Worst music of 2012: Mumford & Sons, Lana Del Rey, Gotye, “Glee,” Bob Dylan, fun. and more

Baca: You don’t think she did? The way I see it, she sucked an egg on “SNL.” But how many awards shows has Taylor Swift ruined as she’s learned her public voice? So many. And while I have no idea if LDR ever finally achieved a decent public voice (haven’t seen her yet), I still believe it didn’t matter. “Born to Die” is so unstoppably strange and beautiful.

Miller: That faux melancholy that she’s all about gets old really fast. Also, her vocal inflections (speech impediment?) starts to grind after listening to a whole song.

Baca: I dig that. Somehow I’m on the complete other side. I can’t get enough. She’s that artist for me this year where I’m devouring everything — dance remixes, crappy YouTubes, old yearbook pictures.

Miller: Ha ha I’d like to see more from her. I’m not ready to completely write her off, but I don’t think she’s earned the obsession status yet.

Baca: So here was something strange that happened in 2012. I started watching both “Glee” and “The Voice.” I have to ask it — What the hell happened to me? — when I find my self Spotifying “Glee” arrangements of R.E.M. and Bowie as I’m prepping to watch Adam Levine and Blake Shelton kiss some mediocre artist’s ass on national television. You ever watch either of those shows?

Miller: Well, I haven’t had a TV for a while, which is good because I can stay clear of the heroin that is “Glee” and “The Voice.” I can see how it could be easy to be drawn into that stuff, but I’m looking for something fresh from music, and not wanting to be part of the commercial repackaging of what I love. That being said, I couldn’t stop listening to that “Glee” version of “Born to Run.” What is it that you connect with on shows like that?

Baca: “Glee” is fun and progressive and zany and well-meaning and solid entertainment for kids. “The Voice” is (dare I say) smart entertainment — a game show dressed up as a legitimate singing competition. Neither of them are great, but sometimes it’s enough to be really, really entertaining.

Miller: That sounds like why I love “How I Met Your Mother,” so I totally understand. So what’s your list of worst music of 2012? Could we possibly agree on a list?

Baca: I don’t see that happening anytime soon, ha. And that’s why we publish individual best-of lists — and I think that’s a better service to our readers. Shall we leave it with me hating on Dylan, FJM and Passion Pit while you’re feeling down on LDR, Gotye and fun.?

Miller: Haha I’m kind of a hater.

Baca: It’s all part of the job!

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Ricardo Baca is the founder and executive editor of Reverb, the co-founder of The UMS and an award-winning critic and editor at The Denver Post.

Reverb Managing Editor Matt Miller has a Twitter account that he uses fairly often, but not often enough to be annoying.