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Carrie Underwood at the 1stBank Center, 02/14/13 (photos, review)

Fresh off her performance and two wins at the 2013 Grammys, Carrie Underwood brought her Blown Away Tour to the 1stBank Center on Thursday night. The show kicked off 40 new dates in support of her latest album by the same name that debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart. It also debuted at No. 1 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart.

The “Blown Away” concept tied the entire show together with the visual effects of being caught in a tornado on the plains of Oklahoma, loosely mixed with themes from the “Wizard of OZ.” At one point an entire section of the stage rose into the air and glided over the crowd with Underwood and her band suspended by cables and giant Chinese lanterns that gave the illusion of her riding in a hot air balloon.

The distinction between country and pop is very hazy these days. While rising divas like Taylor Swift are leading that charge, Underwood holds onto at least the sounds that make the music country. She keeps a lap steel petal player in the band and when the songs are at their best you can hear the twang of fiddles rising to crescendo.

Highlights of the show were performances of the major hits that propelled her to stardom, “Jesus, Take the Wheel” (2005), and “Before He Cheats” (2006).

The night included a couple of special guests as she brought opening act Hunter Hays back to the stage for her song “Leave love alone.” Then she sang alongside a digital projection of male country star Brad Paisley against a desert landscape for his song “Remind Me.”

Underwood admitted that even though it was Valentine’s Day, most of her songs are about revenge like chart rising single “Two Black Cadillacs.” In spite of the revenge filled night, she did manage to belt out “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” toward the end of the show and then left the stage only to return for a encore to sing title track “Blown Away” complete with a 20 ft fog and confetti tornado sweeping her away off stage to end the show.

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Evan Semón is a Denver freelance writer and photographer and regular contributor to Reverb. See more of his work.

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  • Steven

    Carrie’s second leg of her Blown Away tour actually kicked of at The World Arena in Colorado Springs the night before this show. It was a sold out arena that rocked and danced to all the music described above. Unfortunately due to a technical malfunction we didn’t witness the stage with Carrie a couple of her band members being lifted and traveling above the audience to the nose bleeders so they could have close up experience. Only those who’s seen her tour in the fall knew this had happened. Carrie has become the consummate professional but still retains her country down home charm. Her connection to her fans is palatable and her voice and music has no match on the current touring scene. Carrie gives her music and her fans 100% + and for me and millions of others the good feel of being totally entertained when she’s performing. Thanks Carrie and to all those that help you put on such a great concert.

  • Sunny Powell

    Carrie is the best in Country music and can hold her own in any genre.

  • ricky.smithson

    Carrie did not win 2 Grammy’s ( Carrie won 1 Grammy ) ……. Carrie did not write the song ” Blown Away ” so she got no Grammy for that song ( The writers got the Grammy ) second, Carrie could only sell out 68% of a concert in her hometown of nashville ( 10,000 ) when the Nashville arena seat 14,000

    • lisa74664

      Carrie’s concert lack’s excitement, I mean Carrie just stands there all night or walks back and forth. The girl needs to learn how to dance.

      • nacnyjohnson

        I wonder how many Ostrich’s had to die to get that Ostrich feather dress? Or are there 20 naked Ostrich’s running around with cold rear ends? I think that is very tacky if you ask me = Ostrich feather dress, and Carrie needs to cut back on the fake wigs or hair extentions as they are getting bigger and bigger every year = to big to look real

      • canadianbri

        tell me one country performer that “dances” on stage?
        Oh yah I remember Eric Church doing the moon