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“Evil Dead” playlist: Ramones, Nine Inch Nails, Nick Cave and more

By Erik Myers

In a modern movie market saturated with remakes, it’s rare when something memorable slithers out from underneath the floorboards.

Now, what’s to be made of the remake of the cult classic “The Evil Dead”? Opening wide in theaters today, the buzz from its SXSW debut has been promising.

So whether excited, dismissive or just looking for a laugh, you’ll still have fun listening to Reverb’s Evil Dead playlist on Spotify.

Sit back and imagine gearing up for a fun weekend in the woods with your good-looking but badly behaved friends (“Young Blood”). Something about the locale doesn’t feel right (“Weird Sin”), especially the old leathery tome in the cabin basement filled with Sumerian scribbling (“Cryptograms”). But only after reading a single incantation, someone starts acting out of character, saying awful things while utilizing sharp objects to punctuate their point (“Someone I Used To Know”). You force him or her into the basement, but then everyone else starts acting out, one by one (“Everything Went Dark”). Even your hand turns on you (“Red Right Hand”), forcing a trip to the tool shed (“Chain Saw”). After a whole evening of bodily dismemberment, you’re the only one left standing (“Last”), unless the unseen spectre rushing toward you has other plans (“I Think I’m Evil Now”).

You can listen to the full playlist here or click on any of the songs listed below. Or class up your afternoon with the Mad Men playlist.

“Young Blood” — The Naked And Famous

“Deep In The Woods” — Tennis

“Some Weird Sin” — Iggy Pop

“Dead Souls” — Joy Division

“Cryptograms” — Deerhunter

“De Vermis Mysteriis” — High On Fire

“Somebody That I Used To Know” — Elliot Smith

“Trapped In A Basement” — Black Lips

“Henrietta” — Yeasayer

“Lunacy” — Swans

“Everything Went Dark” — Pinkish Black

“Die Slow” — HEALTH

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