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Justin Bieber throws up on stage in Arizona during “Believe” tour

There are few things in life as unpleasant as watching someone throw up, but man oh man, if it’s a celebrity throwing up, that’s a game changer.

Justin Bieber took to the stage Sunday in Arizona to perform on the first stop of his “Believe” tour, and ended up vomiting during his first song, “Out of Town Girl.”

In the many videos of the incident, the Biebs can be seen hurrying off stage after the spew, while his dancers continue to maneuver around the pile of puke. Luckily for the audience, no one missed a single word of the song as the backing track continued on.

After seeking medical help backstage, Bieber then completed “Never Say Never” and made it through the beginning of “Beauty and the Beat” before exiting the stage again.

On his return he told the crowd, “It’s hard for me, you know, not feeling great and throwing up in front of a bunch of people. Will you love me even though I’m throwing up on stage?”

After the concert concluded, Bieber referenced the less than impressive moment on Twitter, writing, “Great show. Getting better for tomorrow’s show. Love u” and “milk was a bad choice”.

Because no performer has ever been informed about the dangers of lactic acid. Maybe Biebs should lay off the “milk” for a while. Let’s just hope we don’t see “Genuine Justin Bieber Vomit” on eBay anytime soon.

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  • noob101

    he deserved it

    • GrowUpPeople!

      What a jerk! He didnt deserve that. So shut up and get some respect. All of you hate on him when im positive he did absolutely NOTHING to any of you. Dont hate on him for making it big in life and doing something probably none of you can do and dont hate on a kid for LIVING HIS DREAM. So you can take your jealous little self somewhere else. Yeah thanks.

      • sdfaasdfawef


      • Gawillamon

        Lol us guys don’t make fun of Justin Bieber because we’re jealous. We do it because he makes terrible music and he’s easy to make fun.

    • asdfghjkl

      How did he deserve it? For stealing your girlfriend? Hmm, thought so. You need to grow the fuck up & leave poor Justin Bieber alone, He didn’t do anything to you for you to be hating on him. It’s jealousy that’s it. Haters gonna hate Nobody can stop you from hating. But you can’t stop him from making Music♥

      • Vckinash

        He didn’t deserve it.. But now you all know that he lip syncs in concerts. Nice to know the money your spending (100+ bucks) on hearing his voice live is fake.

      • tch, watta scrub

        aren’t you hostile……no he’s just fun to make fun of. what are you twelve.

  • NoComment

    Let’s just hope we don’t see “Genuine Justin Bieber Vomit” on eBay anytime soon. This sentence make reading this a bit worthy

  • saywhaaatt

    how dare he speak the words of the great ron burgundy.

  • Belieber :)

    All Talk Thooo Shut Up Freaking Haters Talk Havw No Freaking Lifes Why The Fuck Will Yhu Loook Foa Justin Bieber ThisThis Or That If Yhur A Hater Likee Shut Up And Kill Yall Self

    • McDonalds

      Learn how to to spell. Rebecca Black for life <3

      • Overly attached

        Who’s this Rebecca person?

    • Freddie

      Real talented artists, like Paul Simon, write the lyrics and music themselves, and they experiment with different instruments, inspirations, time signatures, etc. Justin Beiber “wrote” the song “Baby” with 4 other writers. He probably wrote that one line that goes “Baby baby baby OOOOO” because he’s completely unimaginative, unoriginal, and lacks any artistic ability.

      • Katie1908

        Jesus Christ, he was how old when that song came out? Do you really expect deep lyrics from a boy that age? He was just happy he was going to be able to make his dream come true which is to sing. By now he has grown up a lot and his music will continue to grow up with him. I would like to see what kind of song you would have produced at that age.

    • WhyYouWannaKnow?

      Maybe you should learn better grammer before you start bitching on people.


    Shame shame shame on you for hating on a boy who’s dreams came true

    • Gawillamon


      • John Trollston

        what music?all i hear is a little boy screaming for puberty

  • PSY


  • That one chick

    Lmfao! Justin Bieber randomly throws up on stage and goes on. Lol, him vomitting on stage is far more entertaining and better than his music. xD

  • SpeaksTheTruth

    What a pathetic Tool. Nobody should be exposed to his wanna-be ghetto type attitude.

  • Father Time

    thank god finally. spread the news!!! Justin Baby Beiby Beiber is an alchohalic who lip syncs. lololololololololololololololo

  • http://twitter.com/OhNoYouDint Chuckles Hotzenpfeff

    It didn’t upset the vocals because they were pre-recorded as usual. Notice Justin manages to sing and throw up at the exact same time?

  • Mr. Babou

    Maybe he’s pregnan…

  • Mr. Babou

    I meant to say *maybe he’s Pregnant

  • http://www.facebook.com/WifeyAndMommy Heather Fletcher

    If you haven’t noticed, may artists use back up tracks for times when they are ill. So in this case, it was acceptable…although, there should be an amount given back to those who paid a pretty penny for the tickets. GWS Bieber !!

    • U don’t want to know


  • bluejays

    You know what. Half of you need to you look shelf in the mirror and do a little soul searching. Now If that was you would have you gone or cancel it. Think about that. I get sick and tried of the cyberbullying some of you are doing maybe someday. All the people who say dumb shit. You do not like his music why are you comment on his stuff doesn’t really make sense to me. You must be a fan or just do not have a life. You are willing to show no respect for him. You have no respect for music. Maybe half of the people theat said stuff need to get his book and read it before you judge. I was a hater but now change my mind. I have learn to respect him. hear are some other artist you disrespected micheal jackson, usher, chris brown, elivis, C low green, Adam lovine, and LA reid.oh and blake shelton. and the blue man group and all music artists. At least they respect each other. If you have a prolbem with him you have a problem with all music. It is time to end the cyberbullying. He not a product he is a person. All of you haters need to read his book, It will change your mind. Just to let you know I am 28 year old guy. So if I can respect him you people shoud to.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Eddie-Ozzy-Vaspol/1130517483 Eddie Ozzy Vaspol

      Maybe you should spend a bit less time online defending a millionaire popstar and start worrying about your own atrocious spelling and grammer. You should be embarrassed to be as illiterate as you are for a “28 year old guy”.

  • bluejays

    Respect is respect I learn that years ago. You people do not learn it until you hit rock bottom. that for the hater.

  • bluejays

    Hear some for his fans. The shadow of life: When you feel the shadow growing and you think you will never get out until a beaking of life comes unto you were you live for them not for your shelf if you do that you will know what respect is.