jocelyne

    It makes me laugh that all these girls that reply just defend him. Is it so hard to admit that he is sinking and all his fans are just applauding it. I am a 19 year old girl, I live in Ecuador and I have never behaved like this. And please don’t answer with something like I am jealous, because tthere’s nothing to be jealous about his life. I have nnever been a belieber but it just sucks to see young people with a whole carrer left that are wasting iit! Take Amanda Bynes for example.

  • Emmet Willis

    Unlike the author of this article and most of those posting here, I have yet to hear Bieber slating off people he has never met or judging others for mistakes everyone has either made or will make.

    As for comments criticizing somebody’s bodyshape, please sit the fuck down if that is the level of intelligence you’re bringing to the table.

    Lets others live.