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Jay-Z responds to Cuba controversy, Nets sale with song “Open Letter”

Jay-Z has responded to his Cuba vacation controversy with a song called “Open Letter.” Photo by Chad Batka, The New York Times.

By Erik Myers

Jay-Z is an easy target for more than just lesser-known rappers looking to build careers off beef, as the past couple of weeks have proved. The enigmatic hip-hop star has decided to address his latest set of haters with a new track, “Open Letter.” The song was posted earlier this morning on Jay-Z’s Life + Times website.

Anger over Jay-Z and Beyonce’s anniversary vacation to Cuba spilled over into Washington D.C. earlier this week when a congressional investigation was launched to look into the legality of the trip. Even though plenty of musicians have made the trip to the embargoed island nation without the government’s permission, the investigation revealed that the trip had, in fact, been given clearance by the U.S. Treasury Department. List to the new track below.

“Politicians never did shit for me, except lie to me, distort history,” Jay-Z raps over the low slung production before name-dropping the one politician who did help, President Barack Obama.

Jay-Z has also been under scrutiny recently for shopping his miniscule stake in the Brooklyn Nets, a team his presence transformed since coming on board early on in the last decade. The decision was made after his management company Roc Nation chose to pursue its own sports agency with Roc Nation Sports. National Basketball Association rules mandate this step.

But as “Open Letter” shows, Jay-Z doesn’t seem too upset about leaving the team that came up with him: “I still own the building, I’m keeping my seats, you buy that bullshit, you better keep your receipts.”

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