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Watch: Tyler, the Creator stages “Key to the City” ceremony in Boulder

Watch a video of Tyler, the Creator staging a "Key to the City" ceremony in Boulder.

Watch a video of Tyler, the Creator staging a “Key to the City” ceremony in Boulder.

By Erik Myers

Riotous rapper Tyler, the Creator has been making a lot of noise in Colorado lately, having set off a “riot situation” in Boulder when he performed at the Fox Theatre earlier this month. Now, in a new video shot earlier that day, Tyler and his Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All entourage can be seen riling up his fans outside the Fox Theatre, where they receive Boulder’s “Key to the City” in a faux ceremony.

“Why Boulder?” the cameraman asks, to which Tyler responds, “I’m from here… lot of drugs, lot of hard times, try to keep a brother down, but…” Jasper the Dolphin interjects: “Gotta keep that chin up man, keep that shit high man.”

Any true OFWGKTA fan will know that Tyler was actually born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif., just as they know how much the mischievous 22-year-old loves a good prank. The festivities begin with a parade down 13th Street to the Fox, Tyler waving from the back of a truck to a small crowd of fans. Then, with a crude banner and bite-sized marching band leading them, he and the OF crew lead the procession into Pearl Street Mall for the reception ceremony.

Behind the podium decorated with an OF-ized version of the city of Boulder’s logo, an obvious non-member of Boulder’s City Council speaks warmly of Tyler’s efforts and dedication to his “hometown” while standing next to a giant cardboard cutout of Tyler’s upcoming album “Wolf.”

“Through your countless hours spent checking people in to our local rec centers, through the hundreds of pieces of trash you handpicked up in our neighborhoods… You have consistently proven yourself to be an inspirational and benevolent citizen of a world that is so often full of hate and violence,” the speaker says.

“Fuck hate,” Tyler concurs.

Based on his past two efforts, one could make the legitimate argument that Tyler has actually done more to promote hate and violence in the world. Nonetheless, it’s nice to see a musical artist devoted to not taking himself seriously. The video wraps up with footage from later in the evening, when Boulder police arrived to quell unrest outside of the concert.

Tyler, the Creator drops “Wolf” on April 2. Stay tuned to Reverb for updates and a review of the album.

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Electronic blogger Erik Myers is a Denver-based writer and new contributor to Reverb. Contact him at or follow him on Twitter.