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Deadmau5 hates Kanye West, EDM and probably you, too

By Erik Myers

Popular producer Deadmau5 gave a scathing interview to Vibe in this month’s issue, speaking about his distaste for Kanye West, two of his fellow Grammy electronica nominees and the entire electronic dance music scene.

When asked which producers he’d be interested in working with, the multi-headed producer put it plainly: “Anyone other than ***king Kanye.”

“I ***king hate him,” Deadmau5 said. “He’s just trying too hard. But the problem is he’s succeeding at it.”

It’s no surprise that Deadmau5 spoke just as frankly EDM, a term and style which he has previously expressed his apathy towards. In his interview with Vibe, he rechristens the genre “Event Driven Marketing” and elaborates on what he perceives as the genre’s descent into commercialism.

“Skrillex… took this brostep thing and really commercialized it,” he said. “And I’m not saying that’s bad, it’s great in a certain aspect. You got to be really careful with those mill markets, because they’ll turn on you in a ***king second.”

Skrillex might have been spared his full temperament, but other fellow Grammy nominees weren’t as lucky. He summed up the Swedish House Mafia experience as “…three of you and one ***king CD with the track on it. It’s all show pony shit” before turning his crosshairs on Swedish producer Avicii: “He did (“Levels”), and it was all right—it was catchy—but I, dead-fucking-mau5, cannot name another Avicii track. I shit you not.”

Toward the end of the interview, Deadmau5 maintains that he is just being honest. “The reason why I am looked at as an asshole is because I just don’t give a ***k about pretty much anything,” he said.

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  • Candy Reid

    and believe me when i say to that ratmau5, NO ONE gives afk about you too.