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Watch Chris Brown diss Frank Ocean at the Grammys (GIFs)

Remember that time Chris Brown started a fight with Frank Ocean over a parking spot? And then Frank Ocean Tweeted he “cut my finger now i can’t play w two hands at the grammys.”

Thankfully he managed to persevere, playing on stage at Sunday night’s 55th annual Grammy Awards. (See photos of the performance here). In fact, Frank’s night went extremely well, because he won the award for “Best Contemporary Urban Album.”

And the entire audience gave him a standing ovation.










Except Chris Brown.










Gifs courtesy of Buzzfeed.

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  • Andy Rok Guerrero

    Love frank ocean, hate chris brown, but ocean sounding really bad last night, super flat.

  • Hambone

    Why doesn’t somebody just knock the crap out of Chris Brown? I’ll bet that little girly man has never taken a punch to the face. I would to watch a video of his teeth and blood spraying across the room after somebody rocked his world.

  • Afnan

    Why the fuck is this such a big issue? He got into a fight with Frank Ocean a while ago so why the fuck would he give him a standing ovation? He’s clapping for God’s sake. Get over it. All you do is pick at every little thing he does. Let the man move on and become a better person, all this negativity towards him is only going to leave him more angry and dark. Positivity leads to success and change so if you stopped bashing him, maybe he can live a healthy and proper life so we’ll have one less violent/angry person in this world.

  • person

    i would have done the same thing! chris brown has way better music!!