Chicago, Doobie Brothers at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 7/17/12 (photos) - Reverb

Chicago, Doobie Brothers at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, 7/17/12 (photos)

Classic rockers Chicago and the Doobie Brothers played a mix of new and old songs for the near capacity crowd at Red Rocks on Tuesday night.

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Kit Chalberg is a Denver photographer and a new contributor to Reverb.

  • donnairene28

    I don’t know if it was the altitude or what but it might be time for Jason to retire as his vocals were extremely lacking for most of concert.  From hearing much of the attendees comments, they weren’t very happy and sat through much of the concert.  Very few people cheered, got up from their seats or even clapped as they normally did.  It was very sad and disappointing.

  • Tim Arnold

    I think the show was fantastic.  The original vocalists were different with Chicago, but they were very good.  Both bands are still amazingly tight, and having both on stage for the finale was amazing.  The bands were energized and worked hard to get the crowd into it.  I was surrounded by happy, clapping and cheering people.  There was not as much standing and cheering as some concerts at Red Rocks, but I attributed that to the average age of the crowd, which (like me) was in their 50’s (or older?).

  • ConcertFreak33

    I agree with Donna… this is the first concert I’ve EVER walked out of. Doobie Brothers were okay but should fire their sound guy immediately. As for Chicago, how sad… I’ve heard better renditions in bars by third rate aspiring artists. If not for the instrumentals their songs would have been unrecognizable. They did everything possible to get the audience to sing along to mask that they, themselves, could no longer sing that songs that once made them famous. Twenty minutes into the set and we had to leave… along with hundreds of others walking out as well. Terrible. 

    • Greg

      You must be nuts, I just saw the Doobie’s and Chicago last night in Dallas and it may have been the best concert I have ever seen. The harmonies and music by both bands was flawless and the sound was great. These guys still ROCK.

      • Baffledobserver

        Agree with Greg. Great show in Dallas. Great finish. Had no idea they could mix together that well

  • Mark Fode

    Not sure where the first two reviewers were sitting, but their reaction is stunning. Everyone in our section was having a great time, on their feet, enjoying the show. Yes, the perfect time to see these groups would have been 40 years ago, but their performance was amazing, particularly the last 40 minutes, when the bands played together. Always difficult when different singers are singing hits (Chicago), but the quality and energy was still there. Like everyone around us, we had a great time and would advise anyone thinking of going to go and enjoy

  • Doobie fan#1

    The Doobies ROCKED Red Rocks!!! They were fantastic. They still have IT as far as I am concerned.  Tom Johnston was fabulous- he can get the crowd going- vocals were right on- and Pat Simmons can sing me , “South City Midnight Lady” any day!! Chicago was O.K… the vocals weren’t great- and it took a few songs for the band to come together ~ but the horns were tight.  It was great when the two bands played together.

  • cheftd

    I don’t know what the first 2 reviewers were or were not smoking but that was the best concert I have ever seen and I have seen them all. True, Chicago fell on their faces the first three songs of their set and I saw people leave, I was considering it MYSELF as a matter of fact. Then they found their groove and stayed in it the rest oft he show. People were on their feet the rest of the show and the encore with the Doobies was inspiring. The closing number 25 or 6 TO 4 ROCKED!!! 19 musicians on stage playing that number together like it was ingrained in their very souls, 6 lead guitars feeding off one anothers energy with a display of musicianship unparallelled in my 40 years of concert going. Great job fellas, I’ll come to see you guys play together every year!