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Snoop Lion kicks off 4/20 at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver (photos)

As the clock struck midnight on April 20, Snoop Lion tossed joints to the crowd, balloons fell from the ceiling and the first legal 4/20 in Denver had officially begun.

The evening at the Fillmore Auditorium started with a screening of Snoop’s film, “Reincarnated” and a question and answer session with the rapper. After a montage about Snoop’s marijuana advocacy, he was awarded  the High Times Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award. Fitting for both the honor and the celebration, Snoop’s acceptance speech was a bong rip from the award itself (because it doubled as a bong).

Fans showered the stage with marijuana-laced gifts, including a brownie that someone had taken a bite out of.

“How the hell you going to give me a brownie that you took a bite out of, man?,” Snoop said. He left the stage for a number of DJs to warm up the crowd before 4/20.

At approximately 11:55 p.m., DJ Snoopalicious took the stage to start a countdown to 4/20. He played until about 1 a.m., smoking with the crowd and filling the Fillmore with a 4/20-induced haze.

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Seth McConnell is a member of YourHub at The Denver Post and a regular contributor to Reverb.

  • WebWiseWoman

    Never could huff (migraines don’t cha know) but this is cool; saw Snoop last year and disappointed at his lack of recognition for The Food Chain, but willing to forgive…

  • Toast

    This was the worst letdown at a concert I’ve ever experienced. $42 for me to watch him hide behind his laptop and play other people’s songs. Pretty sure it was advertised as ringing in 4/20 with Snoop Lion…. Kind of makes one thing he’s going to… You know… Actually perform something. I feel like the kids on South Park who want their money back from Mel Gibson after watching Passion of the Christ. High Times, I had 8 people out to visit from the midwest for your events this weekend, and I want my money back. ESPECIALLY for the Snoop Lion show.

  • Shawn Thackrah

    snoop lions ipod sucks lol

  • chicago

    Next time you need to perform you ain’t no DJ came from chi-town and show was wack

  • Shave the Whales

    High Times falsely advertised this by selling tickets for entry to the “Snoop Lion concert” at 9:00 when really it was just a screening of his movie with DJ sets after . That is NOT a concert, and definitely not a separate event to sell to people. I feel I was ripped off. Can’t blame Snoop for nothing more than the guest DJ set he was paid to do. Unfortunately the Cup was even more poorly organized than the Snoop show, but that’s a whole different thing I’ll be writing High Times about. This was a historic occasion, way to completely drop the ball planning the celebration!