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KBPI’s Uncle Nasty, KBCO’s Keefer fired by Clear Channel

KBPI’s Uncle Nasty (Gregg Stone) was fired by Clear Channel Thursday from KBPI 106.7 FM and Keefer and others were let go at KBCO 97.3 FM in what has become an end-of-year rite affecting the company’s stations in markets nationally. Keefer, who held the 3-8 p.m. shift at KBCO, was let go along with the morning producer and receptionist. Stone and an imaging technician were let go at KBPI.

Check for updates on the Denver Post’s blogs.

“They eliminated my position. We’re already pretty streamlined here,” Stone said. “It will all be piped in.”

In another round of year-end staff reductions, management decided to reduce staff and put more syndicated fare on the air as a cost-cutting measure. Stone echoed the expectation nationally, that Clear Channel intends to rely more on the company’s Premium Choice syndicated service, which offers more than a dozen musical formats.

After 15 years with the company, Stone said he was offered “an insulting severance package” and was in and out of the boss’ office “in 13 minutes.” Stone blamed what he called “reactionary” decisions from the top — “talk more, don’t talk, play more music…” — for the station’s ratings woes. The company has pushed the “iheartradio” app as the next big thing but, Stone said, “without terrestrial radio there’s no cash flow.”

The company’s statement:

We are constantly looking at all aspects of our business to ensure that it reflects how the best organizations work today, taking advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology and organizational structure so we can continue to operate as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Like every successful business, our strategy continues to evolve as we move forward as a company; this creates some new jobs, and unfortunately eliminates others. These are never easy decisions to make.

In the process of making these recent changes, some employees were affected. We thank them for their service and wish them all the best for the future.

On Wednesday, radio trade publications reported Moody’s analysts believe Clear Channel may have a tough time refinancing more than $10 billion in debt obligations due in 2016. Industry observers speculate that Clear Channel may have to consider a merger or a sell off of some of its assets. The company was acquired by Bain Capital in 2008.

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  • KV

    Officially never listening to the radio ever again. Back to my phone and Auxiliary cord. Good luck guys. The radio personalities is what makes radio fun to listen to, you relate and start to adore these personalities. To bad you couldn’t see that more clearly despite your name “clear channel”

  • Skanman

    Huge disappointment. Big fan of uncle nasty. I don’t think I’ll continue to listen. HAIL NASTY!!!

  • K

    I have to agree with all the other comments below. I loved Uncle Nasty! He made my afternoon drive great! I sure hope that they don’t get rid of Willie B in the morning or I will not have a pleasant drive at all. Clear channel you made the wrong choice!

  • Dave

    While I can’t stand “Nasty” nor any of the idiots that opened their mouths during his show, I also can’t stand the lack of any humanity and personality with piped-in programmed radio. It’s a shame. I will miss Keefer though. I listened to his show quite a bit and had the privilege of speaking with him on a couple of occasions. I hope better futures on the horizon for all of them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/annmarie.e.marino Annmarie E. Marino

    HAIL !

  • Shelby

    Way to go Clear Channel on getting rid of a major talent on KBPI. Uncle Nasty was the only reason to listen and now you’ve lost a lot of loyal fans/listeners. Hope that’s good for your future ratings.

  • Slomo

    I blame myself for this…..Every new place I move to and find a great station Clear Channel seems to eff it up. Clear Channel, go suck it!
    Hail Nasty!

  • F* clear channel

    HAIL NASTY!!!!!

  • allmopar 06

    Well it’s obvious that Clear Channel is not in tune with there stations and audiences. There just another Corporate America businesses. Not worried about anything but the bottom line. Lets see how this works out now that the majority of people I know that listen to KBPI and Uncle Nasty will turn there I pods back on the the radio off in the afternoons. Clear Channel you suck.

    • Richard Cabezza

      Perfect corporate entity, paying Rush Limbaugh a huge bloated salary and Bain Capital bought them in 2008. Sorry for the real people, but corporate worships $$$$$. Hope you crash and burn.
      Hail Nasty!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.harcarik Joseph Harcarik

    Will be listening less to KBPI if at all. Glad I have a iPod connection in my car. HAIL Nasty!

  • Alex

    Offically never listening to 106.7 again. Way to go on suvking tje days dick guys. You suck.

  • welder57

    Clear channel you suck! I have listened to Uncle Nasty for years. As soon as Willie Be
    show is over at 10 I won’t listen to your station or any of other station of yours afterwards
    I hope you go bankrupt! Hail Nasty

  • Katzenjammer

    So sorry to see Clear Channel is getting rid of talented people in order to stretch its remaining talented staff too thin. Sorry to see Keefer go, especially. He’s a great DJ and all-around good guy. All the best to the departing staff in the future–you didn’t deserve to be treated this way!

  • larfromhays

    Anyone for bringing World Class Rock to Sirius XM Satellite Radio? Get the gang back together again???…..

  • JMarkJ

    Grew up with KBCO when it was a real local station. Have seen over the years that Clear Channel has no redemptive value whatsoever and they have destroyed great stations with their corporate BS. Just like local TV but that is another post. I am now a full time Pandora/Satellite listener.

  • Rich

    Uncle Nasty was the station, screw all of Clear Channel. Won’t listen to any clear channel to include I-Heart

  • JJ

    Missing Nasty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.lawrence.180072 Brandon Lawrence

    HAIL NASTY!!! No more KBPI for my.

  • Jennifer Caputa

    Hail Nasty! He was the only reason to listen to the radio. Big mistake to keep Willie B. and not Nasty, I have stopped listening to this station.