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Coors flexes its muscles, makes Jason Aldean change song lyrics

Coors Brewing Company — home of the “Banquet Beer,” (the tan can) “The Silver Bullet” (Colorado Kool-Aid), Colorado Native Lager (the faux microbrew, a.k.a. the micfraux breux), Killian’s (the Americanized Irish beer), Blue Moon (the bro version of Hoegaarden, Brogaarden) and many other mediocre adult beverages — is flexing its muscles.

As reported by Digital Music News, Coors has country star Jason Aldean on a short leash. A short, hilariously corporate leash.

Aldean’s representatives have reportedly sent the following message to various country music stations throughout the US:

“Jason Aldean is in the process of signing an endorsement deal with the Coors Brewing Company. With that, he has changed the “Shiner Bock” line in the song “Take A Little Ride” to “A Couple Rocky Tops”. We respectfully request you exchange this version with the one you are currently playing.”

Krusty the Clown may or may not have delivered the hard blow to Aldean.

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John Hendrickson is the managing editor of Reverb and a multimedia journalist at The Denver Post. Follow him on Twitter, if that’s what you’re into.

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  • Gary Halpin

    Did Coors force Aldean to make this change? Nope, he could have said no, and Coors could have said no to their sponsorship.  This is a completely voluntary decision between 2 parties.  Let’s contrast this with government’s leash, which is 100% force, never voluntary, and hence, never peaceful.  If Aldean fans decide to no longer be fans because of this, that is their choice as well.  But interesting how many people (especially economically ignorant ones) think this is some version of ‘the man’ coming down on some poor sap. 

    • Anonymous

       Since Disqus isn’t letting me comment directly on the article, I have to make an off topic reply.

      I’ll agree with the author that Coors sucks, however Colorado Native, which is made by AC Golden, does not suck. It’s a very respectable example of the style and deserves it’s craft beer cred, regardless of who’s paying the light bill. AC Golden is owned by Coors but operated independently and some of their Belgian style ales are absolutely world class, so please don’t go lumping them in with Blue Moon and Killian’s. It’s a lousy comparison

      • peegee303

        Bizzygeek, Colorado Native does indeed suck.  By standing up for it, you’ve outed yourself as a true amateur when it comes to beer tasting.  It’s mass produced, so by definition it is not a craft beer.  Seeing their fleet of promo vehicles around town makes me sick, too.  I can think of over a dozen true craft brews from Colorado brewers that are superior to any Coors/AC Golden product. 

        Any true Coloradoan knows well enough to leave the Coors alone. 

    • joe

      When in this country has “government” (gasp!) ever forced someone to change their song lyrics? Talk about a straw man. Further, economic pressure can be quite coercive.

  • Anonymous

    Coors is an all American beer, the reason it is soo successful is that it is a good, smooth easy to drink beer.  Coors was originated by a German immigrant who worked hard and built a successful company.  Get over bashing this great American success story.  Thousands of hard working Americans work for this company.  There must be something good going for them, because they sell millions and millions or barrels of beer a year.  They were the first beer to use the aluminum can and continue to be industry leaders.  Each of the micro brews wishes they could run as successful and profitable operation as Coors does.  Stop bashing success, what will you do when the your precious micro brews become as big as Coors? will you bash them as well?  (not really a problem because those bitter/harsh beers will never be as successful).

    • Jody Daugherty

      all american beers suck unless they are craft brews, go visit Germany and you won’t drink most of the gov’t regulated swill.  Stopped drinking beer when the army sent me home.

  • Fablevayne

    Ain’t singing for Pepsi
    Ain’t singing for Coke

    Won’t sing for nobody that makes me look like a joke

    This note’s for you.

    -Neil P. Young

  • Douglas Boyle

    “Colorado Cool-Aid” has long been a moniker for Coors beer (Banquet), never for Coors Light. The song of that name  predates the existence of Coors Light by at least 5 years and has always been applied to the “Yellow Bellies” and not “The Silver Bullet”. If you’re going to wax poetic and trash something you think is beneath you then go ahead, but at least do your research and get the story straight. 

  • CJ_S4

    First of all – The “author” of this blog post slanted this story so much it doesn’t even resemble anything close to the truth – so nice try.  Also, as mentioned, nobody thinks your half-baked digs are funny or even accurate for that matter…

    Second, Coors is an old-fashioned American success story and nobody can disagree with that.  Sure, Coors Light (aka CL Smoothie, aka C-) may taste like piss water to some but it competes very well in the light beer market that is HUGE and represents the MAJORITY of beer consumption.  If you live in CO and hate on Coors chances are high that you aren’t even a native (looking at you peegee303) and if, somehow you are, and your palate is just SOOOO much more evolved than everyone else’s to the point you can’t even go near any Coors product – well that just makes you a snob.  I like me a good microbrew, but I’m not going to sit here and act like I hate Coors at the same time just to increase my “street cred”…please, get out of here…

    Lastly – That song rocks, its going to be a chart-topper and Coors made a wise business decision working with Aldean to advertise in his song.

  • Jody Daugherty

    as I said to another in this post:
    all american beers suck unless they are craft brews, go visit Germany and you won’t drink most of the gov’t regulated swill.  Stopped drinking beer when the army sent me home.