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Grammys 2013: Listen to the 10 best Frank Ocean songs


7) “No Church in the Wild”

Frank Ocean had not just one, but two coveted guest spots on Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne.” While “Made in America” was more driven by its soulful hook, Ocean abjectly takes this track for a ride with his challenging questions about God, religion, and those governed by the two. One of his most poignant offerings before the release of Channel Orange.

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  • kurtinco

    Seriously?? This guy’s considered “talented?” He pilfers a soundtrack from another band then reads the Playboy Letter of the Month from 1989 and that’s “talent”?

    Hmm, let’s see. “The lyrics are metaphorical…” He starts the song out by singing “I wanna F you”…. What kind of metaphor is that? Methinks the writer has bought into some hype and has forgotten one of the first rules of reporting…. Don’t fall in love with your subject.

    • Casanova Frankenstein

      are you being purposely obtuse or you just retarded.. Or maybe you’re just don henleys egore who knows either way you’re way off

      • kurtinco

        Hmm, what part of what I wrote is “obtuse” or “retarded”? The writer clearly doesn’t understand the word “metaphor”…perhaps you don’t either.

        A “metaphor” is a figure of speech that equates a word directly with a word of different meaning. How can “I wanna F you” be metaphorical when the whole point of the song is to F YOU? That’s not a metaphor, it’s a definitive statement, like “I want a cup of coffee” doesn’t mean “I want to skydive in a tutu”.

        Maybe if you care to explain yourself instead of just wielding insults like a 2nd grade bully, you’ll have a better chance at a legitimate conversation.

    • suckme

      You don’t think he’s talented?

    • J.Dot

      Listen to Pink Matter before you decide to teach anyone about metaphors.

      • kurtinco

        The article writer didn’t reference “Pink Matter”, so why bring it up? Besides, Pink Matter is almost a suave and nuanced as Warrant’s song “She’s My Cherry Pie” back in the 80s. So subtle…

        • dawson

          Agreed that the article is misleading and poorly written. However, you were quick to jump to conclusions about his level of talent. You can’t deny that the guy can sing and write lyrics. God knows his lyrical content is at least a little deeper than most R&B and Pop artists.

          • kurtinco

            Here’s my problem with the way this article and the artist was presented. I am told that the artist is a lyrical genius, the way he weaves metaphors into a phantasmagorical and sensual world. The song (which was one of few I listened to) wasn’t at all the way he presented it. He overlays highly-charged sexual lyrics over MGMT’s “Electric Feel”, which is a pretty fine song to begin with. His lyrics aren’t special, at least in this song. Heck, I knew kids who wrote more creatively about sex on bathroom walls in middle school. Now, he may be the next great R&B/Pop artist, but I defy you to make “Nature Feels” into some sort of profound example of excellence.

            If I’m quick to jump to conclusions about his talent, it’s because I was introduced to him through this article. This song disappoints on many, many levels.

    • xxxxxxxx

      the descripton to this page says “For fans of frank ocean” not haters