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Try to watch the new Animal Collective video for “Applesauce”

By Erik Myers

It should come as no surprise that French director Gaspar Noé directed the new Animal Collective video. His video for “Applesauce,” a track off of last year’s full-length “Centipede Hz,” was released this afternoon.

Spoiler alert: The video is five minutes of feminine lips tearing into some type of fruit, possibly a plum. Noé, whose films include “Enter the Void” and “Irreversible,” is a master of the French shock art tradition and unafraid to attack the viewer’s senses to achieve unique and artful ends. “Applesauce” contains many of his trademarks: disturbing visions of femininity, chunky slime and, of course, flashing lights.

Think you could handle a Noé film? Get through the opening credits of “Enter The Void” below and you might have a shot. Even Kanye is a fan.

Animal Collective will perform at the Ogden Theater on March 22.

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Electronic blogger Erik Myers is a Denver-based writer and new contributor to Reverb. Follow him on Twitter.

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    She needs a napkin.