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Listen to the new Hollagramz song, “Sex Potion,” ahead of full-length album


Denver producer Hollagramz has released the new song, “Sex Potion,” ahead of a full-length debut album. Photo courtesy of

By Erik Myers

Following years of buzzing around Denver’s underground, Hollagramz is moving into higher wavelengths with a brand new single off his upcoming full-length debut.

Mixing together flashy high-pitched synths, low-end burbles and soul singer samples, it seems “Sex Potion” was tuned with pleasure frequencies in mind. Take a listen to the new Hollagramz song “Sex Potion” below:

Ron Cole, the producer behind Hollagramz, terms his style as “Atlantean Techno,” the current form of a sound evolved over the course of several singles and EPs. In some ways, it’s a continuation of the dark bubbly sound that Hollagramz helped popularize with former Denver dance tsar Pictureplane, but with bigger bass and refined keyboard progressions. Cole was actually a regular on the bill for Pictureplane’s “Real Is A Feeling” dance parties of years past. To see him continue the alternative dynasty with new material is something of a godsend for locals eager for something outside the spheres of dubstep, electronic dance music and progressive techno.

The record was co-produced with Cory Brown, a frequent Hollagramz collaborator and figure in Denver’s dance scene. His self-titled full-length is set to drop on May 14 via Small Plates Records. If you can’t wait that long, venture through the Hollgramz back catalog, which is mostly available for download on his website.

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