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Glenn Beck writes open letter to Muse: “I will still play your songs loudly”

Adding to the list of strange correspondence as of late, conservative commentator Glenn Beck has written an open letter to Matt Bellamy of Muse.

On Sunday, Bellamy said he felt uncomfortable with right-leaning U.S. conservatives, such as Beck, using the band’s music to “Try to take down people like Obama and put forward right-wing Libertarianism.”

Responding to the comment, Beck wrote a lengthy open letter to Bellamy explaining why he likes the music. He  described the lyrics to the song  “Uprising” as being “Just dead on about what’s coming our way.” Beck insists he’ll continue to play the band’s songs.

The letter says: “As uncomfortable as it might be for you, I will still play your songs loudly. To me your songs are anthems that beg for choruses of unity and pose the fundamental question facing the world today — can man rule himself?”

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  • Anonymous

    Kiss of Death for Muse.

    • kidkolob

      yeah they just lost their Fat Old Angry White Guy market.

  • ColoJeepGirl

    Muse will prevail. They are brilliant, Beck is not. Beck spreads hate and fear, Muse shines through darkness. Didn’t even know Beck is still around (must have done something VERY wrong to get fired from FOX).

    Also never thought I’d have anything in common with that guy, I too will play their songs loudly. Anyone who hasn’t gotten their latest, 2nd Law, GET IT, an absolute testament that they have plenty more in them and we finally get to hear Chris’ beautiful soulful voice!

    • Bryan Mc

      You have NEVER listened to Glenn Beck. Guaranteed. You are simply a parrot.

      • ColoJeepGirl

        I have listened/watched to Glenn Beck but was turned off by the anger in his messags. He was (still is obviously) a very passionate sort and at times was very entertaining to watch, I tried but could not connect with him, that doesn’t matter because obviously he has his own audience to connect with. I apologize for offending but stand by he being a fearmongerer. Peace.

  • Chris Maddy

    I love Glenn Beck and Muse – in that
    order. I always thoughts the lyrics were fiercely patriotic to those who love
    America and freedom, but not being tied down by the govt.

  • Geeper

    Did you read the letter, he did not mention a thing about muse’s song “uprising”