Gathering of the Juggalos photos: 92 incredible juggalo photos from Hogrock Campground - Reverb

Gathering of the Juggalos photos: 92 incredible juggalo photos from Hogrock Campground

The Gathering of the Juggalos is nearly impossible to describe. Part concert, part carnival, part borderline riot, Psychopathic Records’ annual festival is an experience like no other. Set on a campground in the woods of rural Illinois, the festival – now in it’s 13th year – featured over 100 bands, sideshows, wrestling matches, contests, free carnival rides and seminars.

The heart of the Gathering — Insane Clown Posse fans known as Juggalos and Juggalettes — turned out by the thousands to set up camp in the area surrounding the activities. Between the open-air drug use, plentiful nudity and the random detonation of fireworks and explosives, many might shy away from the people who make up this subculture. But you would be missing something. For all the stereotypes and fear they’ve garnered, Juggalos and Juggelettes are actually quite friendly, approachable and engaging. Not to mention happily willing to share their food, drugs, etc. with one another.

One of the more interesting moments from the weekend was the announcement that ICP’s Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are filing a lawsuit against the FBI. It’s a move that seeks to do away with the categorization of ICP fans as “gang members,” following the FBI’s inclusion of juggalos on the “2011 National Gang Threat Assessment” report. Suing the government will likely be a long shot, but it’s nice to see the band stand up against the persecution of their fans, and as Shaggy 2 Dope appropriately said, “Do the American thing … sue.”

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Tina Hagerling is a Denver photographer and regular contributor to Reverb. Check out more of her concert photography.

  • Nick Walker

    not a juggalo but that looked like a nice weekend

    • juggaloscorpio

      IMO it is the best week ever, I have been to the last 6

  • Kendall

    Great work, Tina!

  • Amy

    Love the work, Tina- thanks for a peak into a completely different universe…

  • Stucker Mcdaniel Marilyn

    haha that guy motr boated my butt cheeks it was awsome freshness i felt the love

  • juggaloscorpio

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  • lucifer666

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  • everyone else

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    • juggalette4life

      haterz gotta love you guys

  • Johnnymoreno

    You’re a very talented photographer. I look forward to seeing more of your work…
    It has a very “anthropological” feel.

  • Yo

    Aye! Pic numbah 4 is Bossman of Southern Psychopaths Hatchets.