Watch: Prince performs "Screwdriver," "Bambi" on Jimmy Fallon - Reverb

Watch: Prince performs “Screwdriver,” “Bambi” on Jimmy Fallon

Prince made the network TV premiere of “Screwdriver” and “Bambi” on Jimmy Fallon’s anniversary show on Friday night. He performed live for the first time some of the new material we’ve been talking about since a mysterious Twitter handle leaked a song. Watch prince perform “Screwdriver” and “Bambi” on Jimmy Fallon.

Prince, sporting an afro, owned the fierce and crunchy “Bambi,” noodling on his guitar for many solos that would’ve made Santana proud. The world hasn’t seen Prince this playful since the days of “Diamonds and Pearls.” The proud son of Minneapolis wasn’t completely done with one performance. His second song, “Screwdriver,” is one that younger fans who weren’t around in the heyday of “Little Red Corvette” can connect to. The drum kit in the all female backing band rivals Neil Peart and not to mention the intense shredding by both bassist and guitarist. Can someone please tell me if Prince is attempting to bring see-through eye masks in vogue?

Most recently, the “Purple One” played six shows in three days at the small-ish Dakota Jazz Club in his hometown of Minneapolis that functioned as a setting for auditions and a forum to display new material.

Prince “Screwdriver”

Prince “Bambi”

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Julio Enriquez is a Denver writer and photographer, editor of the Cause=Time blog and a regular contributor to Reverb

  • Marc Leach

    Brought Bambi back from the dead. Bout time he lost the perm.

    • Michelle Jb

      He was sooo wack when I saw him last year. $500 for a ticket and all we got was Purple Rain, Parade and friggin’ the song from Happy Feet. Now he’s with an all-girl band singing ‘Bambi’ and I can’t decide if I’m ecstatic he’s around the female energy which prompts his best work or pissed he didn’t tour with THIS band!!!

      • Marc Leach

        Too bad and glad I didn’t see it. I saw him in 2004 and they dropped the bomb.

  • julio enriquez

    I kind of like the “curl.”

  • Stephen Ely

    That’s an afro, Prince’s natural hair, not a perm, douche.

    • Cobra

      he was acknowledging that Prince was sporting a fro rather than the perm… douche. =)

  • Fun

    Prince KILLED it again! He’s gotta be the most underrated guitarist ever! Another classic performance! He’s just FANTASTIC!

  • JawnWaters

    we bow to the GOD!!!!

  • mischievous

    Congrads !

  • David Clatney

    ridiculously nasty!!!

  • Moi Joli

    He was on FIRE! I fell in luv with Prince after my mother took me to see Purple Rain. Prince is alway evolving. The band was wicked!!!!! I saw Prince in concert. It was exhilarating.

  • DC

    I’ve been a fan since Dirty Mind but I’m amazed that NO ONE is willing to admit Prince’s curent music is aging with him. Screwdriver is just an AWFUL song! I’d rather listen to something old from unreleased tracks rather than this drivel.

    • David Clatney

      i kinda thought the same at first about screwdriver but i listened to it a couple times and it’s catchy as hell…..good song

  • Burnie Rubble

    what a waste of a good guitar…….musicians smashing guitars is so 1969

    • David Clatney

      he didn’t smash it,
      he violated it and discarded it like trash……on the one. afro from 69 though lol

  • Curtis Willis

    “Bambi” is a B side that is over 30 years old. I believe it’s about trying to convert a lesbian back to sleeping with men with lines like “it’s better with a man” and “baby you need to bleed”. Can anyone in the class guess why he dusted of this relic of a song in 2013?

    • Michelle Jb

      It’s not a b-side, it’s an album track.

  • flyguurl

    Its Prince. Period. Talent never ages.

  • David Clatney

    hear i am again back!! and watching again :)

  • David Clatney

    or here lol

  • Shanna Lynne Richards

    Wrong! Great song, old school rock n roll! GREAT!

  • Joey Nonayabusiness

    That was Captain Kirk’s guitar he broke. What a dick.

  • David Clatney