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Man found dead, SWAT called to Sonic Bloom Festival in Georgetown

Update: Police launch excessive force investigation in streaker tasing, identify dead man

A number of disasters marred the Sonic Bloom Festival on Sunday in Georgetown, including one death, power outages and a SWAT response to angry concertgoers.

Early Sunday morning on the final day of the electronic music festival, a man was found dead in a tent inside the festival campgrounds, according to festival spokeswoman Ami Heinrich. The cause of death is unknown and festival organizers are awaiting an autopsy. At this point, Heinrich said there is no reason to believe drugs were involved. The man was found in a stranger’s tent without any form of identification and had been dead for many hours when responders arrived, Heinrich said. She added festival organizers were notified around 9 a.m.

In response to the death, Sonic Bloom staff organized a “ceremony and prayer in regards to the community loss,” Heinrich said. About 400-500 people came together for a group hug and to “celebrate the life of the unknown concertgoer.”

Later that day, a micro burst — a tornado-like blast of air — blew a festival tent over and knocked out the power in Georgetown and Idaho Springs for a few hours, according to Heinrich. This caused a number of problems throughout the festival and surrounding area, including a trailer being flipped over, trapping a group of people inside. They were then cut from the trailer by emergency personnel. The micro burst caused only minor injuries.

The problems for Sonic Bloom Festival continued as the day wore on and “emotions were heightened” among concertgoers, Heinrich said.

Police responded to what Heinrich called a “happy naked man” near the festival campsite. Police waited for him to step onto the public road to detain the man, Heinrich said.

“They brutally took him down, tackled him into a ditch and repeatedly tazered him,” Heinrich said. “I believe they may have overreacted and detained the man in a way that could be considered excessive force.”

According to Heinrich, festivalgoers “responded in kind” to the situation with yelling back and forth between with responders. A SWAT team arrived at the scene of the disturbance, but the angry crowd had already been calmed. The Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office did not respond to to multiple attempt calls and voicemails.

The streaker was taken away in an ambulance. Heinrich said there were no other arrests or charges during the four-day festival that brought about 3,500 people. Performers included Lucent Dossier Experience, Opiuo, VibeSquad, Random Rab and others.

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  • kate

    I saw this man get attacked by the police, I was only about 20 feet away when it happened. There is absolutely no question in my mind that it was extreme police brutality. They tazed him no less than 5-7 times and then the police officer attacked the guys girlfriend who was trying to help her. I saw him beat her in her ribs for no reason. I have never seen something so cruel and violent and horrible happen to someone. If anyone has video footage please post it!!

    • Jen

      This is unacceptable. Anyone who does not agree with this police brutality should call the Clear Creek County police department at (303) 569-3232 and any other entity involved and voice your opinion.

    • Vinny Crippen

      For sure 7 times my friend counted 7 and I saw a video on youtube and rewatched it’s so fucked up I’m actually contacting the news and police department. I saw people crying because of the cop’s behavior, they’re supposed to be their to protect and serve, they did the opposite.

      • Samuel

        yo can u link me to the video pleasee? i saw this go down shit was fucked up

      • Samuel

        yo can u link me to the video pleasee? i saw this go down shit was fucked up

    • Donkey Hotay

      Cops are Violent Cowardly Scumbags

    • quinten
  • bart

    Sounds like a great time!

  • James Spraggins

    My friend recorded the incident as well and the cops were tasing that guy for 5-6 minutes, I saw the video and also think that it was police brutality. There is no reason that guy should have been tased for streaking at a festival, that is the reason the swat team got called to the festival is because the cops pissed everybody off by doing that to that poor man, slamming him to the ground multiple times. I hope that the police officers involved in this are prosecuted.

    • George McDowell

      Hilarious. You do realized how long 5-6 minutes is, right? Go ahead, have your friend post the alleged video to youtube for the world to see. Just make sure he posts the events leading up to the well-earned tazing in addition to the “5-6 minutes” of tazing. Everything is police brutality these days.

      Do grow up.

      • Morgana99

        Zero resistance from the streaker/victim. If you have no idea what you’re talking about, stay out of the conversation.

      • spongeO

        It said the police were waiting for him to step on to public property so they could assault him. He obviously wasn’t bothering anyone at the party.

      • James Spraggins

        Yes George, over a course of about 5 to 6 minutes they were tasing the guy, and the video will be posted up so the world can see how idiotic and power hungry bully’s that police are. There is no reason 6 180+ lb. police men cannot apprehend a 150 lb man. But you were there right? You saw what happened right? Jump to conclusions Sir just like the sheep of America.

      • Joeschmo

        You grow up George, I’m sure u weren’t there. Don’t post things if u don’t know what your talking about hopefully one day you will be
        Just having fun and some cop will taze you for 5-6 minutes just for your stupid post carma. Idiotic children should not post. That means you George.

      • Joeschmo

        George McDowell is an idiot. You really are a tool. Go to hell

      • pam

        dude your a idiot..and I imagine old and frigid! That was brutal and uncalled for and in character with the police and politicians of this county it is a total monopoly and if you don’t believe me try opening a business or get a liquor license. Shame on you.. you grow up and stop watching TV and believing Obama!!!

  • George McDowell

    Dude had it coming. About time someone put a bit of stick about. Maybe next time these drugged up losers will think before ignoring an angry cop.

    • Jen

      An innocent and unarmed streaker did not have it coming. You sound like you’re a cop yourself. Cops on their power trips must be stopped.

    • Morgana99

      The guy was just having fun, a huge smile on his face, totally harmless. Your comment has no merit. I was there, police should have laughed instead, like absolutely everyone there. Completely inappropriate response to a silly prank. No one cared. He was just a teddy bear. I like to believe, when playing this back in their minds, the officers involved wish they had responded differently. As they saw the crowd reaction, I could see all the confusion about their own actions in their eyes. It was a big mistake to take him down this way.

    • Emil Ozaraga

      Wow George Mccdowell. That is the most closed minded ignorant thing I’ve ever read, even for the Internet. It’s people like you that spread hatred and allow things like police brutality to thrive. It’s people’s lives we’re talking about not just some drugged out loser but a human being. I really hope you find some sort of understanding and empathy for others. Otherwise you’re just lost.

    • Collin Jones

      A bit of a stick about what? About someone being silly and naked? Are you really that insecure that you can’t handle a guy being silly and naked where you can see him? Grow up.

    • spongeO

      George McDowell lives a sad and lonely life.

    • erik

      hey george your a dick!!!

  • BRB

    I was there as well, and indeed there was a use of excessive force. But on a happier note, there was a lovely wedding at the festival soon afterwards!

    Also, this man was by no means bothering anyone at the festival. People were, in fact, cheering for him as he ran by until the police arrived and things turned ugly.

  • Destiny Zee

    Here is a link to a news report including video of victim being tased:

  • pam

    why dont you tell the truth..everyone knew drugs where involved, campers worked him for hours before they called in jamcare paramedics… I talked to 5 different people who watched it with their own eyes, they should have shut the festival down, SB should be ashamed of it’s behavior to the locals, officals and the ranch, they used us like whores!

    • C Br

      it’s a 4 day music festival… that brought 3500 people through your area..

    • Marcus

      Amen. I was there, saw the whole thing go down. He was just trying to hug people and make them smile. Everyone was laughing at it, cheering him on. Supporting his ability to be FREE. And, the next thing you know the guy is being shoulder checked by an EVENT STAFF into the road (hired by the festival) before the police had a chance to jump in and start tazing. It went from beautiful freedom to a brutal show of force. At a spiritually inclined festival???

      The festival organizers know damn well what happens at that festival, the amount of drugs that are taken there. They usher the community in with the ideal that the fans will be protected for this “lifestyle” by gathering together under the guise of spirituality and music. You would think that festival organizers would have made an effort to
      ensure he didn’t go on public property, so he would be protected. That is their job. To protect their patrons. They could have posted their own volunteers at the gate to keep him off of public property. They could have let him run it off. Instead they not only allowed this to happen, but are actually supporting the police in saying it was not brutality?? And, they claim to be a spiritual festival?

      There is nothing spiritual about this. They should be more than ashamed. I hope nobody else buys tickets to that event again. They should be put out of business. Tell your friends, tell your loved ones. SONIC BLOOM is not a safe environment to embrace such ethics or lifestyle choices. It is strictly a money making endeavor so Mr. Janover can continue to travel around the world and “claim” some consciousness the backs of the fans who have supported him. Boo Hiss Janover. How can you sleep at night knowing you allowed this to happen, and THEN SUPPORTED the police just so you can have good relations next year. Wow. We all know the truth. We know what the Unified Field means to you. And, its in your pocket book.

      • godamn

        or he could have “ran it off” like you are saying, accidentally fall in the river and be washed away to his death…….BUT THENNNNN what would you be saying about the festival, its organizers & the “lack of safety there” or sum other BS you could use to complain about.

  • C Br

    I just watched the video, You can’t do that to people on drugs. you could have ruined his life or killed him. and the ignorance of some people.. people were screaming at him, and nobody could do anything about it.. you’d want to hope that there’s going to be at least some justice here.