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Best of 2012: Colorado artists

This week, Reverb editors and writers are compiling their favorite music of 2012. Today, we take a look at our favorite artists from around Colorado. Check back Thursday for best songs of 2012 and Friday for best albums of 2012.

Here are our lists of best Colorado artists of 2012. Let us know what your lists are in the comments below:

Matt Miller, Reverb managing editor

1. Morning Clouds

2. Force Publique

3. Bad Weather California

4. You, Me, & Apollo

5. Tennis

6. Gauntlet Hair

7. Sour Boy, Bitter Girl

8. Wheelchair Sports Camp

9. Nathaniel Rateliff

10. The Lumineers

John Wenzel, A&E reporter, The Denver Post

1. Mike Marchant

2. Morning Clouds

3. Nathaniel Rateliff

4. Air Dubai

5. The Centennial

6. Tennis

7. Amazing Twin

8. Hindershot

9. Il Cattivo

10. The River Drifters

Ricardo Baca, pop music critic, The Denver Post

1. The Lumineers

2. Kissing Party

3. Ian Cooke

4. Churchill

5. Science Partner

6. You, Me & Apollo

7. The Knew

8. The Epilogues

9. Wheelchair Sports Camp

10. The Hollyfelds

Mike Long, Reverb contributor

1. Mike Marchant

2. Wovenhand

3. Tennis

4. Night of Joy

5. The Blue Rider

6. Hearts In Space

7. Overcasters

8. Il Cattivo

9. The Cutthroat Drifters

10. Sauna

Nic Turiciano, Reverb indie music blogger

1. Morning Clouds

2. Bad Weather California

3. You, Me and Apollo

4. Sour Boy, Bitter Girl

5. The Blue Rider

6. The Yawpers

7. Hindershot

8. Achille Lauro

9. Air Dubai

10. A.M. Pleasure Assassins

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  • John J. Wood

    It’s sad that Elephant Revival is not on any of these lists, which confirm that special quintet is making great music after all! :-)

    • Ricardo Baca

      This is only five lists, John. There are so many bands out there making quality music. That said, who else isn’t on any of these lists and “should be” – or what does your all-locals list look like?

      • Muleman

        1. Longest Day of the Year – Turn Into the Ground (gotta vote for my own…)

        2. Esme Patterson – All Princes, I

        3. Mosey West – Merica

        4. Ryan Dart – The Shift

        5. SHEL – SHEL

        6. Muskeeteer Gripweed – Staight Razor Revival

        7. Turn 4 – What You Do About It

        8. The Congress – Whatever You Want

        9. Fierce Bad Rabbit – Live and Learn

        10. Lizzie Huffman – Pretty Old Soul

  • Jay

    Great lists all around- tons of good new bands too! Though it would be good to see some metal and hip-hop represented…

  • pcuz

    no accordion crimes? or native daughters?

    • Ricardo Baca

      Love me some Accordion Crimes. Still have to see Native Daughters, but I like what I hear, especially this track:

  • Hannah Glennon

    Love the logo! Great picks all around! CO has some great talent, glad to see these bands are getting some recognition!

  • nashmang

    Good stuff – thanks for sharing – definitely opens my eyes to other local acts I was not aware of and need to check out….how about a comp?…Nice to see Night of Joy get some love as well….Thank Reverb for the daily updates to feed my Mile High Misc interest….BTW – Matthew E. White show tomorrow at Hi-Dive has been cancelled…bummer

  • Ryan

    Check out SHEL from FoCo!

  • Kelly McCandlish Knowles

    Ummm, where is Gregory Alan Isakov?