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YACHT accuses Kohl’s of plagiarism and wins

By Erik Myers

Some make the assertion that YACHT’s dance pop is just a takeoff of David Byrne. But even so, there’s no denying they’re more creative about it than Kohl’s, who YACHT accused of plagiarizing the band’s poster design on a t-shirt.

YACHT posted a comparison between the poster and the shirt on their Tumblr, along with a statement:

Listen, we’re interested in how ideas circulate through popular culture, but this “If I Can’t Go To Heaven” triangle t-shirt is too much. Kohl’s is a huge corporate entity that stands to make way more money off our lyrics and design than we ever will. Please share this image and let Kohl’s know it’s not OK to rip independent artists off this blatantly.

SPIN reported that the shirt was taken off of Kohl’s website shortly after YACHT’s post began to circulate, and that the shirt’s designer, Freeze CMI, has yet to return requests for comment.

This alleged tweaking of creative design for corporate profit is nothing new for the music world. The Black Keys forced Pizza Hut and Home Depot to cough up settlements for replicating “El Camino” tracks for their commercials. Beach House, on the other hand, got bupkis when Volkswagen did likewise with their 2010 track “Take Care.”

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