Bonnaroo 2013 lineup rumors: Paul McCartney, Wu-Tang Clan and more

1) Paul McCartney, people seem confident

Paul McCartney is one of the top rumored artists to be on the Bonnaroo 2013 lineup. British musician Sir Paul McCartney performs at the 100 Club in London. The historic London venue is threatened with closure. (AP Photo/MJ Kim/MPL Communications Ltd)

According to a fake/rumor poster that popped up on the Bonnaroo Reddit page, Paul McCartney is set to headline the festival. This wouldn’t be entirely out of the question, seeing as Bonnaroo has historically called upon a classic rock act to anchor the show. Many other blogs and rumor sites seem almost certain that McCartney will be playing on Saturday night. It’s kind of hard to tell for sure, seeing as McCartney has no tour dates announced on his website…

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